‘Duck Dynasty’ Reversal: GLAAD Tells A&E Not to Put Profits Over People

'Duck Dynasty' Reversal: GLAAD Tells A&E Not to Put Profits Over People

Group wants to talk with Phil Robertson

GLAAD responded to A&E's decision to lift Phil Robertson's “Duck Dynasty” suspension by calling for a meeting between Robertson, African-Americans and gays.

“Phil Robertson should look African American and gay people in the eyes and hear about the hurtful impact of praising Jim Crow laws and comparing gay people to terrorists,” the group said.

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“If dialogue with Phil is not part of next steps then A+E has chosen profits over African American and gay people – especially its employees and viewers,” the group added.

A&E suspended Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” — cable's top reality show — last week after a GQ interview in which he compared homosexuality to beastiality. He also grouped gay people with “drunks” and “terrorists” and said that African-Americans were perfectly happy before Civil Rights.

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On Friday, A&E announced that it would reinstate Robertson without the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch missing a single episode. It also said it would run PSAs advocating tolerance.

  • JC

    Screw those fascist rear admirals. Freedom of speech trumps all. If theirs is the only view that counts, put them back in the closet.

    • serdude1968

      Why are you so obsessed with their “rears?”

      • Sid sees her

        Only a queer would ask that.

        • OKie Wonder Wolf

          only a closet gay would keep thinking about a guys rear lol . keep your mind on YOUR life & let others live theirs. & dont lie or spread hate like this guy does. bet you took notes on his how to find an underage girl to marry.

  • DCGirl

    The people have spoken and majority rules. It was a fair vote, in my opinion.

  • Tunes59

    Blatant misrepresentation like we see coming from GLAAD would be ignored in a civil society. Sadly, there will be media and uninformed individuals who will take them at their word and march out like little shock troops to attack Phil and anyone who doesn't bow to the militant demands of GLAAD.

    So with this statement GLAAD is admitting they are just a bunch of homosexual drunk terrorists. Like we didn't know that already.

    • BellaJo

      I agree with you. They think they own this world but we are all allowed to speak our GOD given 1st Amendment. Let it all be left alone and Duck Dynasty is the best show, at the end of every show after prayer, they even ask forgiveness they have said about their own family. There are far more problems In America then the GLADD being so blunt over piddling things like this. Get over it GLADD and move on to someone else. Leave us Christians alone as we love all for we know we are all created equal in the eyes of our LORD. .

      • OKie Wonder Wolf


        • Ducttape Dynasty

          He was discriminated against due to his religious beliefs. Maybe GLADD should go take on the muslims on their views on homosexuality. You liberals are a silly bunch. The muslims sentence homosexuals to torture and death, homosexuals are your best buddies but you attack Christians and hide behind “lets not offend the muslims” when trying to suppress Christianity.

          • OKie Wonder Wolf

            oh he was discriminated against but what he did to us was not discrimination? go look it up. also he is the one that started with his lies. he attacked us.

            while your at it go read the bible where it tells ya to mind your own sins & keep your nose out of other peoples lives matt 7:5 & luke 6:42.

            then you can go find his vid about finding the right underage girl to marry to all these old farts. yeah that is what i found in the bible that Jesus taught.

            now if he wanted to talk about HIS sins then he could spew what ever he wanted. but to attack a peaceful group with his out dated perverted ways is wrong.

          • OKie Wonder Wolf

            he discriminated against gays & lied on top of that. learn to read & think for yourself. you will be enlightened by the truth & find he is not preaching it.

  • mheister

    Phil Robertson needs to issue a full-throated, unambiguous apology for his comments about gays and African-Americans.

    • Mike259

      He doesn't owe anything to anyone. Get over it.

      But hey why don't we have Jessie Jackson first apologize to Jews for all the anti Semitic comments he's made over his career.

      • mheister

        I didn't say he “owed” anyone anything. I said he NEEDS to apologize. If he doesn't, this will follow him, FOREVER. As far as I'm concerned, this isn't a sprint, it's a marathon.

      • OKie Wonder Wolf

        he did a long time ago. duck just keeps adding to his sins of lies.

    • necroignis

      as soon as rev jackson issues one.

      • mheister

        Jackson did apologize for his one and only anti-semitic comment back in 1984. Check your Internet.

  • MaryAnn

    Hate speech wrapped in religion is still hate speech. Read his other comments and hide your 15 yr old daughters….A&E sucks duck eggs….

    • Sid sees her

      @ MaryAnn……She must be a lesbian or why would she be saying anything? We all should be hiding our daughters from her.

      • MaryAnn

        Typical red neck response. Stupid seems to be catchy. Good ole duck boy said its better to marry girls at 15 than 20….makes him a closet pedophile.

        • Sid sees her

          Typical American response, if you queers don't like the way humanity treats you, go elsewhere. You are not normal. And if you don't like Ducks, tune it out.

          • MaryAnn

            Hate to ruin your fun but I am not lesbian. But from the extent of your hatred, I can see you must have hidden gay tendencies to be so hateful. You wouldn't know normal if it hit you in the face. Poor little man.
            Must suck to be you.

          • Sid sees her

            Oh, now it's Doctor MaryAnn? How long did it take you to come to that conclusion? If you do have a day job, don't quit it. Maybe I did make a mistake, you must be either a dyke or a queen and have you noticed how much you refer to the term “SUCK”? And don't get your panties in a wad, those terms are common knowledge in your community, doctor.

