WrapChat: The Great TV Spoiler Debate, Taking on Internet Trolls (Video)

In the newest episode of TheWrap’s talk series, our panel takes on the controversial topic of spoilers on the web

In the age of social media and TV binge viewing, series like Netflix’s “House of Cards” has taken the longstanding, heated spoiler debate to even greater extremes.

For example:

“Wait, don’t talk about the Episode 5 of ‘Orange is the New Black,’ I haven’t caught up yet!” (Two months after it has been available)

“Don’t spoil ‘Lost’ or ‘Twin Peaks’! I still plan to binge watch” (Years after each series is off the air)

“East Coast, don’t spoil ‘Scandal’ for the West Coast — Don’t Tweet or Facebook about it until tomorrow!”

Are these TV spoiler requests completely acceptable or totally insane? And what exactly are the new rules for spoilers as they pertain to TV media and TV viewers alike?

In the second episode of WrapChat, our new talk series, executive editor Joseph Kapsch, senior TV writer Jethro Nededog and blogger/reporters L.A. Ross and Greg Gilman take on these questions – and the internet trolls head on.

Watch the videos (Part I above first, please) then Part II below: