‘Duck Dynasty’ Pastor: Phil Robertson Sticking With Show

'Duck Dynasty' Pastor: Phil Robertson Sticking With Show

Mike Kellett doesn't believe Robertson has had enough

Phil Robertson's pastor says he doesn't think the  “Duck Dynasty” patriarch wants to give up on the show that has suspended him for anti-gay remarks.

After his suspension last week, other members of the “Duck Dynasty” clan said they “cannot imagine” doing the show without him.

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Assuming he's brought back eventually, they won't need to. Mike Kellett, pastor at the White's Ferry Road  Church in West Monroe, La., said he doesn't believe Robertson wants to leave the show.

“It's just not going to dictate his faith,” Kellett said.

He added that Robertson's beliefs haven't changed since he became a reality star, and won't change “after TV.”

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“Faith and love for humanity has existed way before ‘Duck Dynasty’ ever came about,” Kellett said.

Robertson (above, left) wasn't suspended for his faith and love for humanity, but rather for anti-gay remarks he made in an interview with GQ. He grouped gays with “drunks” and “terrorists” and opined: “a vagina – as a man – would be more desirable than a man's anus.”
Robertson led a Bible study class at the church Sunday, saying he wouldn't back down from his beliefs, but that he was a lover, not a hater.


  • americaRepent

    Bristol palin gets pregnant outside marriage and shes the arbiter of whats right and wrong? pHIL ROBERTSIN PRETENDS TO BE A REDNECK TO MAKE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND HE GETS A PASS? apparently phil robertsin gets a pass?Exodus 20:14 “You shall not commit adultery.”

    Deuteronomy 22:22 “If a man is found sleeping with another man's wife, both the man who slept with her and the woman must die.”

    Leviticus 20:10 “If a man commits adultery with another man's wife–with the wife of his neighbor–both the adulterer and the adulteress must be put to death.”

    • Lee

      You need to know what adultery is. Are you saying Phil Robertson is an adulterer or Bristol Palin? If you are talking about Bristol Palin then she was not involved with a married man. She did not commit adultery. She fornicated having a child out of wedlock. But even though she failed in that area she does not go around telling others that there was nothing wrong with what she did. She doesn't encourage other to do the same thing she did. She admitted her mistake and moved on. If anyone were to say to her “you sinned” she probably would say “yes I did” not “I didn't sin God made me this way”

      • Paul

        She was with child outside of wedlock.

        • ed thrasher

          ….and so are untold millions of other unwed girls. the difference being, they are not famous are have famous parents.

    • Buckeye

      Not sure where you're going with that comment.

    • NBbandit

      americaRepent You are quoting the old testament .I am not saying that the old testament does not mean any thing I have studied it for years, but if you live your life by the rules of the old testament maybe you should also read what happened to Sodom and Gamora for living a homosexual life style Christ came to save all of us But scripture also says that you need to Be baptized repent and ask to be forgiven witch most people do not do

      • EC

        Actually you have that backwards NBbandit. You repent of your sins, ask Jesus into your heart then you get baptized.

    • IbackPhil

      AmericaRepent, sounds like you can quote a lot of scripture. Now, do you know how to interpret it and put it to use???
      Adultery was never the issue, Homosexuality was, and everything Phil said is true. He never said he hated gays, never passed any judgement on them or their lifestyle, just that they wont inherit Heaven because of their sins. surely, anyone who knows as much about the Bible can see that, or, maybe not.

    • lol at this guy.

      Wow this guy obviously doesn't know the definition of adultery. Please look up a definition before you post it on the internet. you sound retarded. In addition, the Palins are a god fearing family with really good morals but people make mistakes like every other human being on this planet. Also your grammar and spelling is very “redneck” as you would say which in terms makes you a hick and a hypocrite.

  • joye

    You forget that that all changed when Jesus gave His life so that we may be sparred. You no longer need to fear being stoned or slaughter an offering. All you need to do is kneel before God and ask for forgiveness which Robertson has probably done :)

    • Dave

      He doesn't need to ask forgiveness what he said. You do need t still fear the lord if your not living like Jesus would want you to

      • john

        Live your life in fear. But leave me alone. Nuckle-head.

        • EC

          Sounds like you're the one that needs to live in fear. Your eternity is gonna be quite different than us Christians. As Christians maybe we should just try and witness to you. Jesus Loves You. Since you think the bible is fiction, let me just say. Jesus shed his blood on the cross for all sinners(that includes you). You should be forever greatful for someone laying their life down for you. But I forgot you're imaginary AntiChrist told you he wasn't real.

    • in disbelief

      Ask for forgiveness for what, paraphrasing God's Word???

  • Joe Strange

    I believe in equal rights for people who have sex with cows…does that make me a redneck or a liberal?

    • IbackPhil

      Niether, just a pervert

    • True me

      Makes you neither….you think about that and what you posted…next time take five before you hit post…. With a pause you might not post that. May give you time to rethink what you're saying to everybody on gods green earth…

    • EC

      Neither- Just stupid

  • faithfire20

    I say GOD BLESS Phil Robertson for taking a stand for his beliefs. God knows the gay community takes theirs. EVERYONE is entitled to their own beliefs. AND to share their beliefs. I hadn't realized this was Communist Russia………… END of STORY

    • tvgator1 .

      By condemning and insulting an entire segment of society I guess Phil is trying to ‘stand for his beliefs'? Since when did that become part of the Christian doctrine. Oh yeah, that's right, its always been that way. Only god gets to judge when that day comes, NOT Phil. YOu can believe what you want, and even say it, but when you take it too far and categorize and insult, you then become JUDGE. That's god's job not Phil's.

      • Scotty

        It isn't whether the statement is correct or not, that is NOT the issue. FREEDOME of speech and expression is the point. He has a right to believe, feel, and say what ever he pleases. This is America. Just like gays can choose who they bed. At least he is HONEST about it. Most Americans are to big of cowards to SAY what the truth in their hearts is for fear of retaliation. Stay strong Phil. Thank you for saying what alot of Americans and Christians feel. I applaud you for your conviction. Nice to see someone in American not take it laying down. God Bless and keep you. Down with A&E..

        • tvgator1 .

          Again you're WRONG Scotty. Phil already has the right to say and think whatever he wants. Being in this country guarantees him that right. But A&E also has the right to fire him for alienating an entire segment of their viewership, which by the way VIOLATES his contract. Sorry dude, his rights weren't denied; he just stupidly decided to breach that contract when he went waaaay past just saying what the bible told him and going off on the vagina and beastiality comments etc. That's his stupid fault. And A&E isn't going to lose viewership over his dumb ass.

          • Steve Preston

            OH REALLY??? What do you think is going to happen to viewership if the whole family backs Phil and walks off the set? Say BYE BYE! Obviously, the saga hasn't played itself out yet.

          • tvgator1 .

            Big deal. Its ONE show. A&E's been around for decades, and has had MANY successful shows. So what if they lose a few redneck viewers Its a drop in an Ocean to them. You don't think they thought that out already? Its about money, and A&E isn't going to risk losing the gay population because of this idiot.

          • Juan Grip

            I WISH SOMEONE WOULD CANCEL YOUR SHOW! right-handers 90%, left-handers 10% do the math.

          • Bob

            So if the redneck viewers represent a drop in an ocean, how much of the ocean do you think gays represent.

          • tvgator1 .

            It doesn't matter what I think. A&E thought it was important enough to fire him, so ask THEM.

          • Mutha2X

            FYI they didn't fire Phil. 1. A&E is concerned with $$, not gays. 2. They tried to appease GLAAD but underestimated DD fan base and they will bring him back or the show will be picked up elsewhere. 3. They just ran a DD marathon filled with Phil & plan to run all 9 newly shot episodes in Jan…all with Phil in them. 4.What does that say about A&Es position, really? Political pressure cannot survive public pressure. Enough with PC in this country. Phil said nothing hateful, nothing fearful, nothing disrespectful. GLAAD: Sit down and stop trying to force your beliefs on Christians; we stand with God!

          • Henry Jerkins

            Let me take you on by the numbers: #1. Call it what you want, He's not working for A&E and its indefinite.#2. Maybe, but that's still to be determined. If it does go somewhere else it might not keep the same numbers. #3 Of course they did. You might as well air out what you can before the shit hits the fan (if that's what happens) A&E would be stupid not to take advantage since its all over the press right now. #4 A&E is not going to lose a segment of society well known by the networks for their spending power and their organizational prowess no matter how much you can't stand it. And if I said in a newspaper that you f dog and cats and are a drunk, and a deviant I bet you'd find that pretty disrespectable. That's what Phil did. And sorry, but Jesus, MY lord wouldn't do that. Maybe yours would, so go stand with your lord while I stand with mine.

          • Mutha2X

            Henry Jerkins are you tvgator1?

            BTW, there's no MY Lord or YOUR Lord. Jesus is Lord over everyone and loves all sinners. That's in the Bible too.

          • tvgator1 .

            He loves all sinner,s even the ones that think they can separate the good from the evil by themselves. So good you and Phil. But don't pervert it, and try to tell me that Jesus would want you to cast stones at people because that's not true.

          • Mutha2X

            tvgator1…you continue to project out and then respond to your own outrageous statements that I hv never made! I AGREE Jesus loves all sinners. I AGREE we will all be judged individually by Christ. Where we disagree is whether homosexuality is accepted by God as normal sexual behavior or as a sexual sin. It is not hateful or judgemental to align oneself with the Almighty and the Bible specifically names this behavior as sinful. God Himself tells us this is true. Now you may say you don't believe in God or that you feel being gay is okay but you may not say Christians are haters for aligning their beliefs with God and you may not rewrite what God says is sin.

