UK Baker Refuses to Make ‘X Factor’ Free Cake

“I’ll never bow down to this kind of thing,” Laura Worthington wrote on Instagram

Getty Images

A British baker took to social media to blast “The X Factor” for allegedly asking her to bake a cake free of charge.

Laura Worthington of Laura’s Little Bakery, a cake shop in Liverpool, England, posted an email to Instagram that she allegedly received from someone involved with the ITV series, who requested a cake that would be featured on the show.

The request refers to the cake as a “donation” and states that Worthington would receive compensation in the form of tickets to watch a taping of “The X Factor,” along with exposure from the cake appearing on an episode of the Simon Cowell-created series.

According to Worthington, she responded by saying that she had no interest in participating, telling them, “I only donate cakes to charity.”

In her Instagram caption, Worthington wrote that she felt disrespected by the request. “Week after week, I get requests for free cake for various events in return for ‘exposure’ or to do deals on my prices or something that in my opinion undervalues my time and my skill,” the baker wrote.

“It’s a struggle enough as it is,” she continued. “You’d think a company as big as this would be able to afford a cake, wouldn’t you, without going to a small independent business and asking for ‘donations.’ I’ll never bow down to this kind of thing, always willing to help out a worthy cause but this was to cater for a party of millionaires?!”

Worthington also called on those in her industry to turn down similar offers: “A plea to other cake makers too … please stop allowing this to continue. You doing free cakes for this kinda thing will not ‘make’ your business, I assure you. Hard graft is the key to that one.”

A representative for ITV did not immediately respond to a request for comment.