Fox News Anchor Alisyn Camerota Out

Fox News Anchor Alisyn Camerota Out

The veteran TV journalist, co-host of “America's News Headquarters,” is leaving the network after 16 years

Alisyn Camerota, co-anchor of “America's News Headquarters” on Fox News, is leaving the network.

“For the past 16 years, Alisyn has been a part of the Fox News family,” Bill Shine, EVP of Programming, announced in a statement Monday. “From her days reporting, to hosting Fox & Friends and anchoring afternoon programs, she has done it all with enthusiasm and professionalism. We appreciate her contributions to the network and hope for all the best as she embarks on the next chapter of her life.”

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Camerota currently serves as the co-host of Fox News's “America's News Headquarters” program which airs with Bill Hemmer weekdays at 1pm ET.

Camerota has worn many different hats at the network over the years including serving as a host on “Fox & Friends Weekend” and also often a backup anchor on the weekday show as well.

Watch Camerota say goodbye on Fox News:

  • Barbara Kaiser

    First Dave Briggs and now Aly. What's going on at Fox? This is extremely disappointing news.

    • Elena Hammond

      But Dave left because he wanted to.

      • Mark Wheeler

        That's what they want us to believe. Dave was not very smart and showed little interest in anything at Fox. He was a push me guy. The idea he thought he could make it in sports is laughable. I said he wouldn't last a month and he didn't. Now he sits home Mr. Mom. I guess his wife has the jewels in that house.

    • TheSnapDude

      I think Fox picked up Sheryl Attkinson

      • Carrieann1

        Let's hope!

        • TheSnapDude

          I loved punchin’ my munchkin while thinking of Alisyn Camerota!

      • Candice Lambert

        Boy I hope so!!!

    • JoelinPDX

      Dave Briggs just went down the hall to Fox Sports.

      • leia

        No, he went to nbc spors. I forget the name of the show, though

  • Ed Phillips

    Did Alison get shit-canned or is she moving to another network…..maybe local news?

    • Scott Lawrence

      I can't find anything on why she's leaving. As you said, did she get fired or is she just retiring? Hard to believe at only 47 years old. Kind of makes anyone wonder what the reason was.

      • TheSnapDude

        she was caught giving Hemmer a hummer by her husband and private investigator

        • MarryMeAnnie

          I wish she would give me a hummer, either the act or the vehicle. I wouldn't even mind getting caught :-).

        • Chimookman

          Nice to know there are 17 idiots out there; you and your 16 up votes. What a numbskull.

        • scott

          no class

  • Mitch

    She was great on the weekends, her new afternoon show not so much.

  • Mackie72

    Sad news. She was my favorite female anchor on Fox. She wasn't just pretty, she had a great sense of humor. Best wishes to her.

  • Scottie

    Hottest legs in the business. Her reporting was fair and she was hot!

    • Betty Townley

      And she loved to show them. :-(

      • TheSnapDude

        don't hate because you look like Alan Colmes

    • TommyBoyABQ

      And she loved to show them :-)



    • justice2842

      IMHO I think Fox management is getting to interested in Good Looking Heads on camera. I think they didn't feel Ali was a beauty queen like some of the others. The others could not shine her shoes. She is a good reporter and a tenacious interviewer.

  • dso1

    She always reported fairly and with common sense. Also, she gave a forum to issues affecting children, i.e., vaccines and related issues. She will be missed.

  • ladyxx

    Why did she leave? Was she fired??

    • brikenz

      Bill Hemmer stated they tried to talk her out of it on todays show so I don't think she was fired.

      • TheSnapDude

        she got caught giving Hemmer a hummer

        • rcv505

          Shut up jerk! We're trying to have an intelligent conversation here!

    • Kenneth Gurganus

      That is what i want to know. Are they going to put a younger less knowledgeable bimbo like they did on the morning show in her place.

  • Don

    Was so disappointed the View has taken over with that irritating voice, which I quit watching the view over. Like someone said she is not the brightest bulb on the block. Now she has become Hesslebeck/fox. I hate but I have gone back to CNN.
    Allyson is the same she is pretty and has such a pretty voice. Heather or Anna would have been so great on Fox and friends.

  • kaosktrl

    To bad Her body doesn't quit.

