‘You Cannot Kill David Arquette’ Documentary About Actor’s Return to Wrestling in the Works

Oscar-nominee David Darg directs film that is part of debut slate of non-fiction production company XTR

You Cannot Kill David Arquette Wrestling
David Darg

David Arquette made an unlikely return to professional wrestling last year, and a documentary about his comeback is in the works called “You Cannot Kill David Arquette,” the film’s production company XTR announced Thursday.

Arquette learned some basic wrestling moves back for his 2000 film “Ready to Rumble,” and at the time, he was even crowned a world champion from World Championship Wrestling as part of a marketing stunt. He became a perfect villain in the sport, and now nearly two decades later, he made the real wrestling circuit and competed in 19 different professional matches, some of which even left him bloodied as seen in this video.

David Darg, an Oscar-nominee for the documentary short film “Body Team 12,” directed “You Cannot Kill David Arquette,” and he’s been filming throughout Arquette’s tour for the last two years. XTR, a new nonfiction film and TV studio, will be part of the studio’s debut film slate. The film will be Darg’s feature debut.

The documentary will also feature interviews with those closest to Arquette, including Courteney Cox, sisters Patricia and Rosanna Arquette, Richmond Arquette and pro wrestling star Ric Flair, among others.

“I’ve always loved wrestling. I wanted to do this film as a love letter to wrestling,” Arquette said in a statement. “I didn’t know when I started this journey that it may cost me my life, but it was all worth it just to have the wrestlers in the locker room call me ‘one of the boys!’”

“David Arquette is one of the most captivating and talented entertainers in the world, and his energy is matched only by the passion of the wrestling community. It’s been a thrill to be ringside the past few years and viewers will not be disappointed,” Darg said in a statement.

“You Cannot Kill David Arquette” is co-directed by Price James and executive produced by Christina McLarty Arquette, Bryn Mooser and Franklin and Gabby McLarty. Justin Lacob, Ross Levine and Kathryn Everett are producing.

“This is a documentary unlike anything you’ve seen before,” executive producer and XTR CEO Mooser said in a statement. “It’s David’s turn to tell his side of the story and we’re incredibly excited to share it with the world.”

Arquette’s latest credit is “Mob Town,” which opens in theaters this weekend. He’ll also be seen in “Spree,” which will play in competition at the Sundance Film Festival.

For the record: A previous version of this story identified Arquette’s brother as “Richard.” His name is “Richmond.”