Wrap-Ranker Poll: The Worst Oscar Snubs of All Time

“Saving Private Ryan”? Martin Scorsese? “The Dark Knight”?

Very few words relating to the Academy Awards are as charged as “snub.” It makes you imagine a secret cabal of evildoers who will do whatever it takes to steal from the worthy nominees, or maybe of a snob who feels certain films are less than deserving of Oscar glory simply because other people like them.

While most reasons for not voting for a nominee are benign (assuming others will vote for them, wanting to vote for someone who had been snubbed before, etc.), a snub is a snub. Now, it’s time to vote for the worst of all time.

“Saving Private Ryan” was seen by many as the presumptive favorite to win Best Picture, until it fell victim to Harvey Weinstein and one of the most effective Oscar campaigns in history for “Shakespeare in Love.”

As time has passed, “Shakespeare” has largely been forgotten (except in lists like this) while “Ryan” has only become more influential, reopening interest in World War II and helping to spawn the Emmy-winning series “Band of Brothers” and “The Pacific.”

Martin Scorsese is the king of Oscar snubs. Considered by many to have deserved the Best Director award for “Taxi Driver,” “Raging Bull” and “Goodfellas” (all three of which were also snubbed for Best Picture), Scorsese finally managed to gain some small justice in capturing the statue for “The Departed.”

Few expected “The Dark Knight” to be passed over for a nomination for Best Picture. The film had earned over a billion dollars and was lauded by critics, with many extolling it as a modern masterpiece that transformed superhero films forever. The effects of the snub were widespread, forcing the Academy to change the rules to allow more than five films into the Best Picture field.

Vote now for the worst Oscar snubs of all time!

The Worst Oscar Snubs of All Time