Bill Murray Invaded ‘Letterman’ to Tell Jokes, Take a Selfie With Lady Gaga (Video)

The actor-comedian-enigma brought his bucket list to CBS’ “Late Show” on Wednesday night

Last week, he was in Florida, singing “House of the Rising Sun” for restaurant-goers and wearing PBR-printed pants. On Wednesday night, Bill Murray struck again, staging a takeover of “Late Show With David Letterman” in order to cross off a few items on his life's to-do list.

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As Murray told the host (and his long-time friend), he isn't dying, but he's still quite concerned with accomplishing all the goals he's set out for himself. Most people would take movie stardom and cult hero status — not to mention an open invitation to appear at literally any party in the world – and be satisfied, but not Murray.

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Among the things he had to cross off his list on Wednesday: Telling a joke in place of Letterman and meeting Lady Gaga (and subsequently taking a selfie with her, because all celebrities take selfies in public now).

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Given his predilection for showing up anywhere at any time, one can only imagine what else Murray has on his bucket list, but hopefully more of it gets broadcast on television.

  • Barry

    Awesome Bill Murray is Awesome.

  • Artestis

    Bill Murray is occasionally funny. Usually, though, he's as humourous as diabetes. He just finds himself so precious.

    • Nelson

      Get over it.

    • Wangstein

      I think you have him confused with Chevy Chase.

      • Artestis

        I have to admit, I'd rather see Murray than Chase. You have a valid point.

    • SchnoodyPants

      And…. That's why women love him. He's really a great guy to hang with.

    • Jacob Marks

      I've got diabetes and it can be pretty funny sometimes!

      • Artestis

        Ya, okay. I have type I, and have had it for over 30 years. I'd better change that to a gun shot wound, although, in America, that might also be considered wonderful.

  • DaveJackson

    I get $20 if this attention wh0r dies before Betty White. Come on Bill ! look at you, you already got a foot in the ground!

  • Jacopo Chiapparino

    Class act :-)

  • Olivia Stark

    on MY bucket list…to meet and take a selfie with the coolest guy on the planet, Bill Murray.