Wrap-Ranker Oscar Poll: Rank the Categories

Picture? Director? Best Actress?

Though each Academy Award win signifies a reward for somebody who has worked hundreds of hours on a film, let’s be honest: We care more for certain categories. Best Hair and Makeup just doesn’t carry the weight of Best Actor or Actress. But which categories are you most interested in?

The granddaddy of all awards, Best Picture, is the culmination of not just the Oscars, but seemingly of all the awards of the entire season. At a certain point, every win or loss during an awards campaign inevitably leads to the question of “What does this win/loss mean for the film’s Best Picture chances?”

Best Director goes hand-in-hand with the Best Picture winner most years, with the film’s director serving as the face of the project. In the entire history of the Oscars, it’s actually pretty rare for the Best Director winner to deviate from Best Picture, serving as an important marker for those tracking a film’s awards success.

Best Animated Feature, though one of the newest categories in Oscar voting, has become increasingly popular with the explosion in popularity of companies like Pixar and DreamWorks Animation.

Often, the award’s winner will be one of the most popular films of the year and can go a long way to establishing the Academy as still being connected to a younger audience.

Vote now for the Oscar categories that you are most interested in!

All the Oscar Categories, Ranked by How Much You Care


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