Zeebox’s ‘Get a Room’ Winner: ‘Summer TV Shenanigans’

Initiative promotes "rooms" where fans can talk about favorite shows

Last Updated: July 16, 2014 @ 3:39 PM

Second-screen company Zeebox announced the winner of its "Get a Room" contest, designed to promote "rooms" where fans can gather to talk about their favorite shows.

Heather Hogan's Summer TV Shenanigans” won $10,000 for what Zeebox called "some of the wittiest, most thoughtful TV Room conversation to date."

The "Get a Room" initiative included Telemundo hosting a room for “La Voz Kids,” which pulled in around 8,000 members. “La Voz Kids” drew in 14.6 million TV viewers in its first season, and during the show's season finale in July, the "La Voz" room had more than 2,000 comments.

“TV viewing and interaction is changing right before our eyes,” Peter Blacker, Telemundo Media's executive vice president of digital & emerging businesses, said in a statement. “Just a few years ago, brands thought that posting original content online was the way of the future. Today it’s really about working with new technologies like Zeebox to allow fans to drive and change how content is consumed and created, and we want to continue to reward our fans for participating.”