‘Days of our Lives’ Producers to Launch Online Soaps

'Days of our Lives' Producers to Launch Online Soaps

Susan Seaforth Hayes and Bill Hayes at "Days" Universal Fan Event. (Vivian Zink/NBC)

Fans will play a hand in casting and greenlighting projects for new venture

The last attempt to bring soap operas into the online realm didn't exactly yield spectacular results (just ask Prospect Park), but that's not stopping the people behind “Days of Our Lives” from taking a run at it.

“Days of Our Lives” producers Corday Productions are teaming up with All Screens Media, a media company founded by former Comcast executive Peter Heumiller, for a new venture, NetSoaps/Net Novelas LLC. The company will focus on developing all-original, online, interactive, multilingual content for global distribution, with an emphasis on the U.S., Latin America and Brazil.

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NetSoaps/Net Novelas will also allow fans to play a hand in greenlighting and casting the venture's projects, as well as vote on show concepts and their ongoing narrative turns.

The company also plans to integrate brands directly into its content, in an effort to connect advertisers with increasingly tech-savvy consumers.

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“This new venture is about taking the passion consumers have for soaps and novelas into a new era,” Corday Productions CEO and “Days of Our Lives” executive producer Ken Corday. “This will be original content that the fans will play a role in green lighting and casting, delivered in a form that can build devoted communities of fans in the digital space.”

Greg Meng, the executive in charge of production for Corday who currently handles most of the day-to-day operations for “Days of Our Lives,” will play a crucial part in the new venture, recruiting a team of writers, producers and directors.

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Initial show concepts will be rolled out globally onto the internet in the third quarter of this year.

  • http://www.dryedmangoez.com/ Lester Jeff

    Interesting concept. Definitely hope it works out much better than AMC and OLTL's doomed online runs. They should definitely look to the shorter, 15-minute-ish episodes that other online series have done. It helps get viewers to come back for more instead of having to sit through 30 min-1 hour episodes every day.

  • jlbusm

    Who cares didnt like david letterman anyways so dont really care who replaces him

  • Blech

    It's not a “new era.”

    It's just gutlessness. If you don't have the creative vision and backbone to run your own show, and you want fans to write it and cast it for you, then you have no business running a show. It's going to be a mess and deservedly so.

    As for the claim that “The company also plans to integrate brands directly into its content, in
    an effort to connect advertisers with increasingly tech-savvy

    This is just an opaque way of saying “product placement.” Same old, same old. Nothing new here, just a further deterioration of television under the pretext of “a new era.”

    This was obviously a pre-written press release. Blech.

  • Andy

    Bill Hayes is 88 years old and looks better than his younger wife Susan…..