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Yari’s Stranded Films

"The Accidental Husband"

Director: Griffin Dunne
Stars: Uma Thurman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan,Colin Firth, Sam Shepard
Genre: Comedy
Screened: France, U.K. in January, February
Storyline: When a talk radio host advises one of her listeners to break up with her boyfriend, the jilted ex sets about getting his revenge.

"Assassination of a High School President"

Director: Brett Simon
Stars: Mischa Barton, Reece Thompson, Bruce Willis, Michael Rappaport
Genre: Comedy
Budget: $11.5 million
Screened: Sundance, SXSW
Storyline: A popular girl teams up with a sophomore newspaper reporter to investigate a case of stolen SAT exams at a Catholic high school, only to uncover a larger conspiracy.

"The Maiden Heist"

Director: Michael LeSieur
Stars: William H. Macy, Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken, Marcia Gay Harden
Genre: Comedy
Budget: $20 million
Screened: Limited theatical release in November
Storyline: Three museum security guards who get transferred to another museum decide to take their favorite artworks with them.

"Nothing but the Truth"

Director: Rod Lurie
Stars:  Kate Beckinsale,Matt Dillon, Angela Bassett, Alan Alda, Vera Farmiga, David Schwimmer, Courtney B. Vance, Noah Wyle
Genre: Drama
Budget: $11.5 million
Screened: Limited theatrical release in December; DVD due April 28 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Storyline: A female reporter faces a possible jail sentence for outing a CIA agent and refusing to reveal her source.

"What Doesn’t Kill You"

Director: Brian Goodman
Stars: Mark Ruffalo, Ethan Hawke, Brian Goodman, Donnie Wahlberg, Amanda Peet
Genre: Crime thriller
Screened: Toronto Film Festival and the American Film Market in 2008; limited theatrical release in December. DVD due April 28 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.
Storyline: Two childhood friends from South Boston turn to crime as a way to get by, ultimately causing a strain in their personal lives and their friendship.