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Wrap-Ranker Golden Globes Poll: What Were the Most Cringe-Worthy Red Carpet Looks?

Rachel McAdams? Alicia Vikander? Vote for who made you want to look away from the Golden Globes.

For every two or three fantastic looks on an awards season red carpet, there is bound to be one that is… less pleasing to the eye, to be diplomatic. And this year’s Golden Globes ceremony was no different, with several dresses vying for the bottom position.

Was it Tracey Edmonds’ navy dress that reminded viewers of a large bird?

Or was it Rachel McAdams‘ floral look that seemed like it might have been a living room curtain in a former life?

Vote for the most cringe-worthy look of the 2016 Golden Globes.

Vote: Most Cringeworthy Looks at the Golden Globes 2016