‘Duck Dynasty’ Reversal: GLAAD Tells A&E Not to Put Profits Over People


Group wants to talk with Phil Robertson

GLAAD responded to A&E’s decision to lift Phil Robertson’s “Duck Dynasty” suspension by calling for a meeting between Robertson, African-Americans and gays.

“Phil Robertson should look African American and gay people in the eyes and hear about the hurtful impact of praising Jim Crow laws and comparing gay people to terrorists,” the group said.

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“If dialogue with Phil is not part of next steps then A+E has chosen profits over African American and gay people – especially its employees and viewers,” the group added.

A&E suspended Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” — cable’s top reality show — last week after a GQ interview in which he compared homosexuality to beastiality. He also grouped gay people with “drunks” and “terrorists” and said that African-Americans were perfectly happy before Civil Rights.

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On Friday, A&E announced that it would reinstate Robertson without the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch missing a single episode. It also said it would run PSAs advocating tolerance.

  • charles

    I keep hearing that science has proven homosexuality is not a choice………There is no proof of any such thing……..Nobody ever offers a legitimate study that says people are born homosexual……..It is a choice anyone can make if they chose, normal people simply chose not to indulge in anything so silly and in some cases smelly

    • guerillasurgeon

      If you truly believe that homosexuality is a choice why don’t you prove it by changing your sexuality. You don’t even have to do anything “smelly”, just decide to be attracted by people of the same gender.Just do it for a couple of months if it’s so easy, and then get back to us :-).

  • Dee Sund

    Dawn Conti— I feel sorry for you. At 57, you are going to college to be a social worker, but you haven’t even found out who you are? You also said that you are a believer, but you deny God by saying it is only a ‘belief’. You also said that it is tattooed on your forearms. I hope that was rhetorical since Leviticus 19:28 says, “And you must not make cuts in your flesh for a deceased soul, and you must not put tattoo markings upon yourselves. I am God”