          • MaryAnn

            Sorry as I stated I am not gay, if I was I would admit it. I am sure you know WAY more about sucking than I do…you must be really inadequate to be so frustrated…hehe…poor lil man…if you are a man.

      • OKie Wonder Wolf


        • Sid sees her

          Obviously you have me confused with someone who gives a crap what you think. Give it up, like I told that queer hooker. TahTah

          • OKie Wonder Wolf

            lol i dont give a crap what you think especially when that is a lie & hateful. but i will pray that you see the light & repent. attacking peaceful people with out right lies is wrong anyway you look at it. but keep thinking your twisted outdated ways. you have that right to be a caveman

  • Larry Cousins

    Maybe Jessie Jackson should sit down with the Jews and look them in the eye and apologize to them for the comments he made in the past. GLAAD asks people not to bully, but then demands to meet a single man to meet a group that plan to attack him. I am sure Phil would meet them, but be warned Phil, they are not meeting with you to help you understand their feelings. They want you to slip up and say something they can twist into a new media vehicle for their own agendas. Most African Americans and members of the gay and lesbian community don't agree with these radical groups. Just like most white people don't agree with the KKK. Radical groups need attention, and they will seek it any way they can. I used to protest every time the KKK came to town, finally I realized I was just giving them what they wanted. Being black does not mean I am upset by what Phil said about life in the south. Why would I think his view of history would be the same as mine? Since when is anyone's view of history the same? I am sure as a poor white kid growing up with poor blacks he never saw much difference. The poor are treated the same without regard to race. As for his “Anti-Gay” comments, I would point out that my Grandfather said the same thing about gays till the day he died. Even after my cousin came out of the closet. He loved my cousin, but hated that he was gay. My cousin loved my Grandpa, but hated that he couldn't understand that he was gay. I loved them both, because they are family. If we all learned to just accept each other as different but equal as a family then we would all be better off. My cousin, being black and gay, has had to put up with ignorance his whole life, but he does not let that rule his life.

    • Great

      Awesome word, buddy. Awesome word!!! The only thing i should add is Being Gay is a choice and it is not us who said it's detestable, it is the Word of God and for me, that's good enough. Besides, there are other sins that are on the same page as Homosexualism, and that is lying, murder, adultery, fornication, slander etc.

      • Mike Conner

        Hypocrites just for that I say to you , YOU will have to live by every law of God , both by commission and omission , AMEN

        • Just Me

          Why do I have to believe what you believe? Prove YOU are right.(???). What happened to “Love they neighbor”. It dosen't mean you have to agree with everything they say or do!

          • cunucu

            “Love they neighbor” includes telling them the truth that certain acts endanger their immortal soul. Just do it out of love!

      • Joseph Staph

        Are you people fucking retarded? can you explain to me how in the fuck anyone would willingly choose to be gay in a world full of bigot religious backwards retards who believe anything written in a book during the bronze age by shepherds who thought the earth was flat, and that sea monsters where real? Why the hell would anyone chose to be part of a minority IF you have the choice to lead a perfectly normal life? but then again, asking a religious person to use logic in their arguments is like asking an ant to learn advanced calculus.

        • You're Stupid

          A common misconception of that age is that people thought the Earth was flat. They didn't. Maybe you should do some research on the topic. I'm not religious, but I do believe that being a homosexual is NOT NATURAL. I say this because of the obvious. Men and women are different and have different reproductive organs for that very reason, to procreate. For those of you who want to argue that animals are gay, no, that is normally not the case. When a male dog mounts another male dog it is to show dominance. Female dogs mount male dogs. Is that gay? No. I don't hate anyone because they are gay, I just don't agree with it. I'm entitled to that. I'm entitled to state that if I feel like it. Just like Phil. The sad part is that this whole thing is an agenda. If you don't think it is, or don't believe in the gay agenda, do some research on it. People need to stop believing it's natural to be gay just because gay people and the liberals (who get gay votes come election time) say it is. To those of you who don't believe it to be a choice, it is. When a man puts another man's dick in his mouth, that's a choice. When a man takes it in the ass from another man, unless being raped, that's a choice.

          • Just Me

            Yes, and MLK had an agenda! Not that it was wrong,turns out that he was right. People are NOT all the same, imagine how boring that would be! It is a choice to perform the act, but the natural desire (instinct) is already there! You would make a choice that would cause harm to yourself unless the natural instinct was not there.To subject yourself to the ridicule and self felt guilt??? I'm not saying it is natural for everybody to make either of the choices you submitted. It's just natural for some people. And what harm does it bring to you???

          • Gdjohn52

            your right its not natual, but most times , its not choice either because of chomos who are fucking kids way to young, It has a profound effect on them and they really dont have a choice. But they do however have a choice to parade around like circus clowns every year to proclaim their gayness , when in reality, Nobody really gives ashit

          • Dawn Conti

            Pedephiles are usually white middle aged married men NOT gay people that is also a long ago proven myth…
            Do ANY OF YOU PEOPLE want to use facts…
            Do you live in a cave???