          • tvgator1 .

            Let me take you on by the numbers: #1. Call it what you want, He's not working for A&E and its indefinite.#2. Maybe, but that's still to be determined. If it does go somewhere else it might not keep the same numbers. #3 Of course they did. You might as well air out what you can before the shit hits the fan (if that's what happens) A&E would be stupid not to take advantage since its all over the press right now. #4 A&E is not going to lose a segment of society well known by the networks for their spending power and their organizational prowess no matter how much you can't stand it. And if I said in a newspaper that you f dog and cats and are a drunk, and a deviant I bet you'd find that pretty disrespectable. That's what Phil did. And sorry, but Jesus, MY lord wouldn't do that. Maybe yours would, so go stand with your lord while I stand with mine.

          • Mutha2X

            Fact is, Phil is in the first 9 episodes of DD and A&E is planning to air them all beginning in January. Okay, he's suspended, but they are airing those episodes for the next 9 weeks not including the marathon reruns. Some outrage by A&E.

            Fact is, the family has said they stand with Phil and will not go forward without him. A&E is now facing a quagmire; go for the sure money or cave under pressure from GLAAD and lose the show. The hardest part will be knowing that other networks are waiting in line to pick it up…ouch! So far, Cracker Barrel, Walmart, Under Armor and the DD fan base have all stood with Phil. GLAAD isn't the only one with a stance here, so bring it on! BRING IT ON!

            The rest of your post was an insecure RANT that has nothing to do with anything. You're making stuff up now.

          • tvgator1 .

            Um, any new episodes with Phil? Thought so. Look A&E will be fine without DD; and they will be better off if this controversy stays the way its going. Yeah, funny how something you disagree with has to be an insecure rant. Read the article, and you'll know how far off the script Phil went. But then again what do you expect from a misguided Christian who thinks God told him to judge and condemn people. You can't seem to wrap your head around that concept; that god loves all and even though you interpret their lifestyle as sin (and it could very well be that), god will decide who gets in and who doesn't. You act like its some sort of contest. It isn't.

          • Mutha2X

            Um, actually all 9 episodes of new DD were filmed prior to the controversy and um all 9 episodes include Phil and um so far A&E plans to run them all. Phil is not shooting any new episodes but the family won't go on without him, therefore A&E has a dilemma.

            We agree that God loves everyone. We agree that Jesus Christ will judge all sinners individually. But the problem is that you want to change homosexuality from sinful behavior to natural behavior, when God states otherwise. Believers are not to judge but they are to discern. You confuse the two.

          • tvgator1 .

            Duh! Of course they're running them. Who is arguing that? They want to run them and get what they can out of them before they have to make a decision on the show. And I don't want to change anything; its not my call whether its ntaural or not; I still think its arguabl, so I don't make that call. I didn't write the bible, Nor do I try to intrepret it to fit my personal feelings. YOU want to dictate how people live their lives, not me. By condemning people and telling them that they are going to hell, YOU are judging them. Quoting scripture is one thing; saying all that other stuff that Phil did was total FREELANCE on his part. He was making judgements. How can you love someone you already hate? He's a hypocrite. And I think you have the discern/judge thing mixed up. You people think its your job to sort ‘em out and cast them from the tribe.

          • Juan Grip

            I Really like the show, but there's another right behind it. What happened to Breaking Bad? If you Google this one, it says DD is gone also.

          • Babs0619

            how many gay people do you think watch the show? 1% of the 12 million fans. A&E can lose 1 % or 99 %

          • Debbie Learn

            Amen !

          • tvgator1 .

            Amen, And you can join Phil in the unemployment line as you cry about your boss being too sensitive.

          • Mutha2X

            tvgator1: A&E just announced they have reinstated Phil to future filming. He won't be left out of even 1 episode.

          • tvgator1 .

            Obviously that's a money decision. Which only proves that they only care about money. Which I can understand, even though its wrong. Phil is a walking enigma; a hypocrite with two legs. But hey, enjoy your show. I think its on its way downhill from here.

          • Mutha2X

            It also proves free speech is alive & well. It also proves HUGE support in the Christian community. It also proves bullies like GLAAD cannot silence those who disagree with them. You are free to live and believe as you choose but SO ARE we!!!! Welcome back Phil!

          • tvgator1 .

            That doesn't prove ANYTHING about free speech. Phil still is a hypocritical so-called Christian, and A&E only cares about money. Only difference in this story is now there are two hypocrites instead of just one. Good luck with the rest of your run on the show, and don't think this is the last time Phil's mouth will put him on the hot seat; after all he can't help himself.

          • Mutha2X

            It's unfortunate you feel the need to resort to name calling instead of being civil. It only further demonstrates your lack of respect for anyone's views but your own. Good luck with that approach in life!

          • tvgator1 .

            Name calling? What? Saying you're a pusshead is name calling. Considering the fact that I've already laid it out for you 100 times, saying you're a hypocrite is calling it like I see it. I respect the fact that you can have an opinion, But I also think your opinion is wrong. Deal with that.

          • woodski18655

            Amen brother,its not about all the stupid sh#$ there saying its all about being ABLE TO EXPRESS ONES FEELIMGS. trust me there ia a lot of things that offend me but i dont have the news MEDIA and special groups backing me up,go get um Phil you can speak for me anytime i have no other voice.Amen.

          • tvgator1 .

            I'm sure your boss is glad you have no other voice too. And by the way, any of you idiots can express your feelings ANYTIME you want. But if you decide to insult and embarrass people in the process, you might find yourself fired from you job. That's the way it is now celebrity or not. Deal with it.

          • windrider

            And there you are, insulted and embarrassed because a Godly man quoted the Bible and said that he had never personally seen discrimination. Oh, you poor little fellers.

          • Steve

            Haven't read the entire interview have you, dimwit? Or can you not comprehend simple English?

          • tvgator1 .

            Gay people watch A&E overall by the scores. That's important to A&E. Dropping Duck Dynasty means nothing compared to an entire segment of society.

          • Juan Grip

            Really, I mean REALLY, you're going to try to hold the rest of civilization hostage because they maybe right-handers. crack-head tvgator

          • Debbie Learn


          • tvgator1 .

            No, you need to stop bitching because a company fired an employee for breaking his contract. Its THAT plain and simple. Its not his fault that he's a redneck, but it is his fault for being stupid enough to get fired.

          • Debbie Learn

            Yeah……the show is going on and with Mr. Robertson and with no apology needed from Mr. Robertson ! A&E saw the error of their way and realized that very large amount of money they would lose. Yeah….LORD!

          • tvgator1 .

            Yeah, so the decision was based on money, and you want to claim the lord had something to do with it? Nice.

          • Debbie Learn

            Yes, the LORD can and will use anything He wishes to bring about His will. And He used money, plus A&E with their tail between their legs AND with no apology for His law. You can bet the Robertson's are giving the LORD glory! Amen.

          • tvgator1 .

            We both broke this down earlier, and now its all of a sudden the LORD'S will to help a greedy network and a millionaire on a reality tv show make more money. I'm sure their giving glory for that. Who wouldn't? But I'll let you know one thing; Phil's mouth will land him into trouble again. And next time won't be so easy for him. So make sure to save some more prayers. Isn't god great; I'm sure he made this his top priority too.

          • Juan Grip

            A&E is not LOGO. I guess some people just like to bitch. No friends in real life I guess.

          • Brian

            Are you kidding? I haven't seen a serious poll that estimates the gay population to be higher than 3.5%. Why does everyone keep calling that an “entire segment”? It's not about free speech or freedom from or of religion. It's about supply and demand. If 12 million consumers want something, they will get it. The DD Christmas Special was the 3rd highest rated cable show the week it aired behind only Monday and Thursday night football. The 6th highest show was a DD re-run. Nothing else from A&E made the top 25, as usual. What is important to A&E is what their sponsors are willing to pay the most $$$ for. They will reinstate Phil, they just want all of this to blow over. They never expected the usually quiet, non-activist Christian America to actually come together and stand up for something. Better hope this is not a trend.

          • Debbie Learn

            Amen Brother !

          • tvgator1 .

            And so far how's that “blow over” theory working for you? A&E is not going to risk losing the gay viewership (yes, the entire gay viewership) over one stupid show. Gays have money, they're organized, and they usually do things all together. A&E knows that. Whereas many Christians (myself included) completely DISAGREE with your point of view here. So far A&E hasn't changed its position. If they do, of course it will be a money decision to them. But they've not stupid. Its wait and see time now, and I'm guessing that involves whether Phil is going to “adjust” his words. Cuz, this is picking up steam in the progressive community as well, and A&E knows it.

          • Brian

            That is as bigoted as anything Phil has supposedly said. Don't know that I have a response to someone that says “gays have money, their organized, etc…” They are as racially, economically, and philosophically diverse as any other group. Some rich, some poor. Some nice, some mean. Some highly productive members of society, some criminals. Their commonality is sexual preference, that's it. Anything else is just a stereotype.

          • Debbie Learn

            Dropping “Duck Dynasty” does mean something and a lot of something to A&E. “Duck Dynasty” has the largest viewing number over all the TV reality show's airing today. You can bet A&E have their eyes wide open right now.

          • Debbie Learn

            Mr. Phil, we don't need A & E, buy your own TV station. Your viewer's are sure to follow!

          • tvgator1 .

            And you see its a free country, so go for it. Good luck with that….

          • Seattle Kid

            Yes the racist homophobic followers of Robertson are sure to follow him all the way to hell, which is where they all belong.

