Wrap-Ranker Oscar Poll: Best Acceptance Speeches of All Time

Sandra Bullock? Cuba Gooding Jr.? Michael Moore?

Wrap Ranker Best Acceptance Sandra Bullock cuba gooding jr michael moore

To paraphrase the criminally underrated baseball classic “The Sandlot,” Oscar winners get remembered but great acceptance speeches never die.

Cuba Gooding Jr. was so happy and eager to share his excitement that he couldn’t let a little thing like a schedule or an orchestra stop his thanks.

Sandra Bullock used every ounce of her natural charm to shower praise on each of her fellow nominees, convincing whatever handful of people remained who weren’t happy she won.

Michael Moore‘s anti-Bush rhetoric lives on in infamy as the only Oscar speech to receive both cheers and boos in the biggest Oscar protest since Marlon Brando‘s Apache representative went to the podium to accept on the actor’s behalf.

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The Greatest Oscar Acceptance Speeches of All Time