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Wrap-Ranker Oscar Poll: When Did Golden Globes Pick Better Than Academy?

”Saving Private Ryan“? Al Pacino for ”Serpico“? Vote for when the Golden Globes picked right and the Oscars picked wrong

Let’s face it, some awards mean more than others. A Golden Globe, as nice as it is, doesn’t carry the same weight as an Oscar.

Because of this, we’re more likely to assume that if the Globes and the Oscars reward different people or movies, then the Oscars must have picked the right choice. But sometimes, Globes voters seem to make a better choice.

Was it when “Saving Private Ryan,” the Globe winner for Best Drama, was famously passed over for the Best Picture Oscar by “Shakespeare in Love”?

Or what about when Al Pacino was passed over as Best Actor for “Serpico”?

Vote for which times the Golden Globes got it right and the Oscars got it wrong.

Did GG Get It Right and the Oscars Get it Wrong?