          • Juan Grip

            How am I a racist homophob, when I say I just dont like you?! IT MEANS I DON'T LIKE YOU. Go back to school, learn what these words MEAN, not what you think they mean.Seattle has great teams,which you probably hang out now, but their teams are full of steroids–STAY AWAY FROM THOSE DUMB_AZZEZ

          • tvgator1 .

            Saying you don't like me is fine. Saying that I'm a deviant, and I'm into beastiality, and other ridiculous things that you don't know is taking it waaaaay beyond that. Maybe you should go back to school.

          • Mutha2X

            But the fact is that Phil DID NOT say gays were into bestiality! He did not say that! You and others said that. Go back and read what he actually said in the article. He compared homosexuality to ALL sexual sins as listed in the Bible. He mentioned bestiality as a sexual sin but also adultery in the same sentence. You don't hear an outcry of adulterers calling for him to be fired! Sin is sin. You have no argument when your ‘hate speech’ argument falls apart so you twist the man's words! Hate the sin but love the sinner and we are ALL sinners!

          • tvgator1 .

            How desperate can you get? He grouped gays with those who commit those crimes, and you want to split hairs? He judged, and denounced gays. He didn't JUST quote scripture. And went on with a stupid statement about vagina vs. anus which made him look even worse. He also said that blacks were happy during the slave days like he would know that. Stop trying to defend him. Anyone who follow Christ would know that we as sinners are not here to cast stones; we are here to help save those that can be saved. So stop trying to judge others.

          • Debbie Learn

            well then, forgive Mr. Robertson and help “save him.”

          • Mutha2X

            tvgator1, you need to read what he said before you comment. You're completely changing the words Phil used, just to fit your argument and nurse your hurt feelings.

            He said homosexuality is a sin. He said bestiality is a sin. He said adultery is a sin. The Bible says exactly the same. He never made any connection between bestiality and homosexuality or adultery. He just listed them all as sexual sins. You and others made that connection, erroneously, I might add.

            I have no idea what crimes you talking about. He never said blacks were happy during slave days. He said he never personally saw racism or abuse in his lifetime and the blacks he saw were happy. That is his life experience. It's not everyone's, just his. I never personally witnessed Jews interned and murdered by Nazis at Auchwitz but that doesn't mean it never happened. You're completely ridiculous in your criticism of this man.

            He has a life experience that people are interested in, otherwise GQ would never have interviewed him. You don't have to read it, but many of us enjoy hearing his perspective. He also said he spent years in his own sexual sin and drugs and other things abhorrent to God, but today he is a changed man thanks to Jesus Christ. That's his message. That's the point. That's his message.

            Personally I feel the Kardashians are trashy & offensive, but I don't try to shut them up; I just don't tune in. Try embracing the concept of free speech sometime. It works for people with lots of differing ideas. It doesn't work if you try to silence those with differing ideas from you own. Get it?

          • tvgator1 .

            Again you attempt to make some good points but you eventually trip over you own bombast and screw it up. Its not about free speech; this idiot is not in jail because of what he said. He's just been removed from a show because he offended a LOT of people. People that spend money and watch A&E. Next time if he knew how to measure his words more carefully it might not happen. But for now, its his own fault for being so flippant. Sorry, but the OVERALL message trick doesn't apply. He said specific things that grouped gay people with deviant behavior.That is where his INTOLERANCE comes in. You can believe it if you want, but if you run off at the mouth, and are under someone's employ, you run the risk of losing your gig. Phil is now one of those people. And sorry again, but I can't take someone, reguardless of his life experience seriously, if he can't come at people with a certain amount of respect.

          • Debbie Learn

            Well, seattle kid, since you just made a “judgement”, you are on your way to hell in that line too. So sorry.

          • yolanda

            yes we will!!!

          • Dar.F

            Heck yea I am in, I would love duck dynasty on their own network all day everyday. Make it happen willie

          • Positivefeeling

            Looks like A&E IS going to lost viewership…thousands and thousand and still counting! In my opinion, they are the dumb ass.

          • tvgator1 .

            Thousands versus MILLIONS isn't a contest. A&E isn't stupid. They're not going to risk an entire group of viewers that watch more than just one show because they've been insulted by one redneck. A&E would have no problem making that decision. See ya Dick Dynasty.

          • Debbie Learn

            tvgator1, you are partially right, A&E isn't stupid. However, A&E Is not going to risk losing an entire group of viewer's that watch “Duck Dynasty” because of the money A&E is making. Especially when that reality show is the highest rated reality show on TV.

          • tvgator1 .

            Maybe, maybe not. But I'd put the smart money on A&E only bringing back this idiot if he comes back with some sort of apology. A&E's had plenty of highly rated shows in the past. They'll have plenty more in the future. The next move is Mr. Phil's.

          • Debbie Learn

            Mr. Phil owes no apology to anyone. He is standing on GOD's laws. And GOD's laws supercede all laws. Mr. Phil will be blessed for “standing up” for the LORD's Word. GOD's Word says; If you acknowledge me before man, I will acknowledge you. It's really that simple !

          • Debbie Learn

            Not so sure Mr. Phil breached his contract with A&E. A&E knew up front before the show ever aired that the Robertson family are Christians and their Christianity would be exercised in the show. Hence, why the prayer at the end of each show. Yes, A&E can fire whomever they desire. And yes, the Robertson's can also buy their own TV station, tell A&E have a great day and all their viewer's are sure to follow. And the show will go on !

          • tvgator1 .

            You don't seem to get it. Being a Christian does NOT mean going on a magazine interview to condemn people and say all kinds of nasty things about them waaaaay beyond just quoting scripture. THAT will get an employee fired every time. There's plenty of us Christians that follow scripture, that don't cast stones at people. That's because the bible never told us to do that. We are imperfect; GOD is perfect. HE will judge when the time comes, NOT us.

          • bibol

            So you agree that. Companies have the right not to hire gays. If they alienate entire segments of society. They you I appreciate that.

        • Bigcountry13

          Phil speaks on the truths of his beliefs, just as I do. I agree with every fact of your statements Phil . The only difference is that your a celebrity and I'm not. Rev. Jackson is making you a target for this. Hey Rev. Jackson if Phil comments are wrong then why is it alright for the gay community to preach to me what they believe is right?

          • tvgator1 .

            Because the gay community doesn't say YOU'RE a deviant who's into bestiality, and all other kinds of terrible things that they would know nothing of. You seem to think that you can say anything about anyone and hide under the blanket of “well, its just my belief”. No, it doesn't work that way. You people need to grow up.

      • Sam

        I don't think Phil judge the gay's if I remember right in the article he said god will judge them when they get there, and the he said you know what I'm getting at. The problem is we have become a nation of judgeing celebraties on everything they do and say people move on there are more things in this freaking world to worry about then weather or not Phil Robertson is hatered towards Gay's. Get over it folks

        • tvgator1 .

          That's not exactly the problem. Its pretty simple: A&E isn't going to risk losing viewership because ONE idiot under their contract is insulting that segment of viewership. You people are the morons that are making it about free speech when it isn't at all. Phil could've easily stated his views WITHOUT insulting people, but he chose not to. And he got fired for it. It happens all the time. Sorry if you crybabies can't get over it.

          • Debbie Learn

            tvgator1, A&E have NOT fired Mr. Robertson. And A&E is NOT going to risk losing millions of dollars it is making off Duck Dynasty and their merchandise. It's the highest rated TV reality show airing today along with millions of dollars in merchandise. Who's the moron here?

          • tvgator1 .

            A&E's been in business long long before Duck Dynasty was even a concept. Ultimately THEY will have final say. And so far I don't see them backing down, so what does that say to you?

          • Debbie Learn

            Well tvgator1, the show is going on and with Mr. Phil Robertson and with no apology needed from Mr. Robertson. So yes, A&E had the final say and saw the error of their way, knowing the millions of dollars they would lose and they (A&E) backed down ! YEAH….LORD!

          • Mutha2X

            I think it's ironic that you claim A&E isn't going to “risk losing or insulting their viewership” when I seriously doubt Duck Dynasty has many gay fans in the first place. FYI, A&E has already stated they took this action against Phil because there are a lot of gays who WORK for the network.

            You are in denial about what's really going on here sir. There was no disrespect and there was no hate…just an opinion different from your own! You and others are attempting to silence anyone who doesn't support gay life and THAT is what's wrong here!

          • tvgator1 .

            If i was published in a paper or magazine saying that YOU and people like you are into beastiality, drunkeness, and all other sorts of debauchery, without even knowing you, would you consider that disrespecting you? I don't know. Hmmmm, maybe. Sounds pretty hateful to me. Disagreeing with the lifestyle is FINE (I personally can't understand being gay either), but Phil did sooooo much more than just that. Again you people just gloss over that fact. And A&E doesn't care about how many gays watch Dick Dynasty, they care about how many gays watch their NETWORK. Figure it out….

        • jekey

          I agree with you Sam he didn't judge gay people not “the gays” as far as I am concerned. But . most of the idiots in this post are

      • Mutha2X

        @tvgator1…yes, actually; in repeating what the scriptures say, Phil IS standing up for his beliefs and reflecting the Word of God. Standing up for one's beliefs has nothing to do with what ‘an entire segment society’ believes or what the ‘world’ or the majority accepts. Perhaps you should think about what insults God instead of the masses? God makes the laws which man must follow, not man. That's the part you don't seem to get. BTW, God is spelled with a capital G to distinguish Him as the One and Only God, our Creator.

