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Wrap-Ranker Golden Globes Poll: Who Should Win Best Actor in Comedy or Musical?

Steve Carell or Christian Bale from ”The Big Short“? Matt Damon in ”The Martian“? Pick your favorite

It’s often said that comedy is harder to do than drama, because the actor needs to do everything a dramatic actor would do but make the audience laugh as well.

There must be something to that, since the frontrunners for this year’s Golden Globe for Best Movie Actor in a Comedy or Musical made us do just that: Laugh.

Should the award go to Christian Bale in rare comedic form for “The Big Short”? What about his cast mate, Steve Carell?

Or did Matt Damon steal the spotlight with his unexpectedly wry take on a man stuck on another planet in “The Martian”?

Vote for your favorite for the 2016 Golden Globe for Best Movie Actor, Comedy or Musical.

Vote: Your Globe Picks for Best Actor, Movie Comedy or Musical