Cate Blanchett Responds to Woody Allen Sex Abuse Charges — But Will It Hurt Her Oscar Chances?

Cate Blanchett Responds to Woody Allen Sex Abuse Charges — But Will It Hurt Her Oscar Chances?

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“It's been a long and painful situation for the family, and I hope they find some resolution and peace,” she says after winning yet another award for “Blue Jasmine”

Cate Blanchett has responded to Dylan Farrow's allegation that Woody Allen molested her when she was seven, saying that she hopes the family can “find some sort of resolution and peace” in this “long and painful situation.”

The brief response to a question asked of Blanchett as she entered a party in Santa Barbara, came on a night when the actress won yet another award for her performance in Allen's “Blue Jasmine.”

And it raised an uncomfortable question: Could the allegations from Farrow, her brother Ronan Farrow and her mother Mia Farrow, have the potential to derail Blanchett's chances at adding an Oscar to the long list of awards she's received for her performance as a desperate, pill-popping alcoholic in Allen's film?

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On Saturday night, Blanchett received the Outstanding Performer of the Year Award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, just hours after the news of Farrow's letter alleging the abuse had appeared in the New York Times. She received an enthusiastic standing ovation, and was not asked about the allegations in a lengthy Q&A. Instead, she spoke of how Allen had written “role after role after role for women.”

After the tribute though, Hollywood Elsewhere columnist Jeffrey Wells asked Blanchett to comment on her way into the after-party. “I mean, it's obviously been a long and painful situation for the family, and I hope they find some sort of resolution and peace,” she said.

The allegations were clearly timed to hurt Allen during awards season, with Mia Farrow and Ronan Farrow both tweeting anti-Allen comments during the Golden Globes’ tribute to the writer-director.

(Mia Farrow, though, had given the Globes permission to use a clip from her performance in “The Purple Rose of Cairo” in the montage that was part of that tribute., according to Robert B. Weide, the director of the PBS special “Woody Allen: A Documentary,” who worked on the montage.)

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And Dylan Farrow's open letter, in which the 28-year-old wrote for the first time about the allegations first made 21 years ago during a custody battle between Allen and Mia Farrow, not only opened by saying that Allen “sexually assaulted” Farrow, but it called out Blanchett by name, along with stars of other Allen movies.

“What if it had been your child, Cate Blanchett?” she wrote. “Louis CK? Alec Baldwin? What if it had been you, Emma Stone?”

The mention of Blanchett by name attempts to make the actress complicit, and by extension those voters who cast ballots for her or for Allen or “Blue Jasmine,” as well.

But chances are slim that it can truly impact the Oscar chances for the film, which has three nominations: Best Actress for Blanchett, Best Supporting Actress for Sally Hawkins and Best Original Screenplay for Allen, his record-breaking 18th nomination in the category.

Hawkins’ nomination was something of a surprise, and she has no real shot at upsetting favorites Lupita Nyong'o from “12 Years a Slave” and Jennifer Lawrence from “American Hustle.”

As for Allen, he's most likely running third in his category, behind David O. Russell and Eric Warren Singer for “American Hustle” and Spike Jonze for “Her.” While the allegations probably reduce or even eliminate the chances that he could eke out a surprise victory, those chances were never particularly good to begin with.

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Unlike “Midnight in Paris,” the 2011 Allen film that was nominated for Best Picture and for which Allen won his last Oscar, admiration for the darker, tougher “Blue Jasmine” is more limited.

That leaves Blanchett, who has already won best-actress awards at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Golden Globes and the Critics Choice Movie Awards, and has been honored by the vast majority of critics’ groups. On a ballot filled with uncertainties, she has been one of the surest bets.

For Blanchett to be hurt by the allegations, a large number of voters would have to decide that her fierce, showy and critically-acclaimed performance is secondary to the fact that she worked with Woody Allen – as have scores of other actors since Mia Farrow first made the allegations in 1992, and since Connecticut authorities investigated and decided not to pursue a case against Allen.

