Billy Ray Cyrus Remakes ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ as a Hip-Hop Song (Video)

If you can't beat ‘em… twerk

If you can't beat ‘em, join ‘em — and if the daughter you tried to raise as a Christian Disney princess ends up twerking with stuffed animals in her underwear, well, it's probably time to remake your novelty country hit into a hip-hop anthem, throw in some half-naked twerking aliens, and surrender.

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That seems to be the shrewd calculation behind Billy Ray Cyrus's remake of “Achy Breaky Heart” with rapper Buck 22, who acknowledges in the song that you've maybe never heard of him. Don't let 22's lack of celebrity throw you, because “Achy Breaky 2” also features Larry King, Miley-esque dancers, and an “Andy Griffith Show” homage. There's something for the whole weird family.

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But wait, you say: What's with all these rappers remaking classic songs? What about our youthful memories? To which we reply: It's “Achy Breaky Heart.”

Watch the video:



  • patrickstibbs


  • Trish Chasity

    This is awful and maybe Billy Ray should try a different approach.

  • AJ

    What else should we expect from a one hit wonder? This is tragic, and the ‘wrecking ball'connection in the middle seems so pathetic. Utter garbage 2.0

  • Daisy5058

    I guess TRASH runs in the Cyrus bloodline :/

  • Jamal Jenkums

    While his mudshark daughter is off burning coal with every bootlip in town! Daddy must be so proud!

  • Alonnah Ryder

    Sad boring, disgusting, trashy…I can go on but I think you all get the picture. I most definitely have “an achy breaky heart” after watching this

  • Dark Matter

    Billy is probably double teaming his slut sprog wif Ruck Da Buck.

  • DixieDarlin

    Billy Ray, you make snake handlers and moonshiners sterling silver in comparison to you. I am a Kentuckian and proud of it, but certainly ashamed of you and your trashy daughter. And to think that your daddy was a congressman from Kentucky! What does HE think about you two? TURN AROUND, BILLY RAY! You are on the wrong road! I used to think you were a shining example of a Kentuckian that we could be proud of, but no more! Your eternal soul is at stake. Be an example for that girl! You will be in my prayers. I don't know of anybody who needs prayer more than you and that poor girl. I IMPLORE you, Billy Ray! Come back to your Kentucky roots!

  • Truth

    Everyone one of you judge people too quickly!