          • Dawn Conti

            Dear Mr. Staph,, What an approeriate name for someone with your twisted backward viewpoint. Homosexuality is scientificly documented in EVERY species on earth…
            The ONLY thing religion is good for is to encourage hate from you elitist mongrals…THERE IS NO PROOF THAT TERE EVER WAS A GOD… Not one shred of scientific evedence.. Just some book written by controling MEN.. Who are still treating women like dirt…
            You old hetero dominant men are on your way out…
            This is a new world of people who think for themselves…
            Not with ancient totems… As the world reknown sociologist Emil Durkhiem said.
            A modern society can never move foward till it gives up its old outdated traditions…
            Religion has no place in government…
            AND hetero people riuned marraige many years ago…
            Women are finally free of male herarchy…
            THANK Our Lucky stars.. we finally woke up…
            Now it`s your turn to cry…

          • CeeCee Parker

            Homosexuality is scientificly documented in EVERY species on earth…Yeah right. As long as I say it is scientificly documented then it must be right….try again.

          • Dawn Conti

            Dear Mr Staph. I have 18 yrs in the medical professions.
            Homosexual behavior has been documented in EVERY species on earth. including reptiles…
            Why is it that call you guys ONLY hang onto an opinion, INSTEAD of doing a few hours of genuine research…Afraid of the FACTS conflicting with your opinion…
            In The medical fields, the FIRST Thing that we are told, is that we have to learn to “”Think ourselves away”" In other words, that means, ” If you can`t actually look up the facts, to back up your opinion, then that opinion has no basis in fact”"
            Meaning that every undocumentable opinion is usless, and has no medical, or scientific value. It is nothing, means nothing The term is called “”self imposed ignorance”"
            THAT is why society moves so slowly foward.. ONLY Dr.s and bioscientists have the true information, Because others REFUSE to educate themselves… You guys would rather spew nonsense to keep society down..
            In Asian countries, the medical proceedures are MILES ahead of America, because they don`t allow religious interferance in the medical decision processes…
            THEY actually want to accomplish their goals of performing the finest surgical proceedures possible..
            THEY have successfully used Primate penises, to replace human penises on men who have had serious industrial accedents… With great success..
            They are progressive thinkers…. WE care stunted thinkers, because of tooooooo Many dumb opinions. that are grounded in myth and religious legends and unprovable noncense….
            THANKFULLY… Science uses facts in our work..
            Or pennicillin would STILL not be discovered…
            Sorry sir opinions need not apply…

          • chanctob

            So basically, let me dumb this down for you. I'm sure with your 18+ years, you should be able to reason this through with logic and Fact.
            Basically, heterophobics will go so far to justify their lifestyle. They will compare themselves to animals. So simple question, gay people, are they humans or animals. You are doing your Very best to portray the justification of gay people. Going so far as to use your medical profession, 18 years, to back it up. Btw, you said you have 18 years in the medical professions. “Professions”, so your not a doctor? If you was, you would have clearly stated so. Doctors Love to let everyone know they spent 8 plus years to become a doctor and enjoy the title of doctor. So ‘professions', yours? Btw, medical professions, please, do, explain the ‘mutant gene’ theory to us? And, don't forget the question, so do gay people want to classified as a human or associated with or as an animal to justify their lifestyle? thanks

          • believe

            CEECEE she is right and you are so wrong. Don't read much about nature right.
            Before making such an IGNORANT STATE DO READ MORE.

          • Liberals have no morals

            That is an outright lie. The thing that seperates animals from humans is the ability to reason. Animals can't reason. Humans can. If something can't reason how could it decide that it's gay. Oh wait did they find an animal that could talk that they could ask. Oh ya that's right animals can't reason and they can't talk. You gay lovers will tell any lie you can to promote your mental disease even trying to compare them self's to animals.

          • Tanya Quintana

            All of
            our history as humans have been written by men from the Bible to Creationism.
            You say there is no evidence God exist you say religion has no place in Government
            and say religion is only good for teaching hate. If you took time to do research
            yourself you will find there are 1st century scholars who spoke of
            Jesus. I read the Bible and I am proud to be a Christian when I read the Bible
            it never mentions to hate one another and it doesn’t say religion is what you
            need. I read time and time again to love your neighbor and it teaches me to have
            a relationship with God. That is the difference there I have a relationship
            with Him. I choose to believe in Him on faith as you have faith in words
            written by scientist hundreds of years ago. I have seen things that are
            unexplainable people with diseases cured and not one doctor could explain how
            that could have happened. Why do people make it such a big deal that we choose
            to believe in a higher power that we believe in God. I would rather see a show
            with good morals then a reality show that shows people getting drunk and
            sleeping with everyone who they come across. I do not throw the fire and brim
            stone at people. That is not what the Bible has taught me. We have the right to
            believe in what we want Christianity has been around for thousands of years and
            looking back as a society we have moved along. Let’s say you are right and
            there is no heaven or hell no God and when we die we are dead. I still lived a
            happy life believing in Jesus and teaching my children to love one another and I
            lose nothing when I die. But what if I’m right I have gained everything I have
            2 cousins one is a lesbian and the other is gay I love them dearly and nothing will
            ever change that. However, I do not believe in their choice to be a homosexual
            and they understand it I love and respect them as they love and respect me. You
            will never get me to change my mind on my beliefs as I am not trying to change
            your mind. Just to enlighten you on the difference of how everyone else sees
            Christians as religious and we hate gays. Before you speak about me maybe you
            should try to understand what I believe in because it’s a two way street

          • Dawn Conti

            You are right hon. the bible does not say to hate one another.. Just so you know,I am a believer myself.. It is tatooed onto BOTH of my forearms for all to see..
            I am NOT against god..
            BUT, it is a beleif…Not a fact..
            What I am against is the convoluted way that people use god to spew hatred, and to force THEIR life choises down others throats..
            There are 127 religions in the world…Which one is right??
            All and non..It is a beleif…it gives hope…
            But it is not emperically proven ( scientificly)
            I spent a lifetime in the medical field. we cannot interject our beleifs onto our work.. ONLY facts..
            That is alll I meant..

