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Wrap-Ranker Oscars Poll: Who’s the All-Time Best Actress Winner?

Katharine Hepburn? Meryl Streep?

Many legendary actresses have walked off the Oscar stage in victory. True, there are also many who haven’t but we’re not here to worry about them. Which actresses who have won were the best?

Katharine Hepburn holds the record with four Academy Awards for Best Actress, including for classics like “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” and “The Lion in Winter.” With the next best total sitting at two wins, is this even a contest?

While Hepburn may have the most wins, Meryl Streep leads the field with the most nominations: 15 just for this category, and 19 total Oscar nominations.

Like Cal Ripken Jr.’s record for most consecutive baseball games played, this may be one of those marks that will never be equaled.

With a nomination at age 14 for “Taxi Driver,” Jodie Foster is among the youngest people to receive an Oscar nod. And with a second Best Actress statue by the age of 29, she became the second youngest woman to reach that benchmark. Are these solid enough credentials to earn a claim as the best Best Actress?

Vote now for which Best Actress Oscar winner is the best of them all.

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