You Will Not Believe What John Boyega Has In His Bathroom (Video)

“Star Wars: Force Awakens” actor really does buy the weirdest things

Sometimes actors buy extravagant or odd things with their first big paycheck. But “Star Wars: Force Awakens” star John Boyega bought one thing that he keeps in his bathroom that would make some people turn around and walk out.

Boyega brought photos of some of his purchases when he appeared on “The Graham Norton Show” Friday and explained what made him fork over some big bucks. Among them, lion sculptures that stand majestically at the foot of his bed.

There’s also a replica of a Spartan helmet and a saxophone lamp with a light bulb protruding from its bell. “I was in Australia and this dude just told me that there’s this saxophone with a light bulb in it. Something in my brain said to me, ‘Buy. Buy,'” Boyega explained.

But the oddest purchase made wasn’t just what he bought but rather what he did with it. It’s in his bathroom and… just watch the video above and see for yourself.