          • Biologist

            The one that is right is the one that predicts the future with absolute accuracy. Read Ezekial. Study the words of Daniel. God is all about revealing himself to people who are really searching. The problem is we don't want to be told that there are behaviors that God says are sinful. We want to be free to do what ever we want. One person who did whatever he wanted is Majic Johnson. He has donated his time for a Super Bowl advertisement to explain why the young people should pay 5 times more for government insurance. His basic arguement is you may innocently end up with HIV. WOW, the government wants to provide healthcare to young people because You just might have sex with someone who has AIDS. What a crock. In other words, God had a plan that would prevent HIV, but we thought we knew better. What Mr. Johnson is saying is” I had sex with numerous people you probably will too” and the gov't should pay for our health care.

          • Bologist

            It is not documentde in MOST species on earth. You ,ay want to believe that, but that is your problem not mine.

          • Dawn Conti

            Why don`t you read some science books instead of people magazine and guns and ammo..
            Honey, I am studying human behavior right now in college… MY professors would laugh at you.. MOST people already no that BECAUSE the information has been around for SOOOOOO long…YOU are what is wrong with this world you and the rest of the ignorant people.
            I have spent most of my life inthe medical field…. WE USE FACTS ALLLLLLL DAY

        • Tsal Vlaxitov

          Easy, you're perverted enough that normal sex doesn't do it for you anymore and you don't give a shit what other people think or even get off on their disdain of your behavior. Now can you use even simple logic to explain to me what the natural purpose of genitals is?

          • bamareallysucks

            “Staph has his panties in a twist because he has to be able to justify in his own perverted mind the life style he has chosen I guess it thinks swearing will make it appear more manly? staph has to try to minimize the bible and Christians because they go against everything this sicko stands for.

          • Just Me

            Too narrow minded to respond to. If you don't know what you want to do with it I can't help you! I may choose to do something else. It's natural for me to make that choice, and it is natural for you to make your choice.!

        • Jay

          My wife knows two different women that turned gay after their marriages went bad because of abuse from their husbands. Just like alcoholism, becoming gay was a choice 2000 years ago when the Apostle Paul wrote about as it is today. This is what people believe with their heart. I respect what you believe. Phil did not condemn you or anyone else, the Apostle Paul did. All he did is quote what Paul wrote in the Bible. Why does that make people so angry? Also swearing does not make your argument any stronger.

          • Just Me

            OK, I make the choice today. “Becoming homosexual 2000 years ago”, dosen't that tell you something??? It's been happening forever!!! Natural selective process. Maybe not natural for you, but YOU are not the only person in the world. And your thoughts and beliefs are NOT the only chain of thoughts in the world.

          • Ducttape Dynasty

            You hit the nail on the head. It's natural selection. Evolution's solution to keep the weak and perverted from procreating.

          • Dawn Conti

            Wish you could meet my brother.. He`s 6' 3”. all male and would drive you across the yard with one punch…
            AND gay people can procreate.. AND do procreate by many means other than sex..
            Technology has gotten way past your caveman thinking.
            Guess what? we have acctually put men on the moon, and are now exploring deep outer space..
            Come into the new century….

          • CeeCee Parker

            Yes it tells me that people have been making wrong choices since the beginning of time.

          • Dawn Conti

            Do any of you people actually read anything besides the bible and people magazine….
            You know, like textbooks where you can acctually learn something..???

          • Dawn Conti

            knowone “TURNS” gay… it is always there.. People HIDE their gayness out of fear. They TRY to present themselves to the world as they know the world wants them to be… family expectations ETC..
            Then they reach a point where they cannot take it anymore and it comes out…usually in a flood of emotion and resentment for living their pat life hidden away..
            How would you like to live ” a life that everyone else “Chooses” for you…
            THAT is where the choice part comes in …
            You do not choose to be gay..
            Science has proven that long ago…
            Who would choose to be ostrasized and hated???

        • CeeCee Parker

          With that argument why would anyone choose to be a pedophile, a murderer or any other thing that is frowned against in this society. If you have the choice to lead a perfectly normal life?

        • kathye62

          Careful, there, Joseph. Your backwoods bigoted ignorance is showing. They're “discovering” that some of those sea monsters are real. The giant squid has been captured, along with an even larger species called the kraken. There are documented attacks on people and boats. Fish believed extinct for millions of years are “discovered” alive and well along the coast of Africa, and the locals say they're very tasty. People choose to join the KKK and the Aryan Army. I'm pretty sure those groups are a minority, and not favored ones, at that. As far as logic goes, the evolution theory has its holes, too. Lightning struck just the right spot in the ocean, or something, and created a single-celled living organism that somehow eventually became all the different forms of life, plant & animal, in all its diverse specialized forms? Not to mention the thousands of different types of cells that form the various organs and systems that comprise, maintain, and reproduce a living creature. Can you show me any kind of new species that has originated in nature in recorded history? (Genetic manipulation by people doesn't count; those are changes by human design, not natural.) People have been studying bacteria for centuries, but none has ever started to develop any higher functions.