She may lose a few votes for not condemning Allen when asked to comment, and maybe Amy Adams (“American Hustle”) or Sandra Bullock (“Gravity”) have made it a closer race than we realize.

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But it's hard to imagine that guilt-by-association would seriously threaten the award for a well-liked past Oscar winner universally thought to be one of the best actresses of her generation. Blanchett was on a roll that was going to get her to the Dolby stage before Saturday and most likely can't be stopped. Although a standing ovation at the Dolby would make Hollywood look callous and insensitive to some.

The real impact, I suspect, will come on future Allen projects, when working on an Allen movie – or even voting for someone who did – will take place in the shadow of this weekend's allegations.

If the Oscar chances for “Blue Jasmine” aren't significantly altered, the odds of the Academy embracing “Magic in the Moonlight,” his upcoming romantic comedy with Colin Firth, Emma Stone and Jacki Weaver, may have just gotten a little worse.

  • Who Cares

    Yeah, you're so right – the biggest, most important issue in this whole saga is whether or not it will hurt Cate Blanchett's Oscar chances. Phew – I almost lost sight of that. Thank you for writing this article. You're a credit to society.

    • Hobbesnblue

      Yeah, how dare The Wrap's *awards editor* write about an Oscar-related issue?

      • Buck Stodgers

        Its not whether it is Oscar-related, it is whether that is the most important issue at stake here.

  • jp

    there is no smoke without fire…

    • JoeS

      I guess you've forgotten the McMartin School case? And, check out the long 3 part piece PBS’ FRONTLINE did on the Little Rascals alleged assaults.

  • J.H.

    Never mind that a young girl said she was sexually abused. I think THAT is the issue here. Not whether blanchett wins the oscar for her portrayal of Blanche DuBois in Woody Allen's rip off of A Streetcar Named Desire, ‘Blue Jasmine’ (for which he is nominated for Best Original Screenplay) . Yeah, right.

    • JLF

      Why isn't she going to the police, or getting an attorney? The open letter ran in the New York Times blog and was posted/intro'd by a close friend of Mia Farrow's. Mia Farrow's brother has been convicted of being a child molestor. There are so many bizarre facts in this story. But you are right, the issue is if the abuse happened – not if Cate will win the Oscar.

      • J.H.

        I think it has to do with the time limitations on how long you can press charges.

      • Maurboo

        If you read the article with care it says she DID go to the police, they refused to press charges to do “the fragility of the child”. Read it again

      • The Great and Powerful Turtle

        because if she did all the people who investigated the abuse when it first came out would have to testify that there was no basis to her allegations and that they all believed she had been coached by Mia to lie …

  • Stuart W

    Why has no mention been made here wherein the above Pond article stated the allegations had been investigated by Connecticut police in 1992 (22 years ago) decided not to pursue a case against Allen?

    • kurtsteinbach

      The Connecticut judge ruled there was probable cause to proceed against Woody Allen, but wanted to spare Dylan Allen the pain of a trial. Stupid really, but then people do stupid things all the time in the interests of the child. I think justice for what Allen did to her, would have been more in her interests in the long run, despite the pain it might have caused Dylan at the time.

      • Guest

        Statute of limitations for sex crimes should be eliminated retroactively. Think of all the Catholic priests who could be brought to justice if that happened and if the States would end their stupid non-extradition treaty with the Vatican (not to mention quit using that stupid religious freedom argument to shuffle sex abuse cases out of the realm of the civil courts and into “private investigations” by the church).

        Mariska, calling on you to push Pope Francis…

  • pazu

    no doubt in my mind allen did this. the guy is a straight up creeper despite the fact that he's a great film maker. Huge fan of his films but this guy should be locked up. I mean we are talking about a guy who married his own step daughter. He even has the pedophile look down pat.

    • JoeS

      This case will never be proven one way or the other.

