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WWE Promoter Paul Heyman Previews Brock Lesnar-Goldberg at WrestleMania 33

”Brock Lesnar is prepared to F5 Goldberg all night long until I have to administer the Yiddish version of Last Rites,“ advocate for ”The Beast Incarnate“ tells TheWrap

WWE Universal Champion Goldberg decimated Brock Lesnar when the two faced off at Survivor Series 2016: Spear, Spear, Jackhammer. The end-result was deja vu all over again from the only other time the two met, which was way back in 2004.

“The Beast Incarnate” Lesnar gets one last shot at redemption at April 2’s WrestleMania 33, which is set in Orlando, Florida — and Lesnar’s “Advocate” Paul Heyman tells TheWrap that this time, Bill Goldberg will truly be “Beaten, Victimized and Conquered” — a favorite catchphrase of the popular pro-wrestling promoter.

Read our preview of Lesnar-Goldberg III below.

TheWrap: Where would you rank this match in Brock Lesnar’s storied career?
Paul Heyman: In hindsight, Brock Lesnar will forever be the one who conquered The Undertaker’s WrestleMania Undefeated Streak. This match with Goldberg determines whether Brock has become the single biggest legacy attraction in WWE or if he’s WWE’s Buster Douglas. Brock defends and solidifies his position or he becomes a supporting character in “The Story of Goldberg.”

Can one F5 keep Goldberg down?
Simply, the answer is “Yes.” One F5 is all it will take to end the greatest championship comeback in modern history. And if for some reason Goldberg still has other miracles to pull out of his tuchus, Brock Lesnar is prepared to F5 Goldberg all night long until I have to administer the Yiddish version of Last Rites upon Goldberg’s career at WrestleMania.

We haven’t seen Goldberg wrestle for longer than 90 seconds in a dozen years — is part of Brock’s game plan to get Goldberg winded?
Goldberg hasn’t gone longer than 90 seconds because he hasn’t NEEDED to go longer than 90 seconds. Anyone preparing for Goldberg has to take into account his unparalleled explosiveness. Just surviving those first 90 seconds is a victory. It’s like Brock getting through that first round with Shane Carwin.

Goldberg is the WWE Universal Champion, and he’s also 2-0 on Lesnar for their careers — but who’s the favorite?
I don’t pay attention to predictions. I provide spoilers. Here’s a spoiler you can bank on: At WrestleMania, a new Reigning Defending Undisputed Universal Champion will be crowned — and his name is Brock Lesnar!

WrestleMania 33’s bell rings Sunday at 7/6c on the WWE Network.

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