14 Conspiracy Movies That Came After the Assassination of JFK (Photos)

Belief that sinister forces were behind the assassination of JFK fed into movies — and still does — from a photographer obsessively enlarging an image in “Blow Up” ('66) to Angelina Jolie's spy game in “Salt” ('10).

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Blowup (1966): This Michelangelo Antonioni film starred David Hemmings as a photographer who discovers the clues to a potential murder in the photos he took of a beautiful woman.
  • Tom M

    Keeping in the JFK assassination vein, check out the often overlooked “Interview With The Assassin”, released in 2002. Also, shouldn't “All the President's Men” be included as one of the great government conspiracy thrillers”

  • Rob

    “manchurian candidate” was in 1962…. so much for the kennedy-started-it theory.
    not coincidentally, the military coup shown in “seven days in may” happened virtually simultaneous with the anti-kennedy military coup in real life…

  • Rob

    these azses want to include “blowup”, which has nothing at all to do with the kennedy assassination, in case one happens to notice people doing curious things in the background of the jfk assassination photos…. this is how they set up and reinforce the “conspiracy theorist” label.

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    I happened to detour by the Texas Theatre last month driving through DFW .. I mean to go back and trace LHO walking path next time. The exit is off of IH35, 8th ave. S. Dallas.