      But, are you saying that if Woody Allen looked like Brad Pitt or Cary Grant that his “look” would change your attitude? That's a pretty skin deep assessment don't you think???

    • lapaditte

      Those of us who don't have fried brains, aren't sheep and have actually looked at the facts, know that Allen didn't marry his adopted daughter, as she was never his daughter.

    • Vanessa

      Get your facts straight. She was not his step-daughter. She was his then girlfriend's adopted daughter.

      • Maria Jose Conti

        he adopted two kids with her and had a biological son…that is a girlfriend???

        • kurtsteinbach

          The woman he married, Soon-Yi Previn is Mia Farrow's adopted daughter from Mia's 2nd marriage. During Mia's 2nd marriage, she and her then husband adopted Soon-Yi Previn. Later she divorced her husband and had a relationship with Woody Allen. When Soon-Yi Previn was 20, Woody and Soon-Yi Previn got married. He was never er father legally, and is not biologically her father. Mia Farrow and her second husband raised the girl, but are not her biological parents, they are her adopted parents. Her husband was Andre Previn, and Mia's 1st husband was Frank Sinatra.

        • Lelouch vi Britannia

          They never lived together. They were never married, or in a common law marriage.

  • YourConcernedCitizen

    I don't watch Allen films because I won't put a penny in his pocket based on why charges weren't pursued. Hollywood is quick to condemn others for their pet causes. Abused Hollywood children should become one of their causes. But that might yank a bit of opportunity for recognition out of their pocket. I also don't watch Polanski films, causing me to give up one of my absolute favorites, and as he pleaded guilty but escaped consequences, I also don't watch films of the actors who work with a fugitive child rapist. Having seen the lifelong consequences of child sexual abuse, I believe Hollywood shows ego comes before enlightenment and should be ashamed. They should make a movie about their own corruption, it would win an Oscar.

    • Jenstnick

      My thoughts exactly

      • Gerard Kennelly

        he must have info on Scorsese
        why else would he support a paedophile ?

        • Avril111

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    • Guest

      “Hollywood is quick to condemn others for their pet causes. Abused Hollywood children should become one of their causes.”

      I don't know how influential or well-known they are, but there is an organization seeking to advocate for child actors. Paul Peterson of the old Donna Reed Show founded it, and AFAIK (if he is still alive?) is still currently at the helm. I don't recall the name, but this definitely sounds like a cause that they would (or should) pick up.

    • disgusted


    • The Great and Powerful Turtle

      and why were the charges not pursued ..not for the reason the original prosecutor said..
      he did the worse possible thing when he decided not to charge Allen but the reason he didn't had nothing to do with protecting Dylan Farrow but a lot to do with all the medical/psychiatric experts telling him there was no evidence of abuse

  • scors54

    In 2003, the Academy not only awarded Best Actor to Adrien Brody, but also gave the Oscar for Best Director to ROMAN POLANSKI–a man CONVICTED of what Allen is “accused” of. Why would any of this have ANY effect on Blanchett's “chances” for an Oscar? This is patently ridiculous.

    • thisisourturn

      And it's very ironic that Mia Farrow has always staunchly stood by Roman Polanski.

      • scors54

        Has she really? That IS interesting.

      • Guest

        What bothers me is the double standard applied to Whoopi's comments about Polanski vs. those of GOP candidate Todd Akin. Two wrongs don't make a right (whether or not you're of the political “right”), and I am not defending Akin but asking why Whoopi wasn't run out of Dodge the same way he was. Akin was absolutely, unequivocally wrong 100,000 percent with his retarded “legitimate rape” comments, but didn't Whoopi basically say the same thing about Polanski? “It wasn't ‘rape’ rape” sure sounds like “it wasn't ‘legitimate’ rape” to me.