          • Dawn Conti

            These questions are being answered today through genetic reverse engineering…
            They can dissasemble the genetic code backward to arrive at the origin…
            Genetic coding will become the new medicine…
            It appears that the genes hold the answers that are still hidden in some of our questions…
            But it is well underway…

          • Dawn Conti

            Yes many bacteria have mutated into others…
            You have not realized that the point that the biological entities are at now… in many forms..
            COULD be,,, what they evolved up to, from nothing…
            Scientists already are awhare of this…
            And if you look at old movies. look at the body types of those people 1920`s to 50`s…
            Look at people today…
            Quite a difference…Not even subtle….
            Yes everything changes eventually….Better ot worse…Who knows???

        • lz

          You can CHOOSE to ACT of the behavior! People may want to steal or kill. But CHOOSE not to do it. If you are gay you can still choose to have sex with the same sex or NOT.

          • Dawn Conti

            Iz, you couldn`t BE more wrong..
            What you BELIEVE to be true does NOT make it a fact…
            Every time I hear these type of comments I can`t help to question the person`s level of formal education..
            Opinions are useless in the real world..
            In the medical profession we say” if you can`t back it up with many scienticif and documented facts… ( real facts that can be pointed to as research) Then it means nothing..
            Facts mean nothng to you…Your opinion is worthless on a real level…Read some text books and put down the people magazine…

        • charles

          Why do people chose to be pedophiles, rapists, murders and such when they too could chose to live a normal life….They are screwed up in the head and lack morals is why. You just want people to accept your choice of perversion and decry all others……Don't work that way with most of us sparky, it is a choice

      • mark

        you are so fucked in the head no one has a choice to be gay I have 2 family members that are gay it wasn't their choice to be gay until you are in there shoes do not say something you don't know what the hell your talking about if you say gays will go to hell I hate to say it but 80% of the so called church going people will be in hell along with the rest because you do not go by the bible eather. and also not all of gods word was put in the bibble it was just a group of men picking out what they wanted to put in there. but this is true that they have so many pages that was not put in the bible I love god and always have and always will and he who loves and beleaves in him will be with him in the end

        • CeeCee Parker

          “you are so fucked in the head”…..Yes you sound like someone who will be with Him in the end. NOT SMH

      • Stlsam

        Jesus Christ save me from your so-called followers. HATE Jews much too? Guess what: JC was JEWISH you fool. The ‘ old testament’ you refer to was written by them too! So you follow Jewish law.
        Have we all forgotten about Wyoming already? You all make me sick. Ignorant , stupid, illiterate and worse. You must all be offspring of 1st cousins eh?

      • mikee

        u are wrong homosexuality is not a sin its an abomanaition against god alot differentmikee

    • Charlotte Travis

      HEAR! HEAR! thank you for those words! I am white & I have never had money, I was raised poor but didn't know it, because there was & is a whole lot of love in my family, I chopped cotton & picked cotton ,know what I got made fun of by the “well to do children” I do not hate gay people, I do hate sin, I agree with you the NAAP wants to come together as a group against one man! Real brave of them huh? I still say stand your ground Phil Robertson, stand firm on your belief! I do not believe in homosexual lifestyles, it is a choice, God did give us free will, “As for me & my house we will serve the Lord” I have never been taught color mattered, I was taught God loves everyone, because HE is the Creator of men & all men are created equal, I was a teenager in the 70's, I always wondered why there was such a controversy over people of color, when I ask my sweet Godly Momma, she said “Baby girl it is ignorance that causes this, God doesn't see the color of your skin but the color of your heart & all hearts pump red blood, but some are clean with the love of God & some are black as night full of sin” anyway that's how I was taught, “for you will know them by the fruits they bear”

      • kathye62

        Your Momma is a very wise woman, Charlotte. My Great-grandma taught us the same thing. The kids in my school judged on money, not race. The town next to mine, Benton Harbor, Mich., is predominantly black. Kids are beaten up daily just for being white, starting in grade school. Too often, the people who protest hate the loudest are filled with hate, themselves.

      • Moriah

        Charlotte, I was raised in the South with the same views. I grew up chopping and picking cotton. We were so poor, the pigs didn't even have a squeal. I should say here that I am white. Not all sharecroppers and poor people were black. I picked cotton alongside of blacks and and Latinos. Even as teenaged girl, I could pick more cotton than most men. After I went to public work I had a boss who was gay and his “friend” worked at the same place. My boss was married and had children but was more feminine than I am. lol I grew up with 5 big brothers so I was a hugh tomboy, but it never occured to me to like women and not men. When I got grown I became obsessed to get a good man to take care of me. It never once crossed my mind to have a woman. I like men. I had two husbands and, if I were looking today, it certainly would not be at a woman. Like Phil, I am a Christian and have been taught the Bible. I do not believe God means for people of the same sex to be together. It's against the normal order of things and certainly not God's will for procreation. God made men and women to fit together in order to procreate and replenish the earth.