        • tvgator1 .

          god didn't tell you to judge other people only HE can do that. Stop trying to make yourself more important than the almighty. Phil is a redneck and cannot help himself. That's why he went WAY past just quoting scripture. You people seem to conveniently forget that part. He grouped gays as being into beastiality, and all kinds of other things. Sorry, but that will get you fired. Tough luck for Mr. Phil. No rights violated, its just how it is.

          • Mutha2X

            Seems like those who cry about intolerance the loudest are the most intolerant of all. You don't want to hear that it's a sin even though it says it plainly in the Bible. Nobody can judge but God and He clearly tells us what is sin. You don't respect the Christian view because you want everyone to share your position that homosexuality is normal & legitimate. You want to continue doing whatever pleases you, which is the nature of sin, but it doesn't work that way. Name calling doesn't help your position either.

          • tvgator1 .

            Berating, judging and condemning people is called INTOLERANCE it is the very definition of intolerance. Which is what Phil did do. He went way past just quoting the bible. Jesus was NOT intolerant; his door is always open to sinners, and it is up to him to judge where people go when the time comes. NOT you. So your point is actually correct: those who cry about intolerance the loudest ARE the most intolerant. Mutha2x thanks for holding up your mirror.

          • Mutha2X

            You are so confused. GLAAD is intolerant of Christian beliefs because God says homosexuality is a sin. You want to change that but it will never happen. So you resort to name calling, which makes things worse. Everyone is a sinner! Nobody has claimed otherwise. Homosexuality is a sin per the Bible. Saying its so doesn't make one intolerant; it simply affirms what we believe. Now, wanting to harm someone over what they believe, yes, that's intolerance! As in the intolerance shown by those trying to silence Christians! It works both ways!!!!

          • tvgator1 .

            Saying so makes it clear where you stand. That would've been fine if Phil had just stuck to the script. But instead he went off the rails and insulted, and denigrated people which by the way NO bible has ever told you to do. And when that affects an employer negatively, you will get fired. This isn't a rights issue: he's not jail idiots he got to say what he wanted, no matter how ignorant and intolerant he sounds. But he also got shit canned too. Calling you out for your hypocrisy doesn't make me intolerant of you, it just sheds light on you.

      • mark

        Never liked the show, but if you remember, Phil was asked a question and he answered it to what the Bible speaks about sexual sins.
        My opinion is simple, if you don't like my answer, don't ask the question.
        If you don't want to hear my opinion, keep your mouth shut….

        • tvgator1 .

          My opinion is even simpler: If you're smart enough to measure your response, than you can state you beliefs and STILL keep your job. You wanna quote scripture? Cool. But leave it at that. Phil obviously went way beyond that. And THAT is what got his butt fired.

          • mark

            do you agree that opinions are like butt holes, everybody has one.
            I read your's, you read mine, whatcha say we leave it at that…

      • bibol

        The Christian beliefs have always condemned homosexuality.

        • LINDA

          DON'T PLAY THE VICTIM “c

          • tvgator1 .

            I can accept that statement, even though I believe its arguable (Christianity condemning homosexuality). HOWEVER the Bible never said it is our job to condemn and cast stones at other human beings. You can believe whatever you want, but only the almighty will judge when he comes. NOT YOU.

          • bibol

            What are you taking about. I am telling the truth. Linda you sound like a woman with little knowledge of Christians. Go lick your dates if you want to.

      • bibol

        Yes Christians do not approve of murder. Also they condemn murders in our society. Because our beliefs was also forgive them .Even when they fry in the chair.

      • John Thomas French

        for the record it says judge not lest ye be judged which means how you judge someone is how you will be judged if phil was a homosexual and speaking against it then that would be wrong.rightful and just judgement is not wrong it's like calling a thief a thief.you take part of the bible and make it fit your mold that's not rightly dividing the word

        • tvgator1 .

          It also says let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Which means NO ONE is qualified to judge others. ONLY god. I think you are the one who's molding biblical interpretation sir. If you want to remain intolerant towards others that's your perogative, however I believe you will find quite a surprise waiting for you when you meet your maker.

          • Mutha2X

            So which is it tvgator1? Do you align yourself with God or NOT? You cannot pick and choose scripture to fit your argument. You cannot change the Word of God! You may accept God's Truth or you may reject it, but you cannot have it both ways. If I steal, I have sinned. I cannot say, well it's not really sin, because I enjoy it. Doesn't work that way.

            You also confuse JUDGING someone with not accepting sin as legitimate. Yes God/Jesus Christ will one day judge us all for our sin. You are correct when you quote Jesus in saying, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone,” but in context of when Jesus said that was in response to a town of people preparing to stone a prostitute. That's not what's happening here. Phil was not advocating to punish gays for being gay (THAT would be judging). He was quoting scripture and affirming his belief that homosexuality is a sin. That is God's Truth, written all over the Bible. Neither you nor GLAAD can change what God deems a sin.

            Homosexuality, adultery, lust, orgy, bestiality are all sexual sins according to God. God also created marriage for a man and woman. Just because someone commits adultery, doesn't mean we hate them. You and others seek to legitimize homosexuality and silence anyone who aligns with God's Word of Truth. THAT is the problem here. You will never be able to come between God and His faithful.

            Look at what God did in Genesis: He sent 2 angels to DESTROY the city of Sodom. Why? Because of the rampant sexual sin going on in the town. It was not limited to homosexuality, but all kinds of sexual sin. God completely destroyed it!

            Abortion is legal in this country, but it is murder in the eyes of God. Homosexuality may become legal or recognized to some, but Christians and believers will never recognize this as normal, acceptable or legitimate. Love is the essence of Jesus Christ, but it is not a license to sin.

          • tvgator1 .

            Again, you've decided that its up to YOU to decide how I get into the kingdom of god. Phil did WAY more than just quote scripture, as I've said many times, and you've refused to look at that many times as well, so we will continue to go nowhere with that. And how is the prostitute story any different than what's going on here? Phil, and you cast stones at the gays, who in YOUR eyes are sinners, just as much as any prostitute is (also a sinner). So sorry to disagree with your diatribe but God will ultimately judge me, not YOU. He didn't tell you that it was your job to cast out all sinners. That's his job. I'm at peace with that. In the meantime, I'll live and let live. Unlike you people, who consume your time hating others.

          • Mutha2X

            I didn't write the Bible. God did and I and others follow Him unquestioned. Whether you get into heaven is between you and God. I have no control over what God does, but I know what He says in the Bible.

            The townspeople who were about to stone the prostitute to death, were stopped by Jesus’ words. They were trying to kill someone for her sin. Phil is not trying to kill gays or advocate any retribution against them. He merely stated his beliefs, which align with God's Word, period. Hardly a stoning.

            You are arguing in circles with yourself. I said God will judge you and everyone; we are in agreement there.

            How am I casting out sinners? I am a sinner! You keep using the word HATE. Where do you find HATE just because there is moral disagreement? You hurl erroneous accusations. You are more intolerant than you accuse others of being. Tolerance doesn't mean agreement; it means civility in the face of disagreement.

          • tvgator1 .

            If I go beyond quoting the bible and say that you and your kind screw animals and you're all drunkards and deviants like Phil did in the magazine, I'm casting stones at you. Don't try to split hairs here. By saying those hateful things I stir up hatred in others as well–hatred that could and in many instances will result in harm, which is EXACTLY like the story in the bible. The bible never told you to his job and separate those that will and will not go into heaven. You can easily believe what you want, and let those you disagree with live their lives in peace. That is the definition of TOLERANCE; which you seem to have a problem understanding. You'd like to stir up the flames of hatred toward people you disagree with, and then hide behind a blanket of, “hey, just stating my beliefs. Don't look at me, look at god.” That's BS.

          • Mutha2X

            The problem with your argument is that Phil NEVER SAID “you and your kind screw animals and you're all drunkards and deviants.” He NEVER SAID THAT; you said that. In his GQ article, Phil listed sexual sins, according to the Bible. He never ever said homosexuals have sex with beasts! He never said homosexuals are drunkards either! I think your objection to all Christian beliefs really goes to the fact that homosexuality is Biblically listed as a sexual sin and that's what you want to change, God's laws. Adultery is also a sexual sin. So is lust. So is bestiality. That doesn't mean adulterers have sex with animals, does it?

            Phil also admitted his own sexually immorality early on and that he is a sinner too. He put himself in the same category of sexual sinner, so how is that hatred?

            Wrap your head around this: Christians DO NOT HATE homosexuals. Christians LOVE because love is the essence and true nature of Jesus Christ. Christians are sinners who follow God and when they sin, they repent, turn away from their sin and make amends. Christians do not try to rewrite God's laws. They know they will be judged on their actions and their heart, good and bad. Only God truly knows the heart of each individual.

            This issue has to do with Christian honesty, not hate. The gay community cannot continue to silence Christians and label them haters for expressing their faith as Phil did.

            Please take your own advice: Don't look to me; I am a sinner myself. Rather, pray and look to God for your answers!

          • tvgator1 .

            Right, the gay community is just discriminating against us poor Christians. Get outta here with that garbage. Phil DID group the gays with deviants, and you continue to ignore that fact. Plus, listen to ANY one of his famous sermons, and you'll see how much he loves the gay community. So don't give me that crap about how your type of Christians LOVE all people because they don't You can't tell someone I hate your lifestyle and everything you represent, and I'll fight with every last breath to keep you from realizing anything close to equality with straights, but hey, its not personal. BS. I do pray to god for answers, and while I do that i TOLERATE ALL. Unlike you and yours

          • Mutha2X

            It's unfortunate that you are filled with such anger that you cannot see truth. I don't see hate or intolerance from the Robertson family.

