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Wrap-Ranker Poll: What’s the Worst Razzie-Winning Movie of All Time?

”Jack and Jill“? ”The Love Guru“? Vote for the worst Razzie Award-winning film ever made

As awards season ramps up, we should also turn our attention to the Oscars’ evil twin: The Razzies, the film industry’s celebration of the worst films of the year.

Is Adam Sandler‘s “Jack and Jill,” in which the comic actor plays a twin brother and sister, the worst of the bunch?

What about “The Love Guru,” Mike Myers‘ ode to sex jokes and bathroom humor?

“Battlefield Earth” was so bad that it helped cause the collapse of the company behind it.

Vote for the worst Razzie Award-finning film of all time.

The Worst Razzie-Award Winning Movie of All Time?