    • Kathlyn

      I was raised DIRT poor and white in Louisiana in the same era Phil Robertson was raised. You're right. We were all poor together. I was white trash, they were poor ————– fill in the “N” word. What a lot of people really don't realize is that black people and white people figured out how to live together a very, very long time ago in the South. We have an understanding. There are racists and bigots on both sides and everybody knows that too. I have found the biggest racists and bigots around, however, reside in the North East and the West Coast. All of that said, if Phil Robertson caves to these politically correct terrorists, THAT will make ME stop watching the show.

      • Dawn Conti

        That is exactly what we need if for EVERYONE to stop watching the show. Then it will quietly go away… Hooraayy

    • kathye62

      Yes!!! Larry Cousins, the voice of reason, understanding, and intelligence! I wish more people had your deep understanding of the important things in life. We would all be better off. The KKK is like any other troll, it requires an audience and a reaction to feel justified.

    • Dawn Conti

      hatred of ANY kind is wrong. and your grand father saying he loved your cosin but marginalized gay people with derogatory comments is a definition of HATE….Are ANY of you people educated on ANYTHING…
      Throw your bible hatred on the fire will you… you all are holding back our society and demoralizing a group of people who are the same as anyone else. You are soooooo ignorant it hurts…

  • leaveitalone

    2 groups that don't watch the show. Just leave the man alone. The idiocy that erupted over this man's views has made this guy a household name, something that would not have happened if GLAAD just ignored him. No one would have even thought twice about the little back woods man if it wasn't for them. And I'm also a little tired of blacks being lumped in with GLAAD so they can feel justified in screaming civil rights for something that is no one's business but their own. So thank you GLAAD for once again blowing something out of proportion and adding more fuel to the hate fires. Good job.

  • hwr1719

    Phil has civil rights too. And he don't owe no one any apologies. He stated his believe and now everyone has their panties in a wad.

    • OKie Wonder Wolf


      • Mike Duncan

        Yeah He did. He named all the sins that was talked about in that passage. Then he quoted what the Bible calls them … Sins and said those sins won't enter the kingdom of God. Now God says that , not Phil so if you don't agree with that you tell God who he is gonna let in heaven. Phil was just stating what the bible says if you don't think so you need to read up on it. He was and is right.

        • OKie Wonder Wolf

          he has the right to name his sins not others that is in the Bible as well. he also does not have the right to lie about a peaceful group. how would yall like it if someone said all christians were terrorists & had sex with animals? yall wouldnt & it be a lie. just like what he said is. go mind your own sins & let others live their lives the way they wish. yall dont have the right to push yalls beliefs down everyones throats especially when it preaches hate. that is what the terrorists in the Muslim faith do & some other religions as well & they are also wrong.
          there are over 50 religions in this country alone & most of them are NOT christian. what right to yall have to push your beliefs over others? free will & freedom of choice to follow our own faiths. only 1/3rd of the population in this country is christian. & not even all them are believing this mans ahte & lies.

          • CeeCee Parker

            No one has to like it but he still has the right. And just in case you did not know. People have been saying mean and hateful things about Christians for years. Do they like it? No. but they move on because they are backed up by the truth. Me thinks thou does protest too much.

          • Dawn Conti

            acctually you have to protest much to get things changed.. and sacrifice, as well.
            I remember the civil rights movement of the 1960`s.. It was brutal for black people..
            Back then, they were in the same boat as the gay people are in now…
            It is the same fight.. Basic civil rights to just be and live unmolested in peace..
            When we look back now, we realize that the black people were right….The white people were wrong…
            We are all the same…
            Hetero and homosexuality are found in EVERY species on the planet…
            Anyone who has a dog, has witnessed many types of sexual behavior.
            I had a male cat that once tryed to have sex with a male rabit…
            If it is in nature at all .it is natural…
            It has already been proven to be normal… it is just that people are hung up on their own way of seeing things..

      • Michelle Thompson

        Your an idiot he was quoting the bible if you or them have a issue with it take it up with GOD….He owes them nothing period freedom of speech,this is America if you don't like it then get out as well…why is it all these gays can say what ever they want but someone doesn't like it to bad…well to bad for Gladd and the rest of the Gay bunch they need to be more concerned with the coming of Christ than Phil Robertson…….

        • Dawn Conti

          Something that doesn`t exist ( god) has no basis in deciding the fate of anyone on this earth…
          It is you hateful people who are the real problems in this world…
          If someone attacks first, then they better be ready to be held accountable….
          Robertson attacked a group of people who never did anything to him.. he is an asshole.. with a big mouth.
          AND he used MY god to spew his crap..
          God made everyone different to teach us that it is ALL GOOD…

      • Gdjohn52

        Sorry but he does have a right to say any fucking thing he wants and so do you, So do I. I dont give a shit if you stick your dick in another man and get a staph infection from having shit in your dick, Thats up to you, And you have a right to parade around like a circus to prove how gay you are, But you can take GLAAD and shove them up your ass because just like every other group they take anything they can find , twist it to meet their criteria just to get some recognition. Dont you think thats BullShit? I do

        • OKie Wonder Wolf

          he does not have the right to lie & spread hate. maybe the gov cant touch him but he should be sued for every thing he has till all he has is his little duck caller.