            Once again, nobody has said what you are parroting in your post. Nobody has said that except YOU. You seem to hear whatever you want to hear, ignoring facts. Go read the GQ article and show me where the hate is.

            You claim to tolerate all, really? There's no place where you draw a moral line? Obviously my moral line is different than yours, is there a line that you absolutely would not cross or tolerate? Think about it.

          • tvgator1 .

            Nice projection there, saying that I'm the one filled with anger when I'm the one saying live and let live. And of course you don't see hate or intolerance from Phil, you already hate gays, how would you see through that? And if your definition of ‘drawing a moral line’ means single-ing out people you don't like and making sure you create as hostile an environment for them as you can, well then your definition is garbage. I chose to follow my own path, if you don't, that's fine. I just don't feel the need to get on media and proclaim that you're going to hell just because the bible told me so. You don't seem to understand the live and let live part. You think about that.

    • Donald Lane

      faithfire the one thing your not understanding is your not allowed to have beliefs unless you agree with the gay community period. I never had a problem with the homosexual community until they started useing bully tactics against anyone that doesnt agree with them.

    • Seattle Kid

      No! God will not bless a so-called christian who in reallity is a disgusting homophobic and a racist. No one is stopping Robertson from saying whatever he wants, no matter how outrageous his words may be. You forget that in America, A&E or any other network has the right to hire and fire whoever they want, including Phil Robertson. There are plenty of other places where he can vent his racist and homophobic beliefs.

      • tvgator1 .

        Amen brother!

      • Windrider

        Seattle kid. Christian is spelled with a capital “C” for starters. You can bet that Phil is a Christian and that GOD will bless him for doing what every Christian is called to do: Witness, spread His gospel to lost sinners. You should listen because it sounds like you are a member of his “target audience”. There are also, like you said, plenty of other places where you can vent your “heterophobic” PC garbage.

      • bibol

        What is homophobic about tell the truth about a disgusting lifestyle. That will only cost you your soul for forever.

        • jekey

          bibol, Thank you so much for judging someone. I am sure you earned an extra jewel in your crown for that. I certainly hope that you never have sinned!!!!! Might cost you your soul forever. No sin is greater than the other

          • bibol

            So if I lie. Its as great of sin as murder. What a concept. Well I doubt that you believe Homosexuality is normal. So Jekey get on your knees. For your loving.

      • Mutha2X

        @SeattleKid. Is God homophobic? People use that term so loosely that we need reminders as to meaning: ‘fear or hatred’ of which God has neither and which Phil's comments had neither. Unless gays can start being honest about what happened here and respect those of us like Phil who align ourselves with the Bible (regardless of who it offends), there will always be disagreement. Tolerance works both ways, not just for gays! Want some respect? Show some. Stop all the false statements about Christians. Stop calling everyone who follows the Bible homophobic. Stop trying to legislate our faith. Stop trying to force the gay agenda on everyone. Some of us believe it is a sin against God but we don't wag our fingers in the face of every gay we meet. Keep your sexual habits personal. Not everyone wants to see & hear what you do in the bedroom. We can be tolerant of one another without hatred.

        • tvgator1 .

          Stop calling people you know nothing about deviants, and drunks, etc., and we'll stop calling you homophobic. And yes you do wag your fingers in people's faces. You also cast stones. Tolerance begins with you.

          • John Thomas French

            nope you got that backwards because this was a Christian nation first.

          • tvgator1 .

            So you're saying that because you believe this was a christian nation first, you have the right to judge, denounce and cast stones at other people. Really? Did god give you that right? Or did you give you that right?

      • Jeff Castleman

        He stated an opinion based on his biblical and Godly beliefs. Its considered racist and homophobic by society but not by God. In the end that's all that matters.

  • Sergio

    He is the biggest hipocrit like everyon else, stupid religions, they do more harm than good

    • IbackPhil

      Well, Sergio, so glad that you got the first dumbass remark out of the way

    • nunez

      sergio sorry , but are most lost than a blind without his cane

  • john

    Cultural, lifestyle and racial sensitivity have gone to the extremes. Equality is not the goal, elevated status with special laws and provisions as well as oversensitivity at every junction is.
    When the pendulum swings to far in one direction it will eventually come back in the other direction with a very strong force!

  • nunez

    i believe in Jesus, so anybody has the right to worship whatever they want, but a sin is a sin and we must change this world only by word of God . no matter how much noise homosexuals and lesbians do the truth always comes up.

    • john

      I believe in imaginary people too.

      • Ben

        you are an ill-informed troll who does not know what he is talking about so don't be a hypocrite because you are clueless.

        • john

          So you have all he answers? Most of you Jesus-freaks do. God didn't write the bible. That hurts doesn't it?

          • john

            What if after you pass from this life and find out there is a God to answer to. Remember this you cant come back and make it right . Its to late

          • Eric Mennecke

            The Bible is God breathed, and you not being saved cannot know the ways of God because he is spirit, I wont argue I know everything about the Bible or the mysteries of God and if anyone does they are a fool,,
            also, Just when I think I have God figured out I learn that I am still a sinner. But I am saved by his amazing grace.
            I asked Jesus into my heart and believe I am forgiven of all my sins because I asked for forgiveness.
            Also I know I cant do anything to be saved by myself Jesus has to have free reign or else it is not him doing it but me and I am created by the most high God and even the hairs on my head are numbered and I am not worthy, But God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, That whosoever shall believe in him shall be saved

          • EC

            When the day comes and your life has come to an end and you wake up in Hell. Then maybe you will realize how stupid your comments about there being no God was.

          • Babs0619

            John you do realize that ever major religion has the same basic teaching about homosexuals. and I am not against them I believe that no way should they not be given the same rights as anyone else. But it is not the Jesus freaks only.

          • Debbie Learn

            Very true! All major religions do have the same teaching on gay's, lesbians, transgender's and bi-sexuals as the Bible. Read the different religions for yourself to see.

          • Debbie Learn

            I love Jesus and it does not hurt me because the Bible was written by man but was God-breathed.

  • Rick

    God made ADam and eve Not Adam and Steve

    • raw honey

      probably why god stayed single and lonely (even at the top), he as an impotent male figure-head never experience the intimate combination of physical & emotional love (i.e. connection of good sex with someone you love). And no, I'm not gay

      • True Believer

        You have absolutely no idea of what you speak.God is Spirit. There is no more marriage in heaven.All in heaven are spirit. There is Love but no marriage.

        • Debbie Learn

          TRUE !

      • Aaron Williams

        this statement is beyond ignorant

    • Paul

      That is a really old joke Rick, from 1980 I believe. Catch up dude, Get a moca – you will feel better and more secure in who you are.

      • William

        It's not a joke, Paul. Could be you need to “read up”………..

      • Ashley Lawson

        You are far from catching up idiot and bigot. But it's not your problem. Your whole LGBT clan are super dumb faggots. LOL!

        • john

          I like the saline implants! Fake. like you!

          • Ashley Lawson

            Looks like you only like fake things. LGBT rights and equality! The only thing they should have from the world is hatred. BTW, my titties are all natural, firm, and pure. You have to keep on dreaming about touching these. The only thing you are ever going to get is other LGHT's arses. Ha, ha, ha…

        • firedude247

          I like Ashley's opinions, and her pic!!! Nice Rack!!!

      • Debbie Learn

        It is not joke. And it doesn't matter what era it came from, it is the truth. GOD said; be fruitful and multiply. How can you multiply with Adam and Steve? You have a moca and maybe you will feel better about who you are.

    • truthful

      Do not worry about this Steve I like girls, women,or whatever you want to call them and that's the way it is supposed to be.

    • john

      That's not what you said last nite, if you know what I mean.

    • Astro2014

      Not true God made all of us.

    • AJ

      Well. that is certainly an original statement.

  • freespeech50

    We don't all need to agree in this country about anything? I agree with what Phil said and it is documented in the Bible. So I should be allowed to believe and state what I believe in. So should Phil have that same freedom of speech. Or is that freedom only to apply to some who rally for it? I also think it's not for me to judge them but turn away and let them live how each one believes in. Live and let live.

    • Paul

      Freedom of speech does not apply to employees of any Network – which Phil is. I cannot run around my work and bash everyone I don't agree or believe in? However, on my own yes I can say what I feel. This is no big deal; Phil will be back on A&E and LGBT people will be still getting married – WHO CARES!!! How does that affect me and my family? It does not.

      • lol

        he is not with the network and his views are not with the network at all…. they are obviously going to have the speech about separation from A&E once this debacle is over. god people are clueless.

  • bozhidar balkas

    the word “sin” is an invention of the priestly class. on many levels, including sexual, it doesn't exist under god or in nature.
    priestly class had millennia ago usurped the meaning of god to the point that their ‘god’ is more of a devil than a deity.
    folks, god and/or religion, is too important to leave in only priestly class’ purview.
    god [nature or our common genetic pool] made all living beings!!!!!

    • in disbelief

      I don't think you even know what you just said. Your statement is a bunch of garbage with no basis in fact that you can back up ANYWHERE CREDIBLE. Take that nonsense back to the devil you believe does exist.

      • bozhidar balkas

        ok, you know your garbage!! good for you.
        what i said is true! you became too semantically blind to see even what's obviously true.

      • #readabible

        wow you are such a hypocrite. the fact is that statement IS TRUE. IF YOU READ THE BIBLE, you would know that it is in fact credible. you are what everybody hates. you hate on one side but don't even look at the other side. I love gays because Jesus told me to love them for who they are. you are just like everybody on the LGBT( which is a bunch of hatemongering jesus hating socialists and yes I would love that you are classified in that category).