        Why wasn't Whoopi held accountable the same way Akin was a few years later? Why did nobody mention this when Akin said what he said? Because she's black? Because she's a she and Todd is a he? Because she's a Democrat, and Democrats as a whole have a reputation for being politically progressive and opposing Akin-esque legislation? Why should any of that give Whoopi in particular carte blanche? What if Polanski had “not-raped” a black girl? Or a black boy? Or a boy of any race? Why should race or gender matter at all?

        Rape is rape no matter what sort of Newspeak some fat talk-show host wants to rationalize, no matter what political persuasion she or the rapist happen to be, no matter what she or the director may have done otherwise. There is no such thing as legitimate rape-not-kinda-sorta-yes-no-maybe-so-rape.

  • majnun

    how anyone can doubt Dylan farrow…allen was also abusing another of mia's daughters…he had nude pictures of the little girl that mia farrow discovered…how can anyone do this to his life partner…abuse her daughters that she entrusted to him…this man is a monster …moral turpitude…if it were someone else., less powerful ..he would be in prison now

    • kurtsteinbach

      Do you understand what moral turpitude is? Moral Turpitude. A phrase used in Criminal Law
      to describe conduct that is considered contrary to community standards
      of justice, honesty, or good morals. Sodomy, such as LGBT sex is considered moral turpitude or at least it used to be. If Woody Allen molested his daughter, it is way beyond moral turpitude, violating community standards. it is the worst kind of class A felony. It is called child rape. What Allen did in marrying his ex-wife's adopted daughter from her first marriage, considering Allen was her 2nd, is moral turpitude, conduct in violation of some community's moral standards, or the standards of several communities. Molesting a child under the age of 16 is far worse, and is rape because a child cannot consent. Marrying the adopted daughter of your ex-wife is the least of his crimes. I will say this, the crime of sexual assault, especially of a child, should not have any statute of limitations, just like murder does not in this country. Both are horrible betrayals. Sexual Assault of adults should have at most a long statute of limitations, if any. I am not a great fan of either Ms. Farrow, or Mr. Allen's movies, although mny in my family are. We're Jewish. I have spent most of my life NOT paying much attention to this man. I liked Antz and Casino Royale was amusing. However, I will say this, there is no war like a civil war, and no war is uglier, dirtier, or more painful….

  • madduxfan

    Wow the “allegations were clearly timed to hurt Allen during awards season” . I suppose it could have NOTHING to do with the mother and brother of a young girl who claims Woody molested her and was being feted with a Lifetime Achievement Award'” being upset. Dylan's letter comes after the pathetic whitewash by Woody's acolyte Weide whose “impartial” article managed to avoid the most damning FACTS . Weide even claims he had no idea that the deliberate destruction of notes and refusal to testify would matter when the judge in the case made them the center of his decision not to allow Woody contact with Dylan and only supervised contact with Satchel. He also NEVER mentions the explicit nude photos of Soon-Yi Woody took and left for Mia to find.

  • Lorraine Waxman

    Unbelievable. Woody Allen was legally cleared 20 years ago. Child predators do not molest only one child:it is an illness, despicable and devastating, but an illness none the less, and is not limited to one episode. Mia Farrow is a true and demonstrated flake on the other hand, and damaged her children with her jealousy and anger. Yes, we will attend Mr. Allen's movies and enjoy his genius,and while his judgement in marrying someone so young as his partner's adopted daughter was questionable at best, they have indeed been married for about 20 years,seemingly happy. Whatever, we admire his talent as a director/ writer, and don't have to bed or marry him.

    • disgustedwithwoody

      He didn't do it once, he married the other “daughter”, this was a little girl he raised to marry! Sick….

      • Lelouch vi Britannia

        False, Allen did not raise Soon-Yi. That was Andre Previn, her adoptive father. He and Farrow lived in separate homes, apparently he didn't once spend the night there, and he was most definitely not involved in the raising of her children. As a matter of fact, some say that the relationship started when Farrow urged him to spend some time with Soon-Yi, as they barely ever came into contact. She was of age at this time.
        I'm not saying it's normal or right, but it was far from child rape, or the raising of a future wife.