      • Mae

        OKie Wonder Wolf you sound so stupid.

        • OKie Wonder Wolf

          the truth bother ya? go find it our for yourself. he is a lair & a bigot as well as a pervert who preaches who to get underage kids. yet im the one you call stupid? lol yeah ok. i have studied religions since i was a little kid. i am also an Ordained minister. it is you that does not know the trutt & neither does he.

          • CeeCee Parker

            Maybe you should have done more than studied it.

      • CeeCee Parker

        Yeah he actually does and did.

    • One Very Angry Queer

      He states his what? You just proved that you are a stupid, ignorant fool. The promotion of racism in this country has gotten out of hand and clearly comes from the far right. No one in this country has the ‘ right ‘ to publicly spout off every depraved, sick, ignorant, perverted thing that pops into his pitiful excuse of for a mind! Yup, the right-wing supreme court has made that clear. Hate is NOT protected speech. Bully's like Phil are the type behind the murder in Wyoming! Have we all forgotten about that already? Time for the fags, queers and dykes of the country to stop suffering in silence and stand up and be counted! No more protest, to hell with ‘ Ghandi – esque ‘ protest. It's time to get out OUR baseball bats and sap-gloves and hit back in kind: get the drunken straights and treat them to a little pay-back. Maybe then Matthew Sheppard won't be forgotten! For those of you who have forgotten him and are literate enough and wish to learn ( not for the far-right…they already know everything ) Wikipedia has an excellent review of his murder at the hands of so-called ‘ Christians'. So if I am as you all describe, then maybe it is time for me to behave that way and give you ‘ straights’ what you so richly deserve: a taste of your own ‘ medicine ‘ : To you All I say, EAT S-T and DIE Motherf-kers. One Very Angry Queer here. de Libertas Quirkas !!

      • morgan

        one angry queer you are a sick sad human

        • morgan

          you sound like you have spent a lot of time trying to justify why gay is the way !!! I wonder how how far human exsitance would last if guys ONLY took DICKS .

  • http://www.tedflicks.com Ted Faraone

    Civil rights groups, including GLAAD, have done a fine job in making Americans sensitive to their fellow citizens who may differ from them in race, lifestyle, belief, or gender.

    In 35 years as a PR man, mostly for the entertainment industry, including broadcast and cable TV, I have observed GLAAD's PR operation from a professional standpoint. It has generally been effective. However, on the Duck Dynasty front, I think GLAAD overreached.

    Phil Robertson's religious beliefs are of no interest to me or to a great many other Americans, I should think. I have no idea why GQ Magazine, which is aimed at fashionable men, took an interest in a scruffy guy with a beard like Osama Bin Laden's unless the book had a makeover in mind.

    If I had been Robertson's PR man and had known his beliefs, I'd have advised him not to disclose them to the interviewer.

    If I had been the PR man for GLAAD, I'd have advised the organization not to go after an eccentric maker of duck calls and turn him into national celebrity beyond the viewers of his cable TV program. The TV personality that Phil Robertson projects obviously connects with his viewers, most of whom probably don't care what he thinks about religion. A petition of a quarter million people asking A&E Networks to reinstate him may bear this out.

    Now, Phil Robertson has become a rallying point for those who oppose the aims of GLAAD. Great. That's just what gay rights need, a popular spokesman for homophobia. If GLAAD had not called attention to Robertson's GQ interview, it probably would have got all the attention it deserves, which is to say almost none. The GLAAD PR offensive backfired. That is too bad, because GLAAD has an important role in advancing equal rights in America.

    If Robertson were president of an important university, a political leader, a candidate for office, or a top level journalist, scrutiny of personal opinions he publicly expressed would be appropriate. He isn't any of the foregoing. He's a guy who makes duck calls.

    On this one, it's time for GLAAD to declare victory and go home.

    • necroignis


    • Sid sees her

      Are you telling us that GLAAD calls that PR? It is nothing more than getting in our faces with an attitude. Which turns everybody off and always will.

  • Greg Courington

    A&E did listen to the people. He was reinstated. GLAAD is not the only group that has followers. Christians do too.

    • necroignis

      this isn't a religious matter, he was asked his OPINION, which is his right to have, He responded by saying love the sinner not the sin and to let god sort them out, while he may not agree with the LGBTG crowd it's still his right to think and feel his own opinion, not many would live his lifestyle either but it is up to each to decide how to come to terms with religion and/or spirituality and sexual orientation, that being said I do think Glaad is blowing this all out of proportion, then need to look at the catholic church's folly over the Davinci code

  • Robert Colontonio

    a&e at one time aired some quality television.then they sold out like every other network and began with all these crappy “reality”shows.why would i want to watch a show about a family of hygiene impaired swamp people who whiddle a device you use to blast the shit out of ducks.what a premise.these zztop lookalike filthy hillbillies are an affront to all the senses.common sense included.this and all “reality”shows should go the way of cop rock and disappear into virtual obscurity.if there is a god he will heed my words and do the world a huge solid.

  • dguvnorspecial1

    people choose what they want to be but if your gay and are overly camp i hate it and won't watch it on tv and that's my choice.if you don't like what somebody does or says then switch off

  • Akbigman

    The wrap might spend some money on a fact checker! This story is a urine stained yellow hit piece!