  • Somethingtothinkabout

    The GQ reporter was convicted in his heart by Phil Robertson's comments that he blew it totally out of the water. What did the reporter expect Phil to say? Phil lives in the Christian belt and he has strong Christian beliefs and all he did was quoted 1 Corinthians, chapter 6 verses 9 and 10. These verses were not meant to dispel hatred but to show us where God has brought us from. Because verse 11 says, In the past, some of you were like that, but now you are clean, made holy and made right with God. These sexual things are against out body and God doesn't want us to harm out body…..

    • Art Steele

      Corinthians 11:14
      Does not even nature itself teach you that if a man has long hair it is a disgrace to him
      Matthew 19:23
      Then Jesus said to his disciples, ” Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”

  • bozhidar balkas

    all of us live or come from our common genetic pool. who will be born with what [dis]abilities or disease[s] no one knows.
    so, it's not tour fault if your nose is too small or too large; it's not you fault if you're ‘slow’ or poor either.
    it's not your fault if you cannot write music like bach, think like newton, sing like buble, write like hemmingway, etc.
    so, if we swim in one giant [the bigger the pool, the more pasteurs, einsteins, mozzarts, LGBT; alas also Bushes, obamas] genetic pool, who's preventing us from swimming in ONLY one swimming pool?

  • suz

    Keep your faith intact Mr Robertson don't worry God will God will guide you. I'm glad your family backed you as there is strength in numbers.

  • WWJS

    Yes, it is a choice to sin, but don't hide behind the ideas of “tolerance”. I'm so sick of watching the United States fall into a nation of “what ever goes”. We need to get back to the basics of right and wrong, the Bible has not changed through the years. What would Jesus say? That is the only thing that matters

    • Tamed Grey Wolf

      SATAN is behind it all. He has all those homosexuals and unbelievers blinded to the truth. He's going to laugh you all into hell.

      • john

        You keep believing in your imaginary friend. I had a imaginary friend also when I was a child.

        • Tamed Grey Wolf

          You'll see Him one day whether you want to believe in Him or not. I would hate to be in your shoes when it happens. Eternity is a hell of a long time to be spending in the Lake of Fire.

        • EC

          Ya his name was the AntiChrist

          • EC

            Hey John. Even the demons in hell believe God exist. What does that say about you? Maybe you're life is just empty and you needed some attention!

    • john

      The bible wasn't written by Jesus, or God. It was written by men. Please don't forget this.

      • Rosum


        The authors were inspired. 2 Timothy 3:16. 2 peter 1:21. 40 different authors, over 1500 years, 3 different continents, agreed about hundreds of subjects. God is the only one who originated this Bible. And Jesus was in all 66 books.

        • john

          It was a book written by men. Full of myths, and false beliefs. Followed by people who don't think for themselves and need a false book to follow.

          • Babs0619

            and you know this because your imagery friend told you. It could be as you say but then again you could be dead wrong. You speak as if you have been told all this by God himself.

          • Debbie Learn

            John, I will pray for you and that God will open your eyes and heart.

      • Guest

        It was written by men under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Please Don't forget that!

        • john

          oh. I guess that changes everything. NOT!!

          • Jeff

            John I am very scared for you. Research what happens to people when they act like Jesus is made up. Jesus loves everyone but you will not get by what you are saying.



        • onlyme


        • ellyte

          Jesus came to save the world, not to condemn the world. The devil and the devil's angels are judged; and along with death and hell are cast into the lake of fire. The Holy Jesus took all our curses of breaking the law, past, present and future, shedding His blood on the cross once for all and rose again, securing our resurrection to everlasting life. Every knee shall bow and confess Jesus is Lord. It's impossible for any human to go to go to the lake of fire because the end judgment for our sin was resurrection, secured by Jesus (not Jesus forever paying for our sins in fire). That's why David said in Psalm 16:19 Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth: my flesh also shall rest in hope for thou will not leave my soul in Hell; neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption.

        • tvgator1 .

          No truer words were ever spoken. And your brother in law is a jackass.

      • this troll

        god this john is just a unknowledgeable troll. you need to read the bible to actually make up a good argument… you cant just argue about one thing and then completely ignore then other. have you read the bible? you really do need to because you sound like a retard.

        • john

          “retard” I see you like to judge people! Wow. What a Christian! thanks!

      • john

        John why do you mock God. The bible will seem foolish to fools

      • AJ

        Get off your cliché mantras. You are no different than those who hate homosexuals because of their difference of opinion. Practice the tolerance you want. Try to reason without insult. Calling someone's God imaginary is taken from the book of hackneyed statements. Seek to raise yourself above the norm.

      • Debbie Learn

        The Bible ; penned by Holy men, God-breathed!

  • ibackphill

    Go Phil, this just goes to show that not everyone can be allowed to say what they truly believe. what nobody can stand to get their feelings hurt? Phil is forgiven and walking in a way better place than he was when he was sinning. His life was turned around by Gods word, and now he's walking in that very light. If you don't believe in God then get over it. after all there are gay shows out there on every network. I'm offended by them, I don't want my kids to see them, but I don't go around cry babying about it either. Its a discussion I will have with my kids. I go on with MY life.. Grow Up America, this is the land of the free.. I don't agree with homosexuality, so you won't see me watching gay shows.. Big Deal, Move On. we will all get sorted out in the end anyway. Gays have too big a voice, WHY? Who cares. I've got my own life to live and so do you, so go live it….

  • david

    are the gays and lesbians gonna get the bible blocked also?…..the duck guy is just repeating the bible….why don't these people read the word of god and use that to disprove the duck guy?

    • Debbie Learn

      Because there is nothing in the Bible to disprove what Mr. Phil said. According to the Bible, the gay's, lesbians, transgender's and bisexual's will be dealt with, along with ALL the other sinner's who have not repented for their sin. Go “duck guy!”

  • david

    The last time a hairy man came from the wilderness professing JESUS, guess what? jesus showed up, and that was about about 2000 years ago….REALLY!! look at the similarities, and John the baptist didn't care who he offended!! copuld it be? biblical scholars all say that prohecys have been fulfilled and Jesus could return any moment!!
    …look up your redemption draweth nigh…JUST GO BUY A BIBLE AND READ IT!!

    • john

      Lots of versions of the bible. a book written by men. followed by stupid people.

  • bibol

    If he stays with A&E. I would ask for a huge increase in salary for all members of the show. If they do not. He should go to a different network. For myself I will never watch American Pickers with its homosexual lovers. I boycott any shows that has homosexual blowhards. The other shows that have them. I do not care if they do not push their agenda.

    • WWJS

      I am also boycotting AE…the same ideas are destroying this country. Media is very powerful and they have been given a great responsibility and they are failing…shame on them.

  • Hoyt D. F. Sparks

    What is wrong with Phil Robertson or anyone else quoting the Bible? The real problem comes when most folks do not understand they need to abide by a “SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE”. Yes, I know, those words are not in the Constitution, but the sentiment/essence is. When Government accommodates one “religion” it is legally bound to do the same to all “religions” irrespective of belief by any proclaimed “religion”. The best thing that could happen is for Government to not use tax money in support of any religion; but politicians being politicians will do most any thing in using tax money to buy votes. Phil Robertson did not give his talk with respect to governmental aspects. So, who is it that can justly throw rocks at him. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK PHIL!!!!

  • Geo

    It is curious how everyone glosses over his Racist comments. “Oh Black People were Happy Back before Civil Rights” … bull crap. I invite any one who reads this to look up or Google “Lynchings in Louisiana” and then as yourself how happy were Blacks, Italians, Jews, and Gays in Louisiana! What a bunch of Ass Holes! Merry Christmas and To Hell with DUCK DYNASTY and RED NECK AMERICA. H

    • geo needs to get a life.

      wow you are the trash that everbody hates. you bash without even taking a look at the other side of the story. you are a hypocrite even by saying “Merry Christmas” and then bashing duck dynasty. You seriously need to think about your life and where you are going because it seems like you are just a bashing hatemonger.

  • Tigdad

    Phil Robertson did not group gays with drunks and terrorists Mr. Molloy. He quoted the Apostle Paul from 1 Corinthians in the Holy Scriptures.

  • Jesus is God

    Why aren't the drunks and idolaters and swindlers, etc. coming out to condemn Phil? After all the verse he cited pointed them out as well. Perhaps the others realize their behavior is sinful while the homosexuals do not. According to the bible, everyone can be saved except those that claim they have not sinned for they call God a liar. 1John 1:10

    • john

      The bible! a book written by men. Not God! Wow. I can follow that and not think!

      • Obamalover67

        So you don't follow rules and laws written in today's society? I'm confused, do you just run around doing what you feel is right for you? Today's laws are written by man too, do you not follow them? You are are perfect example if why our society is going down hill. And no I'm not a christian. Funny, you are saying you think for yourself but all you are doing is saying what today's society is telling you what is right and wrong..

      • jen

        2 Peter 1:21

        King James Version (KJV)

        21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

        might as well say God came down and wrote it himself maybe you should read the bible before you make comments reguarding it

      • Debbie Learn

        The Bible, penned by man, God-breathed!

    • OingoBoingo

      I do not believe Jesus would have answered the GQ interviewer in the same way as Phil did. He would have kindly stated that homosexuality is a sin and against Gods will but that he loves all sinners just not the sin. He would not have used the opportunity to liken their sin to any other. He would simply say that it is sinful and is not in the will of his father. All the stuff about Beastiality and other practices would not have been necessary. The main profession of love would be how the lord would have first reached out to sinners. Also, some who claim to be Christians need to try not to be so arrogant and haughty because you surely can not cast the first stone and you should be careful when living in glass houses.