    • 2tall4u

      He really wasn't cleared. The CT police believed he did the deed but there wasn't much evidence and in the end, the judge decided she was too fragile to testify.

  • Rex Wolfe

    All you people saying that you've made up your mind on this issue, and on Allen, should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Do your research before vesting such aspersions. What year is this?!

  • bottlesflying

    Mia Farrow – the kunt adulterer – is likely responsible for the allegations. Hell hath no idiot like a woman scorned.

  • InAllLikeliHood

    Sounds like Mia and possibly her daughter, Dylan, is confusing Woody Allen with Mia's brother, John Viller-Farrow, who is currently being sent to jail for molesting two boys.

    • kurtsteinbach

      If the Connecticut judge knew those allegations, it explains much….

      • InAllLIkeliHood

        I find it odd that Dylan is being invective toward actors/actresses (her ‘heroes') for not listening to her accusations, yet makes no mention, in her article, of the judge who threw the case out of court.
        Seems like people who respond on this case have little faith in the American legal system, btw.

        • Guest

          You mean the same legal system that acquitted George Zimmerman of murdering a 17-year-old boy who just happened to be at the “wrong” place (a rich gated community) with the “wrong” color face, and whose sole “weapon” in possession was a bag of Skittles, yet sentenced a 26-year-old genius (Aaron Swartz) to double the minimum sentence for murder — for downloading a bunch of term papers?

          Only an idiot would have faith in that legal system.

  • thisisourturn

    I question Dylan Farrow's character when she finds it necessary to coheres outsiders as pawns into her sordid family issues. Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, CK Louis have nothing more than a polite working relationship with Woody Allen – and don't have any more knowledge of this case than anyone else. Most were not even in the public eye 20+ years ago.

    • Buck Stodgers

      What she's saying is that we would never be so accepting of this behavior in any other profession, yet in Hollywood, hypocrisy reigns.

      • Mark Schwartz

        I don't think that IS what she's saying. I think it's as simple as her questioning Cate's involvement in a Woody Allen project, given the accusations against him. Now, if these accusations are true, it's absolutely horrible, but this should not affect his achievements in Hollywood at all, and certainly not the achievements of those who have worked so hard on his projects. They don't know anything about any of this, and even if they did, their involvement still has NOTHING to do with their opinion of Allen as a person.

    • lapaditte

      Exactly. Cate Blanchett for one has always lived in Australia, is quite separated from “Hollywood” when she's not contending in awards season, is not really a “celebrity”, and actually only been a recognizable figure for some 14 years. She's very removed from all this, has nothing to do with it, and it really is unfortunate that a classy, gracious, down to earth woman like her (not only her but her children) is so tastelessly dragged into this sordid family's affair; now her character is unjustly put into question by the ignorant sheep because of a mere mention in a tactless smear letter.

    • Guest

      Alec Baldwin wasn't exactly waiting tables in 1992. He was Jack frickin’ Ryan in 1990's Hunt for Red October and starred in Beetlejuice in 1988. I don't really know who any of the other people are (maybe some weren't even born?), but even though Baldwin has never faced allegations to the level of Allen or Polanski, he has a reputation for being a creep in his own right. Recall the drunk phone call to his daughter where he called her a sl*t and a wh0re and said awful things about Kim. So it doesn't surprise me that ol’ Schweddy Balls would be numb to anything about Allen. The guy is one bourbon, one scotch and one beer away from being the Hollywood Left's Mel Gibson.

  • Stephen Brown

    We all know actors and the film industry would never say anthing to hurt the realtionship( money) they have together. No mater what. If I was Woody Allen and I was being accused of this and was innocent as he claims, I would be shouting it at every newspaper and camera that would cover it. I would submit to any lie detector test and and make darn sure the world knew I was not this monster. I would not hide behind a publicist. But we all kno actors only act moral and right on films, not in real life. They will stand behind the anything as long as they can stay in the “club”.

