Wrap-Ranker Oscar Poll: Who Should Win Best Supporting Actor?

Tom Hardy? Sylvester Stallone? Mark Ruffalo? Vote for the 2016 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor

Lead actors and actresses are often promoted as a movie’s muscle, but the supporting players are usually the film’s backbone. Without a strong supporting cast, the whole project has a chance of falling apart.

Would Leonardo DiCaprio‘s revenge request in “The Revenant” resonate as strongly without an equally fierce performance from Tom Hardy?

Would “Creed” have packed as much of a punch without Sylvester Stallone‘s returned presence to the iconic franchise’s once-main-but-now-supporting character?

Would “Spotlight” have captured the moral outrage of the Roman Catholic clergy scandal without Mark Ruffalo‘s turn as a reporter digging further and further for the truth, even though he’s horrified at every step of the way?

Choose your pick for this year’s Best Supporting Actor.

Vote: Your Oscar Picks for Best Actor in a Supporting Role


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