  • brian

    If you don't support Mr. Robertson's right to Freedom of Speech, then you don't support the 1st Amendment to the Constitution and therefore the Bill of Rights.
    The Liberal hypocrites claim to believe, in Freedom of Speech, but only if they happen to agree with what is said, if they don't, then according to them you don't have the right to say it.

  • brother in CHRIST

    a man can believe there is no hell or payment for ones on sins just as easy as he can say that gun is not loaded before you pull the trigger but put the gun to his head and he is not as bold you will be judged by GOD we all will you may say ill be dead before then no matter you will stand before GOD

  • phillip trimm

    keep goin phil to hell w them u did nothin wrong

  • patty

    I just don't understand why ANY of this is happening If you don't like what Phil has to say than by all means CHANGE THE CHANNEL everyone has cable! I believe that we are all entitled to our beliefs and can speak what we want! The LGBT needs to get on with their lives because Phil is NOT the only person that has those beliefs! Stop crying because someone said something that hurt your feelings! Gay or straight at some point we will all hear something that will hurt our feelings. Leave well enough alone!!!!!

  • tom

    If the homosexuals would just shut up and go about their business thy'd be a lot better off. We had pretty much forgotten about them and their little spurt of fame over getting the right to marry each other and then poor old Phil makes an innocent, yet sincere remark that came from his heart, and they jump up and down like three year old's having a fit and now even MORE people have a sincere distaste for them and their lifestyle. Why can't they understand that even though they got the right to live the way they do, that doesn't mean we have to have it shoved in our faces every time we turn around. The less they spout off the better off they will be. Who knows, maybe they'll mouth off just once too often and some REAL judges on the circuit courts and the next Supreme Court may change their views on homosexual rights.

  • mrjohnb

    The article states in it's headline that Phil Robertson to stay with show? Where did this come from? If you read the article, no where in it is Phil Robertson's agreement or consent to remain with the A@E owned program, Duck Dynasty. I am sure he will remain with his company, Duck Commander, and he and his clan doesn't need a pay check from A@E. They were very successful prior to A@E existance. God made sure of that. If you don't believe me then ask them.

  • Clayton

    Maybe if I bury Harry Potter in 2000 years someone will dig it up and try to convert the world into wizards! There really is no arguing with some who believes in talking snakes and invisible people in the sky.

    • #stupid

      wow you do not have the least amount of knowledge about the bible. you are utterly clueless.u should read the bible before you make an idiotic statement like that.

  • mrjohnb

    Hey, Duck Dynasty is still on without interruption, Apparently A@E ais less agressive than what GLAAD was hoping for. And guess what Phil is still head of the clan and life goes on. GLAAD might have a little more import and pull if they had some idea of how to replace the revenue that Phil Robertson generates for A@E. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy just won't do it.

    • agreed

      I know right? DD is the most profitable show on television. A&E would just be straight up retards if they canceled the show.

  • ed thrasher

    why do gays openly call phil a “redneck back woods hick” intended as a derogatory slur to phil, but hate the term “queer” because they see that as a derogatory slur to them.??? just asking.


    1 Corinthians 6:9-10

    English Standard Version (ESV)

    9 Or do you not know that the unrighteous[a] will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality,[b] 10 nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

  • Bearzilla

    Never give in to your core beliefs; it may not be mainstream politically correct or agreed upon by others. I seem to remember a carpenter who struggled with faith for a moment then let go and find that strength again. I watch your show because it reminds me of where I came from and what my grandfathers and those before taught me: we are humans just trying to find our space in this world and love and understand with respect to others who they are and not what we want them to be.
    No hate. That is a toxic emotion.

  • Saved By Grace

    There is no distinction of degrees or types of sin. God loves the man but hates the sinful acts that he does. Sin is sin, no matter if it's lying, stealing, adultery, murdering, homosexuality, or even coveting your neighbors house. Only Bible believing Children of God will understand because we believe in Him and He resides in us. I don't expect the world to understand and I already accept the backlash from the world because the Bible tells me that we are hated for following Christ. Phil is a prime example of how a God fearing man stands up for what he believes and he is attached by the world.

  • ROSS

    need more americans like you,charlie sheen you shoot your mouth off about what you think,why blast someone for doing the same. GO PHIL

  • Astro2014

    I have know parents just like a Robertson where the guy comes out as gay and their parents give them so much grief, things like electro shock therapy, ice filled baths, hard labor it goes on and on. Then that the son commits suicide. Then the parents cry for the rest of their lives. What dies it take for people to understand it is the way God created them?

  • Logical

    He has not been hateful in any way at all. He's just expressing what he truly believes.

    He's not being cruel or rude about it, so why all the hate?

    I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion except when it's different, eh?

  • Wraith7216

    One thing you can count on is the libtard neo-Orwellian PC thought police will always overreach. They tried to bring down Chik-Fil-A because the owner dared to dissent from the liberal agenda. The result, a huge boom in business and long lines at their restaurants as people (myself included) made a point of supporting them. Cracker Barrel learned this recently when they caved temporarily to the Libtard agenda!

    • LDS150

      Tuned you out at “libtard”…

      • Wraith7216

        Imagine my despair…. ;)

  • disqus_c90wasn0pH

    Gay people who believe they are doing no wrong are sadly misguided.

    • LDS150

      Whatever. It's really none of your business.

  • Deke

    This headline is slanted. This headline says Phil is sticking with show. THAT isn't correct. Phil hasn't made that statement. This article uses a Pastor where Phil lives, says HE doesn't think Phil wants to leave. There is absolutely NO truth to this headline that Phil is sticking with show. Slanted, isn't good. Factual and civil , with honesty, is where its at. Report the truth, and be honest and complete with your statements. Now, lets do this.

  • Alton W

    What gall he showed! I mean what heterosexual man would find a woman more attractive than a man? if I was gay I would definitely be irate about this. Not to mention him having the nerve to voice an opinion on what sin is! I mean what right does he have to tell anyone what his interpretation of the bible is? Next thing you know this guy's gonna be saying that he thinks you should love thy neighbor as thyself! I know I personally have neighbors and would be deeply offended by such talk.

  • David

    come on people you as well as I do it's not what Phil said it's what he stands for that's got the LGBT bent out of shape

  • Faithfulman

    I'm glad everyone has not been bought by this homo-mania sweeping the country. Phil and his family are already rich in many ways A&E can't buy their values as many have sold out around the nation. One of the comments made here was ,he just repeated what's in the bible. That is true so are we now going to sensor God?, good luck on that one, His Word created the universe and everything in it. What organization are the gays going to complain to when He says enough

  • madjack

    Ol’ Jesse Jackson wants a sit down with A&E and Cracker Barrel and Glaad. He is mad because Phil said the blacks were happy.
    You cant have happy blacks in Jesses world. It would ruin his career.
    Phil used to work side by side with them in the fields and saw with his own two eyes how they were.
    Jesse, did you ever work the fields next to your own kind?
    Keep em’ angry Jesse. Keep em’ riled up, so you can make a paycheck off the backs of your own people.

  • rdbpepe59

    Please do not forget that Phil Robertson was raised and stands for his believes GOD
    BLESS him and his family . Keep in mind
    that he also lives in the United States of America where everyone that is white, black, brown , straight and gay all have the freedom
    of speech . Am I right .

    As far as Rev. Jesse Jackson he needs just to worry about his son Jesse Jackson Jr.'s and family.

  • MICK


  • Sick and tired the racism

    Somebody please inform Jesse Jackson he needs to stay home and worry about what's happening to the many innocent black children who are being murdered by the thugs in their own schools and neighborhoods!! More people are being killed in a week-end in Chicago than in Afghanistan. Protect these defenseless people and he will have really accomplished something in his life besides flapping that never-ending spiel that we've had to listen to for at least 40 yrs. or more.. Let the adults fend for themselves, We certainly know where to find a platform to express our views. Oh! standing for those victims won't get him or the other race-baiters on national TV or get to march in a parade with his own hired rabble. Cracker Barrel nor A and E owe him nothing!!!
    Here's a tip Jessie, spend some time with your troubled son, he needs you. We don't!

  • billg43

    Go Phil. is it wrong to say every child deserves a mother and father? we have become so selfish for the things we want we are willing to forget our own child needs. and only worry about our own desires. Because you say its right. dosen t make it right.

  • Bill Giles

    its seems that everything anyone wants to do in America is ok, and sadly its not’ you go Phil Robertson!!!! God says its not ok!! what has happen to family values and the reading of the lords books!!! look at what they have on tv gay this’ gay that ‘its said and pathetic that this is what the world is coming to . i for one do not want my grand children watching a man kiss a man on tv or women either!!!


    Well after a wonderful Christmas with family, I settled down with my duck dynasty bedroom slipper ,my dd throw, my dd dolls. to watch a night of dd. I say that the ones making all the noise about the show has never even seen it. Some of these people need to get off their ego/power trips. I never seen so much flap about everyone does and says these days. Once these groups got networks to cave on one [Don Imus] they went nuts trying to bring everyone down that didn't agree with them. If I do not like something on t.v. I use this wonderful invention. THE REMOTE CONTROL.

  • Ed Ryan

    I just came from SF and I have pictures, the place is a filthy and disgusting sewer, GLAAD should go down there and help there own.

  • Mr. N

    frankly, I don't see his remarks as “anti-gay” buy merely his own beliefs. it was the media that blew-up what he said.