    • guest

      He did submit to a lie detector at the time of the police investigation. Mia refused hers, on the other hand. Just the facts.

      • Stephen Brown

        Though i could not find any information about who or were the lie detector test was administered I did find a good article from Robert Weide that has me rethinking these allegations. I do believe Dylan believes she was molested since it seems the evidence favors Mia telling her this since she was 7. I do not think the evidence supports Mr Allen molesting anyone including Dylan. The subject of his marriage to Soon-Yi is a separate issue.

        • JV

          I agree. Misinformation appears to be the thing Allen looks most guilty of from the little investigating I've done.

          • JV

            Wow, that was not at all what I meant to type. Allen is the victim of misinformation is where I was trying to go with that.

      • Guest

        Lie detectors are easy to beat. They measure bodily reaction to nervousness. Bad liars get nervous because they know they're lying and fear getting caught. But good liars beat the machine because they actually believe what they're saying. If the question was something like “Mr. Allen, did you inappropriately touch Dylan,” he might have answered no and not flinched one bit because in his sick mind what he did was not “inappropriate.”

        The whole Woody mindset can basically be epitomized in this quote by Rob Reiner from Bullets Over Broadway, in which fat ol’ Meathead, playing a painter whose “art” is of “questionable morals,” is urging neurotic young playwright John Cusack not to feel so bad about cheating on his girlfriend (Jennifer Connelly) with a charismatic stage goddess (Oscar winner Dianne Wiest):

        “David, don't worry about ‘morals’ Morals are subjective. An artist creates his own moral universe.

        In real life, this is called a delusional mental disorder. But in Hollywood — or Allenwood — it's called being an “eccentric ‘artist'.”

  • Guest

    You have children of your own cate blanchet. Shame on you for profiting from this criminal.

    • lara

      god what a stupid and shameful comment. she probably is just as shocked by these revelations as the rest of us!

      • disgusted

        What is wrong with you?? lol as if all of Hollywood hasn't known this about Woody Allen for over 20 yrs now!!! Just because *you* didn't know about it, and possibly weren't even born yet, I don't for one moment believe that ALL of Hollywood or anyone famous, does NOT know about this story! FFS, get a clue!

  • Elmer J. Grizwald

    That was quick…Webster's just added the following entry to their
    definition of hell: The torment, anguish one encounters when having
    to choose either Woody Allen or Roman Polanski as your daughters

    • Guest

      You're a sick one, Mr. Polanski.
      Your heart's an empty hole.
      Your brain is full of spiders;
      You've got garlic in your soul,
      Mr. Polanski.

      I wouldn't touch that
      39 1/2 foot Pole's
      39 1/2 foot “pole”
      With a…
      39 1/2 foot pole!

  • Herb Stumpf

    I think all of you self serving pot-lickers should say a prayer for yourselves. You have no idea if any of this is true and chances are the mother put the child up to it because of the custody hearing. I think Woody is a jerk but then again I think Mia is worse !

  • Kurt Cobain

    Mia Farrow is a jealous and vindictive b=itch. I believe it more probable that she planted the memory of molestation in Dylan's head than that the Woodman actually committed the crime.

    • Stephen Brown

      I agree that seems to be were the facts point.

    • 2tall4u

      The CT police believed Dylan but didn't want to pressure her with a trial. Allen lost both appeals — he's a pedo and should be sharing a cell with Polanski. smdh

      • Guest

        Better yet: publicly castrate them both first so they can never use their “concealed weapons” again.

  • Buck Stodgers

    “The allegations were clearly timed to hurt Allen during awards season.”

    Really? REALLY? This year? Why not the 17 previous times he was nominated for his writing? OR the other times his films have been nominated for directing, acting, etc. Or maybe it is possible, as Dylan said, that this was finally the year that all the media exposure Allen has gotten got to *her*, and she needed to speak out.

