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Wrap-Ranker Oscar Poll: What Should Win Best Animated Feature?

”Inside Out“? ”Anomalisa“? ”Shaun the Sheep Movie“?

Though they rarely get the respect reserved for live-action films, animated films are just as capable of making us laugh, cry and cheer as much as anything else we’ll see in a movie theater.

But which animated feature made us laugh, cry and cheer the most this last year?

“Inside Out” was hailed by many as a return to form for Pixar, dazzling both young and old audiences with a fun adventure mixed with emotional depth and the seldom-used theme that sadness is not only okay, but necessary for a full life. With a voice cast headlined by Amy Poehler, the film is highly regarded as the film to beat.

“Anomalisa,” Charlie Kaufman‘s first in the animated genre, follows a lonely self-help author who sees everyone as identical until he meets a unique woman in a hotel. It is the first R-rated feature to be nominated for Best Animated Feature and has been especially regarded for its voice cast, possibly giving co-star Jennifer Jason Leigh some extra ammunition in her Best Supporting Actress race for “The Hateful Eight.”

“Shaun the Sheep Movie” is not one of Aardman Animation’s highest-grossing films, but it is one of the most highly acclaimed, with a 99 percent on RottenTomatoes. The adventure follows a group of sheep who go to the big city to rescue their amnesiac farmer.

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