  • Ed Ryan

    I wore my new duck dynasty t-shirt in SF today to show my support, God Bless Phil and Family

  • COL E

    for Phil! It seems only Liberals are allowed their constitutional rights.
    Freedom of religion and freedom of speech are not permitted to conservatives or
    Christian. However Liberals and gays can use hate speech anytime and it is
    their freedom of speech. The bible does condemn homosexual activity. The real
    hate would be for a person who truly believes homosexuality to be wrong and not
    tell them and hence condemning them to hell. Stop feeling bad for being in
    America. Move to Russia is you really want to know what hate speech and oppression

  • Patty Cakes

    The Bible is written from hundreds of years of documentation by those who have been there and lived through these books. They have been interpreted and written by man, but from many documents (diaries) of those who shared Jesus's coming and life. Since you have not fully educated yourself on this matter, maybe you shouldn't make such statements. It is just like any other history stories passed down through our predecessors. By making the statements that you do, only shows how uneducated a person you really are.

  • Seattle Kid

    Seems like alot of Robertson's fellow homophobics are ignoring the fact that he also made racist remarks about blacks in his disgusting rant. Is that okay with Sarah Palin and the rest of you so-called christians too.
    Robertson has the right to say what ever he wants no matter how outrageous his words may be, but A&E also has the right to hire and fire whoever they want. So I hope they do the right thing and permanently get rid of that racist, homophobic, backwoods redneck.

  • J.Townsend

    There is nothing under the Sun more important than God and his road map to life which is the Bible. We all fight over free speech and others wanting to be right, What some people don't know is pride goth before the fall. If you have pride in that eye pluck it out. Jessie Jackson is no more wrong than the Beatles comment of them being more popular than God. Were the Beatles wrong? They talk about giving peace a chance and to come together and also about love. John in one of his songs even talks about the mind guerilla. Is this a part of the devil or man's way of showing their ignorance to God's word, than yes love is the answer. Remember God loved us first before we loved ourselves. People take things out of context and look at things the way they want to….. a small example for this would be a lie is a lie….. which is better to overshadow the lie or to uphold the lie… People don't like people for speaking up for the truth…

    The bible talks about the truth so is the truth in you?



  • phayes

    What makes someone a racist just because they happen to not agree with the gay community? Do they have their own race now? I'm betting by many of the comments that I have read that most people don't read the Bible, or believe in what it says. But for those of us that do, why is it ok to pass judgement on us for standing up for what we believe? Call us haters for saying what we believe.

    • ScottS

      Have you read Luke 6? Maybe you should. Have you read Phil's sermon from 2010 where he said, ““They’re full of murder, envy, strife, hatred. They are insolent, arrogant, God-haters. They are heartless, they are faithless, they are senseless, they are ruthless. They invent ways of doing evil.”? That is hardly just “not agreeing with the gay community”…..

  • Wayne Potts

    Jesse Jackson is No Martin Luther King , And has No Right to Demand any thing From A&E Or Phil Robertson ! And people should demand better Reporting From these reporters , At this point all Jesse Jackson and the Gay Community want is their names in the lime light to to Push Their Personal Cause. Any one with a Brain Knows This . And to call your self Rev. Jackson and to Make this type of statement just shows his faith has nothing to do with the Bible or Christians in General , The real story here is their is no story , And all these people , Jesse Jackson, Gays , A&E, and the dumb ass from 2 and a half men ,Mr Tigers Blood Himself Charlie Sheen Need to seek their 5 minutes of Fame Somewhere Else !!!! Grow Up People , This Is America not a third World Country Where 2 bit celebrities and Bad reporting can be sold as the Truth , Bottom Line Support Duck Dynasty and their Right to Faith , and ignore The Trash you See And Here from people like This !!!!

  • Yuan Grip

    In 1986, I joined the military where they asked everyone if they were homosexuals or had homosexual tendencies because they didn't want to let anyone in that was homosexual or might be homosexual. Seems like Phil only jumbled some sentences from his 2000 year old King James Bible which almost all of us use(gays, straights, hispanics, whites, blacks, drunks, and all others that worship the christian faith). The Bible is is open to interpretation, it's 2000 years old, it is not literal, it is meant to be good hearted, ask Rev.Jesse Jackson (MEDIA WHORE, NOT BIBLE THUMPER). Why can't Phil interpret it his way? Has anybody asked if there are blacks or gays that go to Phil's church and how they feel about what Phil has said?– Sticks and stones will break my bones but WORDS will never hurt me. The words are not illegal, maybe in bad taste to you.

  • John T Johnson

    It's all about the bottom dollar and how that affects your campaign, ratings, business…. He will be back on the air in a matter of months and this will be a non issue.. remember how fired up society gets at headline grabbers and how quickly the topic changes at the next and the latter is forgotten.. An entire country of lemmings!! Just following what's popular for that moment and how it can profit “themselves”.. I.E. Jesse F-in Jackson.. Bro, let it go, your irrelevant at best now, give it up… Rock on Murica, and at some point get a backbone and stand up for what YOU believe, not what some Jackwagoon on T.V. or the news is telling you to believe in. God Bless you Phil and may God once again bless america, even if our backs are turned in PC and self rightouseness!!!

  • OingoBoingo

    What many people do not get is the fact that A&E has been around for a long time and that means they have had plenty of viewers long before Duck Dynasty came along. A network depends on it's sponsors and sponsors threatening to pull their spots over a controversy is not good for any network.

    A&E caters to people of all walks of life and alienating any particular group is not something the network can allow to happen. Free speech is great but there is a limit to what a person can get away with when they are popular and in the public eye.

    When you are in the public eye you are free to modestly express an opinion but when expressing your views in an insensitive way in the public eye, there are bound to be serious repercussions.

    I like Duck Dynasty and find it to be wholesome and family friendly which can not be said for most of the programs on Tv today. Unfortunately Phil showed an ugly side of himself that I do not find in keeping with the lord he says he worships and follows.

    When asking ourselves as Christians, “What Would Jesus Do”? I bet we would not go about voicing our opinions in the way Phil chose to do. In the mean time Jesus also was for forgiveness and though I am not sure Phil is truly sorry for his remarks I choose to pray for him to see things more like the lord would. It is best to forgive him anyway.

  • EC

    Good Ole Jesse Jackson has once again raised his nasty old head from the mud. Here is some good advice for ya- Spend more time trying to raise your son( since it seems as if he's not grown yet). Didn't you teach him that it is wrong to steal from people. I guess since he's gonna spend some time in the jail house, he might learn how to act there. If not there will be people there ready to teach him. Who knows he might come out gay. Then what?

  • michelle

    If God is for us, who can be against us
    Jessie Jackson and Glaad, shut up and sit down
    you cannot and will not tell americans what and when to believe something the offends you.
    A&E review the contract, man up to it, and take a stand for the show that loves and embraces the Duck Dynasty p.s. and your pockets
    The contract makes it very clear on all of the robertsons, what they believe.
    GQ, if you can't handle the question don't ask it. You trying to trap a true louisian man; what are you not thinking.

  • michelle

    If God is For us Who can be against us
    Romans 8:31
    here is the thing: Jessie Jackson and glad sit down and shut up
    you are not going to dictate what a person or show can say or cannot say.
    I have my remote control watching duck dynasty, how about you turn yours on and see for yourselves who the Robertson family really are. What are you afraid of
    GQ; did you really think that you would trap Mr.Phil on your question?
    if you can't handle the answer don't ask it. (pharasees)
    A&E aka. judas You don't deserve the loyalty from the robertsons.
    Woman up and stand for your #1 show!


  • DukeJW

    I think the Robertson’s will film their own show and put it on the internet. They are wealthy enough to buyout the contract with gay friendly A&E which is owned by the even more gay friendly Disney. The new show will not be censored; will have lots of talking about Jesus, being born again, biblical quotes, and lots of prayers. Don't forget there will be the usual hyjinx of the crew in the warehouse. Jesse and GLADD amongst other lib groups will put enough pressure on A&E, and Phil will not acquiesce, plus his family will not abandon Phil, ever.

  • Dar.F.

    I watched my first time duck dynasty this week ,oh my god I love them all hey willie,do not back down Phil or I won't keep watching ,gays have their rights to speak and so do you phil,I want to keep the show the way it is that is my dang it right Jesse Jackson shut up and go take care of your illegittamate kid

  • ScottS

    This was Phil giving a sermon in 2010;

    “Women with women, men with men, they committed indecent acts with one another, and they received in themselves the due penalty for their perversions,” Robertson said. “They’re full of murder, envy, strife, hatred. They are insolent, arrogant, God-haters. They are heartless, they are faithless, they are senseless, they are ruthless. They invent ways of doing evil. That’s what you have 235 years, roughly, after your forefathers founded the country.”

    Sounds like hatred to me. Maybe Phil should go back and read The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 6. Specifically Verse 37. There is nothing Christian in his rant!

  • No Chocalate

    The so called pastor jackson should go screw himself. Phil Robertson stand your ground………. Don't let this negro ruin your name.

  • Axholio

    Why does The Wrap keep making it a point to say that Robertson “… grouped gays with drunks and terrorists…” and not include ALL of the sins the grouped them with? Sins like murder, adultery, thievery, lusting for your neighbors wife (or who ever)… Sin is sin and if you are committing sin then you ARE part of that same group. STOP making is sound so inflammatory by using words that induce shock…

  • Butterfly

    Thank You Phil for your down home beliefs and standing up for what the lord has said all along you are not judging anyone just stating your beliefs as Christian we need more men and women like you on this earth. God Bless you and all of your family You stood up for God first because you know the true Blessing come from him and he is the almighty Judge and Savor and yes I am a sinner we all our but this is why we all need the love of our Lord