    But go ahead and keep bullying the victim here.

    • lapaditte

      Uh exactly… Why not bring it up when Allen was contending for PICTURE, DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY for Midnight in Paris? Or the many other times before that? Why not when Vicky Cristina Barcelona was contending, and Penelope Cruz was competing for the Oscar (which she won)? Now, right before Oscar voting, after his work & cinematic contribution is honored and the lead actress in his film is strongly contending for the Oscar, they choose to publish a monumental smearing letter, one that very DISTASTEFULLY calls out and puts on the spot actors and actress that have NOTHING to do with the case, and NOTHING to answer to, who are merely acting in films directed by the man.
      I feel for Dylan, I really do; she clearly is a victim of a f**ked up family, helmed by her unstable mother, and I have no doubt she believes what she says, is deeply affected by it and has been wrestling most of her life over it, and Allen is an unethical, shady character. But this affair now is clearly a massive REACTIVE ATTENTION-SEEKING SMEAR against the awarding of his work this year, and the actress performing in it.

      This family clearly has no interest in this being a serious, prosecuting matter, but in merely drawing public and media attention to their distaste (while indirectly helping brother Farrow's limelight for his upcoming new show) and digging up and dragging out something which should and would have been settled LONG ago. The one thing I don't believe Dylan is that she has moved on – clearly not so. I feel for her, for her being a product of a derelict, manipulative, hypocritical mother who supported rapist & pedophile Polanski and hypocritically gave permission to the coordinator to use film of her for the Allen tribute, and a shoddy, negligent father, not to mention the other members, e.g., one a product of one of many of mother's sexual affairs (something not uncovered until recently), another a convicted child molester.

      F**ked up family. F***ed up campaign, and that is exactly what this is – a sequential smear campaign.

      • disgusted

        Because when people are SEXUALLY ABUSED it destroys large portions of their life. I can attest to this; and seeing accolades being thrown at the perpetrator of your misery is sickening. I applaud the Farrows’ courage and timing, -all that's left now is to fight fire with fire. We see how going through the legal system worked out for them….the Hollywood Mafia known as Woody Allen needs the tough hand dealt to him so he can't weasel out of it this time.

        • disgusted

          Oh, and btw, being sexually abused isn't something you just “settle” with a person..omg…! Some may NEVER reconcile the damage done -and that is a shame- but it's the cruel reality of it. And for all any of us know, maybe this IS Dylan's way of moving forward
          with her life by refusing to stay quiet about the abuse she suffered. I say exposure of the perpetrator is a necessity, and if this is how it has to be done in order for people to stop protecting the criminal, then so be it!

  • Buck Stodgers

    Are you Woody's paid publicist? You post this exact same thing on every related article.

    • Mike Flores

      No but I would like to know why the press didn't think it was worth covering Mia's brother molesting 6 year olds. Think of it as Martin Luther and his list these posts.

      • JFL

        Agree with Mike. That's a really odd fact, that needs to be covered in the press. But everyone just wants clicks these days. So we don't get enough of the truth. Just the sensational or bizarre headlines.

  • TraceyJohnson

    All you have to do is look at pictures of Woody Allen with the young daughters he adopted with Soon Yi to know he is still a creep. He's all over those girls. It's disgusting. You can't pin this on the brother.

    • Mike Flores

      During the custody fight, a doctor who led the investigation and interviewed Dylan Farrow nine times says he has doubts about her allegations against Allen. Dr. John M. Leventhal says she has changed key details, like whether Allen touched her vagina, and said her accounts had a “rehearsed quality.”

      “We had two hypotheses: one, that these were statements that were made by an emotionally disturbed child and then became fixed in her mind,” he said, according to the New York Times. “And the other hypothesis was that she was coached or influenced by her mother. We did not come to a firm conclusion. We think that it was probably a combination.”

