Batman vs. Superman Movie to Start Shooting at East L.A. College Stadium

Batman vs. Superman Movie to Start Shooting at East L.A. College Stadium

Saturday shoot will take place during halftime — and feature Gotham City vs. Metropolis State

The D.C. cinematic universe is going back to the gridiron.

Though the wave of Batfleck outrage has barely crested, Warner Bros. will get the cameras rolling Saturday for its upcoming Batman-vs.-Superman movie, shooting B-roll at the football stadium of East Los Angeles College.

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The school's roughly 10,000-seat Weingart Stadium (pictured above), situated about seven miles east of downtown, will be transformed into the home of Gotham City University during the brief halftime shoot, school officials confirmed to TheWrap.

Their cinematic visitors: Metropolis State University.

The shoot will take place at the midpoint of the ELAC Huskys’ scheduled tilt against Victor Valley College, which kicks off at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased only at the gate on game-day, though a large section has been blocked off for students of the 36,000-student community college known for its strong nursing program.

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According to the East Los Angeles College Campus News, which first revealed the shoot last week (hat tip to the eagle eyes at Latino Review), Warner Bros. issued a call for people in the L.A. area – with a preference for ELAC students – to be extras. The first 2,000 fans who sit in the filming area will get a T-shirt designed by director Zack Snyder; other prizes will be raffled throughout the night.

The crowd will sport Gotham City's colors — black and gold – which is also the color of the fictional city's pro team, as seen in “The Dark Knight Rises.” That team was played by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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The shoot is scheduled for 20 minutes, with three takes of three plays and crowd reactions.

It wasn't clear whether stars Ben Affleck or Henry Cavill would be anywhere near the scene; school officials who spoke to TheWrap were bound by nondisclosure agreements and Warner Bros. did not divulge details.

  • notafan

    Is there some back story I'm missing? Are Superman and Batman enemies?

    • Nick

      Mostly no, but they have a bittersweet relationship. What'll most likely happen is Batman will confront Superman about his fight with Zod and how it pretty much destroyed Metropolis, and they get into a fight. By the end of the movie though, they'll probably be buds, and on their way to forming the Justice League.

  • terry208

    Superman vs. Batman how silly, Clark would just grab Bruce by the neck and fling him into outer space, a T-rex vs. a butterfly would be more entertaining and the fight would last longer,all though Bruce does have a large supply of Kriptonite.

  • Random Asshole

    I still can't believe they're going through with this movie. They really like to test the Batman franchise, don't they? A few blockbusters then they throw out a couple of crap movies then pray for someone to come and resurrect the dead horse… rinse and repeat. They'll break it for good soon enough…