Yes, ‘Pokemon Detective Pikachu’ Star Justice Smith Loves ‘Pokemon Go’ (Exclusive Clip)

In case you were wondering about Smith’s “Pokemon” fan cred

Probably the most notable scene in the movie “Paper Towns” saw the characters played Justice Smith, Nat Wolff and Austin Abrams sing the “Pokemon” theme song when they get scared, and it’s a moment that Smith claims credit for having in the movie. These days, Smith is better known for playing the lead role in “Pokemon Detective Pikachu,” a fitting new step for a guy who loves Pokemon that much.

But judging by some of the special features on the home video release of “Pokemon Detective Pikachu,” Smith’s love for Pokemon really extends to every part of the gargantuan franchise. Above we’ve got a clip from the featurette dubbed “My Pokemon Adventure,” in which Smith and other cast members describe the many, many ways they’ve engaged with the franchise over the years.

For Smith, that definitely includes the video games, including the mobile juggernaut “Pokemon Go,” which dominated the mobile gaming landscape when it launched in 2016 before eventually settling into a level of stability that is the envy of just about every mobiles games maker.

You can check out the clip of Smith gushing about his obsession with Pokemon video games up at the top of the post. “Pokemon Detective Pikachu” is out now on Blu-ray, DVD and digital retailers.