      The psychiatrist who interviewed Dylan about child abuse from Woody Allen concluded that the mom had coached her because she answered by rote and changed key details making them crimes. The horror of this is unimaginable if true. Imagine growing up believing a lie your mom put in your head about the man you called dad. To poison the kids and their lives just to show anger to Woody. Taunting him with the fact you had kept secretly seeing and sleeping with Sinatra during the marriage. Willing to destroy family, self, anything for revenge. If true, this is a horror story on a par with MISERY. If true, I can't imagine a horror story that comes close to what Woody has been through. The lives destroyed, just to show anger. Damn.

  • my two cents

    I might be less likely to think Woody Allen was guilty if he hadn't MARRIED his adopted DAUGHTER…if that wasn't reason to boycott his movies, not sure anything would pursuade ya.

    • arrakis

      Soon-Yi is not and never was his adopted daughter.

  • Raven True

    Did her brother marry her kid as well?

    • Mike Flores

      I don't know if he has children., Woody didn't marry his child either, that is illegal in the U.S. yet most Woody haters say he did. He did not. If he had, the marriage would be void.

      • disgusted

        You're mincing words here…Soon Yi was Mia's adopted daughter and Woody, being Mia's longtime partner, was a father figure to Soon Yi when she was a very young age. So technically, him being the “father figure” of the household, and Soon Yi being raised by him, he did marry who began as a daughter to him.

  • Guest

    I quit watching Allen films after the whole Soon-Yi debacle. The only reason it bothers me that I threw my VHS copy of “Bullets Over Broadway” in the trash can is that I'll be one less John Cusack movie in my collection. Drives me nuts, like in the episode of Frasier where Frasier was annoyed about having a full collection of his own radio program minus one tape. Not one of John's best anyway, though, and he gets overshadowed by Chaz Palminteri. The Grifters was better.

    But I digress — as regards the sex predators — Allen and Polanski alike — given a free pass by the amoral or spineless in Hollywood, contributions to the industry mean absolutely zilch to me. Actually, not only would I NOT shed a tear if Woody and Roman hit “rock bottom” in a plane crash over Vatican City, I might actually feel smugly satisfied and smile a bit. Karma's a beeyatch.

  • Seres

    Never mind Cate Blanchett, whose luminance might be teflon. The real film victim is Denmark's The Hunt in the Best Foreign Film category. Can you imagine the uproar if a film about a man and community destroyed by false accusations of sexual abuse of a 4 year old child where to win? Pity too, as it's a thoughtful and brave film.

  • Mike Flores

    The word troubling just won't go away from the Woody/Dylan/Mia battles. A panel of psychiatrists already said that Dylan was clearly coaxed into what to say and they all sided with Woody. But I think that as a result of this, it is pretty clear Mia did not seek counselling for Dylan. When she talks about feeling torn apart every time her dad is on TV, that means she had no therapist to deal with her feelings. So whether you think Mia said no way because no Psychiatrist believed her or Dylan, or she kept the kid from finding out the truth, either way is beyond tragic. One thing is sure. No reputable Psychiatrist would tell a patient to tear apart all the wounds after decades and seek revenge. Not one.

  • disgusted

    As difficult as it may be for you to believe the facts as stated by the victim, Woody Allen is being accused by her of sexual abuse…try and deflect this all you want by pointing out the many dysfunctions of this family; the fact is that most families with a history of sexual abuse have many dysfunctions of all different kinds that transcend through generation after generation. I applaud the efforts of those who try to stop this cycle of abuse by exposing the perpetrators who attempt to sweep their dirty little secrets under the rug.

  • Deepwater 916

    Woodie Allen has to be the world MOST INEPT PREDATOR…he blows thousands of chances to have kids in his movies his hotel room…in his apartment …for DECADES…meets Mia..makes his FIRST MOVE ON A KID…the 7 year old OUTWITS HIM …….and his entire predator career is in ruins……………or he's being FRAMED …which is obviously the case!

  • Deepwater 916

    Sounds like a Woodie Allen movie plot.