Wrap-Ranker Poll: 2016 Razzie Nominees That Weren’t Actually That Bad

Dakota Johnson? Eddie Redmayne? Vote for which Razzie Award nominees were undeserving of a nomination.

The nominees for the 2016 Razzie Awards have been released, and there are some questionable entries among the obvious choices.

Did Dakota Johnson deserve to be singled out for “Fifty Shades of Grey” after garnering some positive reviews for her performance, or is she paying the price for a film that became something of a cultural joke even as it rocketed to box office success?

Was Eddie Redmayne‘s whispery alien in “Jupiter Ascending” the worst performance of the year, or did he suffer backlash from a questionable job so soon after his amazing role in “Theory of Everything”?

“Mortdecai” may have deserved its scathing reviews, but Johnny Depp was actually kind of funny in it. Does he deserve a Razzie nom?

Vote for which performances and films you think were unjustly nominated in this year’s Razzie Awards.

2016 Razzie Nominees That Actually Weren’t That Bad