  • KJohnson

    Alysin was one of the best on FOX. I have to say so much above the grade than Elizabeth Hesslebeck.. I have a hard time watching her. Alysin could do all reporting so well. A real loss.

    • jerzeegurl

      I like Elizabeth but she is no Alysin. What is going on with FOX? If I want to watch liberals I can watch the other stations, FOX already has O'Reilly, Geraldo and Shep, why do they need Carville? Are they turning Lib on us? I will miss Alysin, she was one of the best. Is she leaving on her own or being forced out?

      • konc1

        Go easy on Elizabeth, she spent all those years on The View with all those insane liberal smelly skanks, it's hard to get that rancid smell of skank off of a person quickly.

        • Burphelson AFB

          and what kind of funk comes off that vile, divisive ho Anne Coulter? And Bill O'Reilly drinks his own bathwater.

          • konc1

            No worse than an Obama man pudding gargler like you.

          • Burphelson AFB

            how often do you rub one out to Sean Hannity? My guess is hourly.

          • Amberteka

            Ann Coulter has more guts than everyone in the RNC leadership…and loves American workers more than all of them put together. She………is a heroine.

      • Carrieann1

        Don't forge libby Howard Kurtz — who came from CNN — a total idiot!

        • JoelinPDX

          Kurtz has shown a decided conservative streak since coming to FNC. You know, Kind of like Brit Hume who came from ABC.

          If you dislike Geraldo, Sheppard Smith, Juan Williams and the like so much, maybe you should go watch BSDNC if you want one-sided coverage.

        • Amberteka

          Chris Wallace is a Democrat. Votes Democratic. Openly brags about it………that and his wife's soup. Ugh. if I am not mistaken.

    • Miss Scarlet

      I cannot watch Hesselbeck either.

      • Carrieann1

        I know……she's very “dingy” — but I didn't care for Gretchen either — little too much “goody two shoes”

        • Jason Corn

          Wow, Carrieann1 I feel the exact same way as you. I can't stand Hesselbeck with her boney ass sitting in front of the camera every morning, and Gretchen is about the most annoying human being to watch period.

    • JoelinPDX

      Yep. Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a real lightweight. Gretchen Carlson was pretty light too but looks like a heavy hitter alongside of Hasselbeck. I used to get up early out here on the left coast to watch Fox and Friends. Now I'm sleeping in until Bill Hemmer and Martha McCallum come on at 6 a.m. my time.

  • DJLugoff

    What a loss! Aly is one of the best. She is one talented lady.

    • BobbyLynn

      I agree! Aly is my favorite and one of he best reporters/news readers they have. Fox is losing a really “class act”.

      • felicia solomita

        She was one of the classy women there. Never wore her dress up around her hips to get ahead. I guess that is why she is gone. Anna is the worst , and the fox and friends first actually sit the same direction and their hair parted to match. Dresses all the same except for color. Can anyone say the Stepford Wives? Check out that movie if you do not know what I mean. Roger Ailes has lost his mind to let her go along with any conservative they once had. Get The Blaze. Maybe Beck will hire Ali.

  • Bobby

    Why is Aiisyn leaving Fox??? She was a great anchor and had a great sense of humor. Why didn't you get rid of Gretchen Carlson? I have to turn the station when she comes on. I can't stand watching and listening to her. Bring Alisyn back.

    • brikenz

      I have to turn the station when Gretchen comes on as well! Sad to see Alyson go.

    • Carrieann1

      I feel the same way about Gretchen — there's just something about her that's really annoying

      • pilars

        It's her laugh and her need to remind us that she won a beauty contest!

      • justice2842

        Gretchen, is trying to hard. I think she wishes she was more like Megyn Kelly.

      • Chimookman

        Gretchen is like E.D. Hill, politically strident, which is sometimes annoying. Probably the same reason neither is on F & F. Serving out her contract in mid-day. I think Alisyn is the most versatile female on Fox, second only to Megyn Kelly. Incidentally, i have tuned out Megyn a bit since she spent so much time dwelling on the downed Malaysian air liner. Enough already. I wish they spent more time on international news that matters. We are starved in this country for international news and get way too much political news. The timeslot for Gretchen should be devoted to 100% international news, unless there is breaking news, which Sheppard Smith would cover anyway.

    • bino1952

      Carlson makes me nauseous. Sorry to see Alyson go.

