Bruce Willis’ ‘SNL’ Ratings Down From Miley Cyrus Episode

Bruce Willis' 'SNL' Ratings Down From Miley Cyrus Episode

Yippee kay yay, metered markets

Bruce Willis is no Miley Cyrus, at least when it comes to “Saturday Night Live” ratings. (And essentially everything else, for that matter.)

The action star's “SNL” hosting stint this weekend earned a 4.3 rating/11 share in the 56 metered market households — a very early ratings measurement. That number is down, though very slightly, from Miley Cyrus‘ gig last weekend. Cyrus’ show got a 4.5 rating, which means the “Die Hard” star trailed the pop star in that measurement by just 4 percent.

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However, in the Local People Meters 18-49 demographic, Willis’ performance got a 2.2/10 — a 19 percent reduction from the prior week. Cyrus’ episode had a 2.7.

Still, NBC can't complain. Willis’ “SNL,” with musical guest Katy Perry, ranked as the No. 1 telecast of the night across the big 4 networks in the preliminary numbers.

National rankings, including viewer totals, will arrive from Nielsen on Thursday.

  • buster

    who the hell watches SNL anymore?

  • Toucan Sam

    I love how they say that SNL had the biggest ratings of the night across all the networks. Is there anything on the other networks at that time or is SNL beating color bars and infomercials?

  • momofnick826

    Bruce Willis was hysterical. SNL hasn't been that funny lately, but Willis sure had some great moments. It didn't help that it was advertised as Tina Fey as the host. I wouldn't waste my time on Miley Cyrus.