Writers Guild East to Mobilize Members Against ‘Racism, Sexism’ in Post-Trump World (Exclusive)

Union describes itself as “activist organization” in post-election letter obtained by TheWrap

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The Writers Guild of America East has issued a letter following the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president to mobilize members to fight for “a more diverse, inclusive and just industry,” TheWrap has learned.

“We must mobilize our current and future members,” said WGAE executive director Lowell Peterson in a letter sent to members on Wednesday that describes the union as “an activist organization.”

WGAE communications director Jason Gordon said the letter was a recognition of the changed political climate in the wake of Trump’s surprise upset of Hillary Clinton for the White House.

“Post Trump, we need to organize, engage and activate,” Gordon told TheWrap on Thursday. “It’s time to focus on being aware the next four years.”

Gordon indicated the group is prepared to mobilize on a wide array of issues — from net neutrality, media conglomeratization, professional development, and panel discussions, like, “writing about a racially charged America.”

“As a guild, we have fought for so many diversity initiatives and social justice issues. Members been active on this for decades and decades,” he said, adding that the group is prepared to combat “racism, sexism and xenophobia.”

Read the full letter sent to WGAE members:

The Writers Guild of America, East is an activist organization. We are deeply engaged in building power for writers and creative professionals through our organizing campaigns, supporting pertinent legislation and fighting to win benefits and pay that improve our members’ lives.

This election offers us at least two important insights that will ultimately inform our activism: (a) there is no national consensus about which institutions should wield power (e.g., Wall Street, the Beltway political elite, media conglomerates); and (b) to survive and prosper, we must mobilize our current and future members.

That is why we call on you to sign up to the WGAE’s Activist List and be engaged in union actions.

Join us for meetings to prepare for Minimum Basic Agreement negotiations next year. Join our efforts to organize more sectors of the entertainment industry, like nonfiction television and digital news. Join us in fighting for a more diverse, inclusive and just industry. Join us at events where members come together to discuss topical issues and professional development. Join as we fight for the future.

This is your Guild. We are only as strong as we are united.

Get active.

In Solidarity,


Lowell Peterson
Executive Director
Writers Guild of America, East