    • Sharon

      I”m glad others feel the same way about Gretchen. I can't watch her. That slot should have gone to Martha. She filled in for Megan when she was out. She
      did a great job.

  • LMosley

    I don't get it. She is a great news anchor. I enjoyed her humor. I'm upset she is leaving.

  • Bernadette

    Why can't we get a straight answer . Why is she leaveing.
    We love her.

  • Isis

    She is the best female anchor on Fox, with the one exception of Megyn Kelly. I will miss her – just wish they had got rid of the annoying and unprofessional Anna, the excruciatingly pompous Heather, or the sickly sweet Ainsley. So sad to see Aly go.

    • itik buenvenida

      Her beauty seems to be working against Heather and her sweet disposition seems to be working against Ainsley. Why not Anna Koiman ? She has that
      gravitas that Alysin has

  • Bogoscity

    Sans philosophy and conjecture, thanks for the fun you have given us over the years. Hope you do well.

  • jerseygirl77

    Alyson was the best anchor Fox and Friends ever had. Cant watch Gretchen, Elizabeth, etc.

    • daniel puga

      Why not watch Alan Colmes ?

  • Linda

    return to am please ALISON, count the number of um's, Elizabeth is a newsreader,go home and sing song news to the children

    • Jill

      Aw – I loved Ali! :( Just learned that today was her last day and I'm sooooo sad! Loved her on the week-end show with Clayton & Dave; loved her on the afternoon show with Bill Hemmer; loved her whenever she filled in for any other anchor! Don't know what happened, but agree with many others that she was one of the best! (Also not thrilled with and have trouble watching Elisabeth and Gretchen). I've been a die hard Fox News Channel viewer for many years – hope they know what they're doing…

  • Colleen

    Hannity gets bumped till 10 PM..tells people to tape shows..he knows not as many viewers at that time. Now Alisyn Camerota. No explanation. I would not get so upset about Carville..Bill blows him away every time he is on. Maybe the slot was not doing well..don't understand..she was great! Only answer..they have found someone else. I am sorry I can't think of her name..but do you think it is the lady that just left the MSM because it was too Liberal? We shall see!

    • atanascio solinap

      If you mean Cheryl Atkinsson, she is an investigative reporter. Would do well if Fox expands on that area. But one thing sure, Roger Aisles seems to be collecting many able commentators from other networks. Could be planning something big.

      • pat

        would love to see Cheryl do her thing and deal with facts

  • ko57

    Ally should have gotten Hasselbeck's spot, I think she decidef that was it for her, and worked through her contract.
    She can do serious news well, very smart, but she does that sense of humor. I didn't lile her leaving Fox & Friends.

  • White Bear

    Does anyone know who's replacing her on the show with Hemmer? God, please tell me it's not the unwatchable Arthelle Neville. No, it has nothing to do with her being black. She's unwatchable for me because she can barely get a complete sentence out without stumbling over her own words. Martha McCallum maybe?

    • telescopio paluoyluoy

      Probably Geraldo or Alan Colmes. They are sexy enough to qualify.

      • White Bear

        Damn, just threw up in my mouth a bit reading that comment:). Talk about two people who should be banished to MSNBC.

  • kcaron

    Alison was one of the best and will be missed…I would like to see O'Reilly go

    • JoelinPDX

      You obviously aren't paying attention. O'Reilly has the highest rated show on cable news, and that means the highest rated show on FNC. He isn't going anywhere until he retires.

      • Amberteka

        He has lost millions of viewers since going Amnesty..Open Borders… I am a great Pal of the President. check tvratingsbythenumbers….2 years ago and then today…..shocking.

        • JoelinPDX

          The plain and simple fact is, you're wrong. O'Reilly holds the number one spot despite what BSDNC and the libbie press is trying to say.

          He is number one in cable news and number one at FNC. As such, don't look for him to leave any way but under his own power. Since he's only 64, I don't expect him to retire in the near future/

        • Chimookman

          I don't want to watch anyone I agree with all the time, and I don't agree with O'Reilly. I wish he would stop stabbing everyone with his finger that he disagrees with. His body language is intimidating. But you are wrong about him losing viewers. He is the ratings leader for FNC.

    • Larry

      I think Alison would have liked her own show instead of sharing a 1 hr. show with Hemmer who has a two hr. show in the morning. I am sorry to see her go, big lose for the viewers and Fox.

