WWE’s Kevin Owens Brutally Attacks Dean Ambrose With Announcer’s Table – Again (Exclusive Video)

Sheamus interferes during “Smackdown” match, drawing a DQ for the heel

Kevin Owens is as much a brut as he is a prizefighter, and the WWE heel continued to use the announcer’s table as a weapon Thursday on the pre-taped “Smackdown.”

Fan favorite Dean Ambrose was taking it to Owens during the latest match in their heated Intercontinental Championship rivalry, even landing a Dirty Deeds through the ring ropes.

In a clip obtained by TheWrap, KO clearly didn’t take too kindly to that, nor did his baddie buddy Sheamus. The Irish outlaw interfered, slamming Ambrose into the steel ring steps, later ripping off rounds of punches to his demented dome.

Meanwhile, Owens was disassembling the “Smackdown” announcer’s table, later nailing Ambrose with the top. The man who wrestles in a black cutoff tee then ripped the monitors out of their slots, setting the babyface up for yet another power bomb through the desk — a familiar sight as of late for WWE fans.

“Smackdown” airs Thursdays on USA Network at 8 p.m. ET. The series came to the cable channel from Syfy last week.

Watch the video above.