How ‘You’ Star James Scully Wants Forty to Return for Season 3 (Video)

Justice for Forty

(Warning: This post contains major spoilers for the “You” Season 2 finale.)

Where Joe Goldberg goes, death tends to follow. And while Forty Quinn on “You” didn’t die by Joe’s hand, there’s a pretty clear causal link between Joe’s appearance in Los Angeles and Forty’s death in the Netflix psychological thriller’s Season 2 finale.

But have we seen the last of the aspiring screenwriter and emotionally co-dependent twin brother of Joe’s girlfriend-slash-baby mama? Not if Forty’s portrayer James Scully gets a say.

“I would love, like, Ghost Forty, you know what I mean?” the actor told TheWrap, explaining that he hopes to return to haunt Love’s conscience next season, returning as a figment of her imagination and “just sort of torturing them for all of the terrible, terrible decisions that they’ve made.”

It would certainly make sense. Two of Joe’s victims, Beck and Candace, have already appeared as hallucinations. (Fingers still crossed for the big return of Ghost Peach Salinger.)

Netflix hasn’t officially renewed the thriller series yet, but Season 2 leaves the door open for a couple of other major characters to return next season as well.

Will — one of the few people to see Joe’s darker side and live to tell about it — Skyped in from the Philippines later in the season to serve as a sort of remote moral adviser and currently stands as the closest thing Joe has to a friend. Or what about Ellie, the spunky next-door neighbor who now depends on Joe financially and, as we see in the finale, still keeps in touch? Could either of them make a comeback if the show gets picked up?

We posed the question to showrunner Sera Gamble, and while she wouldn’t say one way or the other, she did raise an important warning.

The basic rule is if someone is pulled into Joe’s sphere,” Gamble said, “that’s not generally great for that person. So, if they’re pulled back into it, it would be really bad.”