  • Miss Scarlet

    Wherever Alysin goes, I will follow. She was by far the best female anchor on Fox. Hesselbeck stinks.

    • justice2842

      ….and I thought I was the only one that felt this way about Ali and Elizabeth.

  • Betty Townley

    I can't believe so many people like her. I have disliked her since the first time I ever saw her on Fox. I am ecstatic that she's gone. She loves to act sexy, even by the way she stands. If you're really sexy, you don't have to “throw it out there.”

    • Anon A. Moose

      Jealous much..?

      • Betty Townley

        No, sweetie pie, I'm old enough to be her mother, and if I had her for a daughter, I'd be very disappointed….

        • TommyBoyABQ

          If I had you for a mother, I wouldn't want to have kids. They might turn out like Granny!

        • Mr. Fish

          Boy Betty…if she would disappoint you, I suspect you can never be happy. My condolences.

  • MrL8

    She is a “natural.” That's because her name is an anagram for “IT'S ONLY A CAMERA.”

    • Clark

      So sad to see Alisyn go! Watching less of FOX news these days! Don't care for Gretchen's new show and I agree with the other poster. Elizabeth's voice is shrill and annoying! Also can't she do anything without having that iPad in her hands..

  • Susy

    I think she is leaving because they gave that show to Gretchen. Allison would have been a much better pick. Think Fox dumped on her.

  • Susy

    There is something going on at Fox and it probably has to do with Murdoch's son who runs the U.S. holdings for his DAd. He hates Fox and will change it. That's why you see more progressives coming on and why Hannity was pushed to his time change. Even Hannity is having more and more progressives on. Fox also lies by omission. They have turned.

    • Midwestmike

      Sure hope not. The audience will evaporate.

    • pedro bundol

      It is confidence. Confidence that conservatives will always prevail over liberals in terms of intelligence, honesty and articulation. Can anybody on the left equal Charles Krauthammer, George Will Greta van Susteren and others ? Even Hannity can beat anybody on the left in an honest debate.

    • JoelinPDX

      I'm wondering if you even watch FNC. Hannity's move was a promotion. It gave him the prime 10 p.m. spot on the East Coast and moved him to 7 p.m. when more people could watch him on the West Coast. That weak piece of garbage hosted by Greta VanSusteren got the short end of the evening time switch.

      Fox, by having libbie guests, is fair and balanced. If you want one-sided you need to watch BSDNC.

  • Swartzy

    Let her take the place of that silly food lady that is on week ends. I won't watch that show, it is so stupid, and inane. Alison would be great with her own show on week ends. Hesselbeck needs a voice coach, her voice is shrill and irritating, I like her just hard to listen to her.

  • AuntSu

    I will miss Alysin. So may of the past anchors seemed to love themselves. Alysin was funny and real. I hope her next move is a good one for her. She deserves the best. What in the world is Fox thinking by forcing James Carville on its viewers? I will be watching the station a lot less if that is the case. James Carville, Geraldo Rivera, Alan Colmes, Carl Rove – yuck! Sick of them already!

    • Mr. Fish

      Carville and the rest…..They give viewers an idea as to what is going on over on the left and the thought patterns we need to overcome. Consider them a valuable resource. Yes….hold your nose while they rant, but use the knowledge gained from their participation. Also adds gravitas to the assertion that Fox is somewhat fair and balanced to counter those on the left that criticize Fox for being one sided.

    • JoelinPDX

      Clearly you'd be much happier watching the one-sided coverage offered by BSDNC.

  • Victoria Smith

    Get rid of the lightweight Hasselbeck…she is a joke and out of her league.

    • Chimookman

      She is more an emotional idea, like rescuing her from the View, where she was outnumbered by the lefty hag squad. She doesn't do much for F & F.

    • For Alysyn

      Isn't she a joke? Alisyn Camerota was a great news anchor for FOX. I quit watching F & F after Hasselbeck joined poor Brian and Steve. Oh well, Alysyn won't have a problem getting another job. She's well qualified and popular.

  • TommyBoyABQ

    I'm a big fox news fan, but I do believe that she would have been a better choice for Fox and Friends and/or Gretchen Carlsons show. I'll miss her…

    • 1775

      Should have kept Gretchen on Fox and Friends for sure. Shocked that Alisyn is leaving.

