8 Things To Know About the Rest of ‘Chicago Fire's’ Season 2

8 Things To Know About the Rest of 'Chicago Fire's' Season 2

Boden's fate is (somewhat) revealed, Casey and Dawson have a second chance — it's all happening in the remainder of the sophomore run

NBC's “Chicago Fire” is burning up Tuesday nights in its second season.

The drama has become a consistent ratings hit for the network and to celebrate, NBC invited TheWrap to a special screening Monday of this week's brand new episode.

The lunchtime viewing was followed by an intimate chat with executive producer Dick Wolf, star Taylor Kinney and showrunner Matt Olmstead, where the three discussed what viewers can expect from Season 2, as well as behind-the-scenes cast and crew antics.

Spoiler alert: Don't read this if you haven't watched Tuesday's episode.

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Here are 8 things you should know about the remainder of Season 2:

1. Chief Wallace Boden in the House?
The chief of Firehouse 51 may be down, but he's not out. While a key plot moment Tuesday will answer the question of Boden's immediate job security, it is not final by any stretch. Showrunner Matt Olmstead told reporters that it will be a “fight for a substantial part of the season.”

2. It Is a Fire Show, After All — So Expect Another Big One
There's a big fire (shocker, we know) at the end of Episode 5 ,and some members of House 51 will be accused of the arson in a future show, Olmstead confirmed. Those suspected of the crime — which would stand to benefit them — will face ramifications this season. And guess who else is involved in the investigation? Yes, Dawson's shady boyfriend (played by Jesse Lee Soffer) has a role.

3. Yeah, About That Shady Dude …
Suspicions continue to rise about the shifty guy that Dawson is dating, and she questions him intensely outside the bar on Tuesday's episode. The truth behind his real intentions will be revealed next week. Is he a good guy or bad guy?

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4. Art Will Imitate Life
Expect more cameos and crossovers from “Chicago PD” and “Chicago Fire.” It's an example of art imitating life, executive producer Dick Wolf said, citing that the “Chicago PD” precinct — which was actually the “Hill Street Blues” precinct — is about a block and a half from the firehouse used to film “Chicago Fire.” So it won't be weird to see characters interact in the local watering holes.

 5. Casey's Arc Is About to Get (Even More) Dramatic
A big development with Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) will unfold during the course of a fire call, Olmstead promised. At the press event, when asked if anything big will happen to him this season, executive producers Wolf and Matt Olmstead laughed somewhat maniacally before Olmstead cryptically confirmed, “Indeed.” Also, Casey and Dawson will see their romantic window opened once more.

6. But He Won't See His Mom Again
She's not returning to the show — this season at least.

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7. The Cast Is Tight and Loves the Local Sports Scene
Especially Taylor Kinney, who has made it to Chicago Cubs, Bears and Blackhawks games on his weekends off. No mention of the White Sox though. House 51 spends a lot of time together off-set, Kinney said. Wolf added that the cast of “Chicago PD” are already emulating their predecessors.

“You don't have that camaraderie a lot of times if the show were to shoot in L.A., or even if were in New York, people go away to do their own thing,” Kinney said Monday at the press event. “But since we're all kind of from out of town … we spend an exorbitant amount of time together.”

8. The Writers’ Room Has a Huge Whiteboard
And Olmstead manages it masterfully. ”You're arcing things over the course of 22, 24 episodes,” Wolf said of the show's complex story lines. “It's like literally rubbing your stomach and your head at the same time and patting yourself on the ass.”

  • JC Smith

    Chicago Fire is an awesome show but there are to many damn commercials, this needs to be fixed before you loose this show too, just like Knight Rider.

  • Mario Mims

    Interesting to interact the old 7th District (Maxwell St.) Police Station with the new
    firehouse at Racine & Blue Island. What a novel idea. Dick Wolf, the prolific series
    innovator has done it again. I still love and watch his old episodes of Law and Order.

  • Donna

    i'm relieved to hear that the captain boden is not going to be leaving. would miss eamonn walker terribly. can't wait until the spinoff starts with some of the chicago fire cast being seen on chicago pd and vice versa. enough with dawson and casey. i don't see them as a couple, just good friends. let dawson stay with her new boyfriend whose rule will be a surprise (i've already seen the upcoming episode). casey needs someone totally new as a love interest. i wish that mills and dawson would get back together; they made a great couple. and i hope that shay finally finds love; she so deserves to. i really like her character but she needs a little more exposure and story line. overall, i love chicago fire and all the characters. it's nice to see some familiar faces from other shows. i hope chicago fire has a long run.

  • Toby

    It really should be on at the same night as it was last year, Wednesday. There is too much showing o a Tuesday night already.

  • LomeLove

    This is the best show I have ever watched! Great job! :)