‘Younger’ Star Molly Bernard on Why She Just Had to Talk About Sutton Foster’s Pubic Hair (Video)

You read that right

Actors often find motivation for tackling particular roles in the most peculiar of places. For “Younger” star Molly Bernard, enthusiasm came from the weirdest place of all: series’ star Sutton Foster’s pubic hair. 

Yes, this warrants clarity, so we shall shed some.

The opportunity arose in 2015 for Bernard to audition for “Younger,” the Darren Star-produced dramedy about Liza, a 40-year-old woman (Foster), who fakes her age in order to secure a job in publishing company. Bernard was asked to read for the role of Lauren, the 20-something carefree albeit slightly neurotic PR genius at the company.

But Bernard wasn’t even sure she wanted on the show… until she looked at the script, which made mention of Liza’s grooming, um, “down there.”

Bernard, who idolized the Broadway star, thought to herself, “I’m going to have to talk about [Foster’s] pubic hair on national television?! Maybe I shouldn’t go in for this…I like her too much.” But it was for that same reason why Bernard jumped at the chance.

During the audition, Star explained to Bernard that her character wasn’t judging Liza’s below-the-belt grooming situation — or lack thereof — she was just curious. Bernard told WrapWomen that it was the way Lauren approached even the most uncomfortable situations like this — with wonder and confidence — that made her want to be a part of the show.

Over the years, Bernard and Sutton’s friendship grew on and off the screen. On Bernard’s last day of filming, Sutton surprised her on set. “As soon as they called series wrap on me, she flew in and gave me a big hug,” she told WrapWomen. “I think the tenderness of those moments I will hold onto forever.”

The seventh and final season of “Younger” is streaming on Paramount+. Check out WrapWomen’s interview with Bernard in the video at the top.

Up next, Bernard will star in the indie film “Milkwater,” which also marks her debut as a producer. The story follows a young woman whose feelings of being left behind while the rest of her friends are settling down, getting married and having babies prompts her to become the surrogate for a gay man she meets in a bar.

“Milkwater” will be available on video-on-demand May 21. Check out the trailer below.

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