  • Jack

    Fox is changing. Not sure how or why but they are. My opinion.

  • phantomraven

    Very surprised by this decision. In all honesty she should have got the Fox and Friends slot over Hasselbeck. I understand the initial reasons that Hasselbeck was appealing but she has turned out to be absolutely awful. That show is unwatchable now. Clayton Morris and Alisyn were a fantastic combination when they appeared together on the weekend show. Actually, I think many of the morning anchors need a shake up on Fox. Time for Doocy and Kilmeade to go….same with Tucker Carlson….that guy is just bitter. More Hemmer, MacCallum and Morris.

    • pilars

      Doocy and Kilmeade are the most refreshing reporters on Fox. They always start my day with a smile! Tucker on Saturday morning is refreshing…love him too!

  • FYI

    HUGE loss. Fox is losing it. She was the best female anchor they had. Much more watchable than Megan Kelly, their goddess. Where the heck is she going? They should of paid her more. Who's left that's any good? Bill Hemmer, Bret Baier, Huckabee, and Brenda Butner that's about it on FNC. I can't handle that morning show. I end up watching Morning Joe. And now I watch Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett because I'm burned out from Greta and O'Reilly. Fox is going down the tubes,

    • pedro bundol

      You are just a liberal at heart. If you can stand the lies and distortions in MSNBC and CNN, you will be able to stomach anything.

  • Leigh

    Yeah, Hasslebeck, Greta, and Geraldo, need to get the boot. I would enjoy seeing a return of Laurie Dhue, E.D. Hill, or Linda Vester who were great hosts when FNC was emerging as the rival to CNN and MSNBC (who now have ratings that are a fraction of Fox News).

    • pedro bundol

      Liz Hasselbeck is perfect with Fox and Friends. Would not do well in a serious analysis of political, national and international situations. But perfect in woman and light topics which is also much needed area of conversation in Fox. Uma Pumaraju or Harris Faulkner is equally capable of picking up Alyson`s place. Fox needs diversity.

      • JoelinPDX

        I used to think Uma Pemaraju was good but as FNC has grown, she hasn't. Harris Faulkner deserves more than she gets at FNC but maybe she likes doing weekends.

  • LB

    This is a real mistake and loss for Fox News. She was professional and a great commentator. She will really be missed. I wish her good luck and when one door closes, another one will open for her! Thanks for all the years of watching a true professional on Fox News..Im not sure I like the direction of Fox but particularly the new weekend crew. Whose brainchild was that?

    • pedro bundol

      Roger Aisles most likely. He is a hands on manager. Somebody will come up eventually to fill her slot. Equally capable.

  • pedro bundol

    Probably will join MSNBC or CNN.

  • Nancy Aho

    Literally just saw Dave Briggs while watching Valspar Championship either on NBC or Golf Channel

  • Candice Lambert

    If she left over a contract renewal without a decent salary offer, I don't blame her.

  • gemini1547

    You get tired of being passed over for the idiot no talent blondes they keep bringing on. Look what happened to Ann Curry.

  • JoelinPDX

    Something strange is going on here. Alisyn just started her regular weekday slot and now she's gone. What's with that.

    And who'll be replacing her. I sure hope it isn't Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

  • Benjamin Roussey

    She was good and pretty but people have to move on.

  • Benjamin Roussey

    Clinton said this economy could not be fixed in 4 years giving Obama a pass.
    Wrong. A liberal could not fix it in 2 centuries, I could fix it 2 days or 2
    weeks, give or take.

    To get this country back at 3-5% growth rate and 5% unemployment rate, it is
    real simple. We need to:

    taxes, possibly move to a flat tax (18%) or a more simpler tax code

    and gut the IRS

    Sarbanes Oxley

    Dodd/Frank bill

    Obamacare (allow for more competition and pass a tort reform bill)

    health care

    social security (increase age in states and stop at age 72) and bolster social
    security (make sure it is not about to run out of money)

    the EPA which is just killing jobs and economic activity

    the Dept. of Energy and Interior (new leadership)

    off shore, open more lands for non-wasted use, become energy efficient

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    the wall along our Southern Border

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    almost all of our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan (help Afghanistan develop
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    all federal wages across the board, cut benefits and pensions for all federal

    • Rob

      19. elect Sarah Palin

      • Rob

        20.Get the IRS to audit all registered republicans. That should balance the budget.

