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Writers Guild West President Chris Keyser Runs for Re-election Unopposed

Other candidates have one month to get on the ballot

Chris Keyser will run unopposed for president of the Writers Guild of America West, the nominating committee announced on Friday. The committee did select someone to run against Keyser, but the individual declined.

Someone could still run against Keyser if they draft a petition that secures signatures from at least 50 members. The deadline for submissions is July 23.

As for the other officer positions, Timothy J. Lea will challenge Howard A. Rodman for his seat as vice president while Dan Wilcox will vie against incumbent Carl Gottlieb for the secretary-treasurer role.

Sixteen candidates will compete for eight seats on the board. On the list are incumbents Thania St. John, Carleton Eastlake, Billy Ray, Alfredo Barrios, Jr. and David S. Goyer plus new runners Andrew Goldberg, Cynthia Riddle, Ari B. Rubin, Nancy Miller, Jonathan Fernandez, Henry Alonso Myers, Patric M. Verrone, Flint Dille, Lee Aronsohn, David Maples and Karen Harris.

The WGAW will host a town-hall forum on Sept.3 while voting concludes at noon Sept. 16. Members can vote by mail or in-person at the guild that morning.