Wrap-Ranker Poll: Best Actors Who Won All 5 Major Awards for Same Performance

Heath Ledger? Daniel Day-Lewis? Julianne Moore?

For some actors, an Academy Award for just isn’t enough. For the overachievers who go for all or nothing, there is a special elite of those who manage to win the five top awards for a performance (The Big 5): an Academy Award, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Award, a BAFTA, and a Critic’s Choice Award. Only a handful have achieved such a sweep, but whose performance was the best?

Heath Ledger‘s anarchic interpretation of The Joker in “The Dark Knight” took the world by storm and is still regarded as one of the most iconic performances in film history.

Though she had been nominated for many awards before in her two decade career, “Still Alice” represented the first time Julianne Moore had been nominated for The Big 5 for the same performance, and also won her her first Academy Award after four previous nominations.

The only two-time winner of The Big 5, Daniel Day-Lewis holds the distinguished honor of winning more Oscars, Critic’s Choice Awards, SAG Awards and BAFTA’s than he has lost. The Golden Globes are the only award with which he holds a record of less than .500 (though we suspect he’s not losing any sleep over that).

Vote now for the best actor to win all five major awards for the same performance.

The Best Actors Who Won All 5 Major Awards for the Same Role