  • Benjamin Roussey

    We had a good economy in the 90's
    because Clinton was forced to balance a budget by Newt Gingrich and the
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    There was not any Dodd/Frank or
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    dependent on the government to survive. If Obama wanted to improve the economy
    he would have called up Steve Forbes.

    • Rob

      YES WE DID!!!! TWICE

      • El Mac

        Yep. Unfortunately.

  • Benjamin Roussey

    What really
    perpetuated and caused the depression was what happened in 1930. In 1930, a
    protectionist trade bill was passed which killed free trade and affected
    economies all over the world, mainly us – America. It was the Smooth-Hawley
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    only this, then the federal government, ran by a liberal Democrat in FDR,
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    Tariff Act), so they raised taxes beyond measure. The largest tax increases in
    American history occurred in 1932, from 25 to 63%. Are you kidding me? This is
    what made the depression so severe in the early to mid-1930s.

    • Rob

      Dude,tell us all how much it hurt when you first found out the commander in chief was re-elected in 2012.

      • El Mac

        Did you mean the commander in chimp?

        • El Mac

          Or maybe its ‘commander in chump'?

  • mcaboy84

    Why was she let go. You could have got rid of people like Juan Williams, Jumu, Roginsky, Bernard Whitman and Mark Hanna. You can get rid of Geraldo too just keep Alyson. Get rid or liberals news analyst and contributors who are useless. Keep Alyson. Put her back on the early morning show, I wake up with the show before I go to work.

  • Richard Basey

    Alysin was my least favorite. I'm not crazy about Hemmer either. She
    seemed too dramatic put on and he seems too self assured. I suspect
    they did not renew her contract. Martha, Jenna, Kelly are great, Dana
    could have her own show but may not have time for it. MSNBC must be so jealous. The best looking woman they have is trying to be an angry man.

  • Pen

    Alyson was a class act. I refuse to watch Fox and Friends Weekend because Anna is such an airhead.
    Alyson or Martha should have had Gretchen's slot. I am tired of hearing that Gretchen was a Miss America.

  • Jbw

    She was my favorite female anchor. I wish she would have replaced Gretchen on Fox & Friends.

  • Bad Kitty

    Thank God! I couldn't stand the cutesy banter between her and Hemmer! Nauseating! “You're Shmoopsie! No, you're Shmoopsie!”

  • Athena

    Camerota is one of the brightest correspondents at Fox. That is why I could not understand that she was by-passed as Gretchen's replacement. Surely, she is more bright and natural than Hasselback. I hope is not age discrimination…my husband and I will surely miss her. And, perhaps, it's the perfect time to exit Fox for us, too.

  • Steve

    Get Liz from dc to replace

  • bflat879

    It really goes to show the depth at Fox News when they can let someone, with Camerota's experience go. She was the real deal, in many ways, and they've come up with people, they believe, are better. What has CNN come up with? Pierce Morgan? What has MSNBC come up with? Rachel Maddow? The vast majority of the talent on Fox, if they were liberals, would be hailed as the next coming of Edward R. Murrow. The fact is that many of them are really good “journalists” unlike what Pravda and Izvestia are throwing at us.

    • h2k

      Maybe she wanted to leave? 16 years of working to fill the holes in the Fox line up is a long time to not be in control of your schedule. I liked her. She will be missed.

  • Jason Corn

    Yeah, wow, I had no idea Alisyn left Fox News. I was wondering what the hell, who is this with Bill Hemmer and where is Alisyn? Where in the HELL did they find Elizabeth Prann, seriously, she looks like Joan Lunden at 15 years old. They need to stop putting these Barbie doll look a likes in front of the camera broadcasting the news, I mean I just can't take any of them serious. I guess the producers or whoever is making judgement to put these types of people in front of the camera are still utilizing the”sex will sell” ideology BS. It's not working for me, I won't watch America's News HQ until they get rid of Prann, not happening.

  • Jason Corn

    Ok, I just submitted a post and now it's gone…. WTH?

  • JoeDrager

    Her life is now obviously without meaning.

  • William S Kilgore

    Ugliest knees on the network.

  • Fip1

    Will never know if she got fired or she quit, she is too classy to tell anyone. Best a luck to you Alyson we will miss you. You were the BEST.