Writers Praise ‘Incredible’ WGA Deal With Studios: ‘We Just Saved This Profession’

The WGA committee (and Drew Carey) were widely celebrated online

A WGA picketer's sign reads "Humanity vs. AI" outside Warner Bros. Studio on Aug. 16.
A WGA picketer's sign reads "Humanity vs. AI" outside Warner Bros. Studio on Aug. 16. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Based on their responses online, the Hollywood writers impacted by the WGA strike are happy with their deal – a lot happier than the last time around.

This new three-year contract between the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers includes significant gains for the guild, including substantial raises, minimum staffing requirements, a 26% increase to residuals and guaranteed protections on A.I.

Throughout the strike, social media, X in particular, has been a reliable way for writers to share their stories and saltiest hot-takes. But after the WGA accepted the AMPTP’s deal, that refrain of complaints has turned into one of celebration – contrasted with the end of the 2007-2008 strike, which brought its share of grumbling.

The 2023 deal has been called “tremendous,” “exquisite” and “incredible.” “The writers low-key kicked the AMPTP’s collective ass,” Paul McCallion, a New York-based writer and actor, wrote.

“Holy f–king s–t,” wrote James Alexander, who has written on the Disney show “Hailey’s On It!” “We just… saved this profession?”

Many pointed out that the several elements the WGA was told would be “non-starters” were included in the agreement.

“The erosions we were seeing have been corrected and the years ahead have a solid foundation that values our worth and fosters the advancement of future talent,” comedian and star of “A Black Lady Sketch Show” Robin Thede wrote. “Now — showrunners, it’s up to you to make sure that ALL writers benefit!”

Amidst their celebration, many took the opportunity to thank and shine a light on the WGA negotiating committee. The group was praised as doing a “superb job.” Others stated they were “so proud” of the committee and that they own them “a debt of gratitude.”

“They saved the f–king town,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Station 19” executive producer Krista Vernoff wrote.

“The WGA deal and it’s [sic] contents tell me one thing. Strikes work. Collectivism works,” comedian and “Robot Chicken” writer Ellory Smith posted. “If you and your colleagues are willing to withhold your labor for long enough, they might give you every mthing [sic] you ask for.”

Drew Carey, who has donated heavily to help striking writers, was also praised. “Can we name the WGA theatre or something similarly important after Drew,” “Thor” and “The Flash” writer Zack Stentz asked.

But the deal wasn’t just praised by striking writers. Several novelists have also tweeted in support of the deal, specifically the WGA’s protections around A.I. restrictions. “You all may have saved so many more than just your own,” one author posted.


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