Disney Releases ‘Frozen’ Online While Film Is Still In Box Office Top 10

Disney Releases 'Frozen' Online While Film Is Still In Box Office Top 10

The release to iTunes and other services comes as the movie remains a hot player in theaters.

Having earned nearly $1 billion on “Frozen” in theaters worldwide, Disney has taken the hit cartoon and let it go on to iTunes and other streaming services.

(Thank you, thank you).

The Oscar-nominated, dual princess fairytale featuring the voices of Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel finished in eighth place at the domestic box office this past weekend, taking in $4.4 million to bump up its gross in the U.S. to $384 million and $980 million worldwide. But with the window given to theaters for exclusive distribution slowly narrowing in deference to the strength of streaming services, Disney released “Frozen” online nearly a month before its Blu-ray/DVD street date, making an HD download available for $19.99 (a price that includes the short film,”Get a Horse,” and bonus features).

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In New York, that's less than the cost of two adult movie tickets, though still comparable to the price of a DVD.

“Frozen” has already made a huge impact online, as its soundtrack — which was the top album on the Billboard 200 chart for several weeks — also topped the iTunes sales chart. The breakout song “Let It Go” has been streamed over 125 million times on YouTube alone.

The release was part of a bigger streaming effort launched by the Mouse House on Tuesday, as their iTunes-powered Disney Movies Anywhere service allows viewers to watch over 400 titles from the Disney, Marvel and Pixar collections.

  • jedimsdta

    I hate to be “that guy” but calling this a cartoon is borderline insulting. Don't get me wrong, even at 38 years old, I still like my cartoons but Frozen is an animated feature, nothing less.

    • Jon

      Amen! Not to degrade the fantastic cartoons, but given Disney's enormous production effort and the subsequent critical accalim, Frozen is certainly in a different league!

  • twiter1

    A 400 million + finish in the works. What a feat.

  • waffles

    I saw this and felt so guilty for not paying what I think it deserves (I would've paid double a regular movie ticket) so I went online and ordered a blu-ray copy and a frozen themed mouse pad lol