ABC to Limit Online, Mobile Access to Next-Day Episodes

ABC to Limit Online, Mobile Access to Next-Day Episodes


The network says the episodes will be available to select cable subscribers

Sorry, cord-cutters. The days of being able to watch your favorite ABC shows online for free the next morning are almost over.

The network announced on its website that effective Monday, only subscribers to select cable providers will be able to stream episodes the day after they air. They will need a username and password from their provider.

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For those who don't subscribe to one of its listed subscribers, streaming episodes will be available for free a week after they air at and on the network's Watch ABC mobile app.

Additionally, the streaming episodes will be available the next day for purchase on iTunes, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video. And, of course, there's always on-demand viewing from your cable or satellite company.

Fox began limiting next-day streaming on Hulu and back in 2011 with an eight-day delay. And some cable channels already limit online access.

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The limitations help keep service providers happy. They don't like online viewers accessing shows for free, given that the companies pay big retransmission fees to air the programming.

Here's ABC's list of approved providers. The network said its working on more partnerships.

AT&T U-verse
Cablevision Optimum
Cox Communications
Google Fiber
Verizon FiOS

  • Trish Chasity

    unbelievable! all for the mighty dollar

  • HallandaleBeachBlog

    Dear ABC Geniuses:
    Don't expect me and others who are on Social Media AND who finally wised-up -after paying over $1500 a year for content we want even while 75% of the offerings are channels we NEVER watch- to be promoting your shows on Twitter or blogs beforehand anymore.
    That fact will come even more true in February when DirecTV customers start getting their new bills with price hikes for the 10th year in row.
    By the way, speaking of Social Media, the ABC YouTube Channel has been a joke for years, with lots of material not there that ought to be there and far too much filler and blather.

    The only consistent good thing there is for NASHVILLE, otherwise, dreck.
    If you doubt me on this, if you happen to run into TheWrap's Sharon Waxman in the near future at some industry function or over at Third Street Promenade or wherever, just ask her.
    She could tell you as much because I specifically told her this two years ago with some very specific examples that showed how useless that YT Channel had been for people who actually watched your shows.
    Almost as bad as TCM has been for most of the past few years, often going 4-5 months with ZERO new content.

    Yes, just keep acting like nothing's wrong… that'll turn out well.
    Just saying…

  • hupto

    Well, I only watch two ABC shows–CASTLE and LAST MAN STANDING; three if MOTIVE returns–so this won't be much of a bother. Maybe they might put their time and money to better use by making more interesting programs.