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You Can’t Escape Wesley Snipes in New Virtual-Reality Short ‘The Recall VR Abduction’

The 10-minute short is set in the same world as Snipes’ upcoming sci-fi horror pic ‘The Recall”

Wesley Snipes is wading into virtual reality for the first time with”The Recall VR Abduction,” a short VR film tied to his upcoming sci-fi horror feature “The Recall” featuring several members of the film’s main cast.

Directed by Mauro Borelli, the 10-minute short set in the same universe as “The Recall” sees viewers experience an alien invasion through the eyes “Breaking Bad’s” R.J. Mitte, who co-stars in the film. As the action happens, viewers will interact with Snipes, as well as Jedidiah Goodacre, Niko Pepaj, Laura Maria Bilgeri, and Hannah Rose Ma. “The Recall VR Abduction” will also feature multiple potential endings.

“The cool thing is that for theater actors, or thespians, this is a great format, because shooting in VR is similar to shooting a play, or performing a play,” Snipes said in a statement. “You don’t have the luxury of cuts, and short takes, and do overs. You have to be on your game, and since everything is in the shot, everyone else needs to be on their game at the same time.”

In addition to VR platforms, portions of “The Recall VR Abduction” will also be made available on Facebook 360. It’s set for launch before the film’s summer 2017 release at a date to be announced later.

The project is from Mind’s Eye Entertainment, producers of the “The Recall”, in partnership with VMI Worldwide, Bridgegate Pictures, Invico Capital, Talking Dog Studios and SkyVR.