  • Chuck

    Any persons freedom of speech / expression is far more important to mankind than the sensibilities of perverts. If that offends you, or Charlie the role model Sheen, tough.

    • OKie Wonder Wolf


      • Gdjohn52

        You are too full of shit OKie, I bet you didnt even see what he said, most liberals cant or wont read, they just go by here-say, or what their shitbag leader tells them

        • OKie Wonder Wolf

          i did read what he said & every article that hs been about him. your attack on the truth just shows how stupid you are. i have the same right to have my say & even more so because it is the truth where as he lied. to defend this sinner makes you just as bad. keep your mind on your own sins & try reading the Bible & walking the walk while not twisting the talk. there are many Christians that disagree with this jerk & your way of thinking.but ill pray for yall to see the light & repent of your sins..

      • Mae

        Just shut up! You are a idiot. You don't even make sense.

  • Dman135

    Either way you dudes all better give me the right to vote in your states cause that sh*t is equality! No one is better than anyone. People need to meet in the middle here. Some will think the gay/bi community are bein over dramatic but when you are in an oppressed minority then you are gonna speak and work for equality. I'm surprised more people don't understand this but then again not all of America can be on the same page mentally. Aka most of you

  • Leon Brown, Jr.

    Phil Robertson is without question an uneducated, ignorant, racist, sexist, anti-gay, half-wit red-neck idiot. Unfortunately, a substantial portion of the American public shares these right-wing sentiments, and the fact that they are willing to support and watch ‘schmuck dynasty’ will, sadly, prevent the show's producers and sponsors from exerting any of the restraints and consequences that are obviously called-for and appropriate for fear of impacting their profits, regardless of the crass, hate-mongering and small-minded utterances of the thoroughly disgusting and unappealing Robertson. It is shameful, pathetic and tragic that such a prodigiously small-minded and backwards perspective should be tolerated and encouraged by by the sad lunatics who support this mental midget, and instructive that the networks reveal themselves to be nothing less than the lowest form of pimps for whom the lowest common denominator is acceptable as long as it is profitable. Robertson's family and friends should be ashamed, and all reasonable people of conscience should speak out against this revolting travesty.

    • Notabuttbandit

      Go Fk yourself Leon, you sound like a pseudo-intellectual. Phill probably has more education than you!

    • rob

      dose that mean u r a schmuck too

    • MaryAnn

      Well said !

    • Kathlyn

      Yeah. Right. An uneducated, ignorant, half-wit, redneck-idiot who designed and patented a duck call which has made him and his family multi-millionaires several times over looooooong before A&E came calling. What a total dumb-ass.

    • mark

      amen leon brown you tell the truth and all that show is a bunch of red necks putting on a fake show now whats the name of that show was it dick head ddynasty lol

  • MaryAnn

    I was horrified to learn that hundreds
    of thousands of Americans are truly this hateful and ignorant. Not
    something to be proud of. And of all the things to fight for and take a
    stand for, they're choosing to defend a rascist member of a reality tv show, that is about as real as wrestling?? Heaven
    forbid you use that energy to help a child in need in your own
    community, for example. smh

    • rob

      GLAAD are forcing their agenda on onto other people. and i think that it time for everyone in American stand up say NO!!!! to the GLAAD

      • MaryAnn

        and what do you think the warped Christian conservatives are trying to do ?

    • Sid sees her

      Oh my God, MaryAnn is a African gay using a feminine name to hide it's sexual preference. And calling everybody who disagrees with it, a racist.
      By the way MaryAnn, your fingernails must have been in the way, you misspelled the African term, racist. But I suppose your education was inadequate.
      Anyway MaryAnn, I find it an exercise in futility discussing a reasonable topic with an idiot. TahTah

      • MaryAnn

        Parting is such sweet sorrow…thanks for the look into the mind of such a frustrated guy…Just goes to prove you and your kind only understand hate….I pity you….

  • neal

    And don't put gay rights over civil rights!!

  • JW

    Actually that should read “Don't put GLAAD before God's word……..

  • Sixstring

    I am NOT Religious (say) so not putting that into the picture here OK? But if Gay people were given their own Planet/State/ ect- in about 115 years all would die out in the end- cause same sex canot create “NEW” Life- even reptiles need oposite sex as in male & female and some of them produce eggs- such as the Alligator for instance. Lust can be for pleasure-Love is a great thing and can last a lifetime through thick & thin…..just saying…

  • Ron DayVoo

    I haven't watched a and e for one second since I learned they support bigotry and hatred and I don't plan to anytime soon. and their sponsors may as well be non-existent to me now. Free speech comes with a price folks, and that price is often very expensive.

    • Shirley Ann

      I don't see any bigotry or hatred in nothing the man said, just a lot of other people that want to tell other what they can do and say. GOD word clearly speak about these things and you don't want to accept his word. So look at Isaiah55:11 and revelation 22:18and 19. No man,polictial power or government can change GOD laws no matter what the opinion of the people is. Read John 17:3 also

  • Jim Temple

    Larry,good job on your views.I think you nailed it right on .I too have a few in family that are gay,and we love them unconditional,but it also dosent mean i agree with the living style.I think this is what phil was saying,to love the sinner,but not the sin…………..

  • Steve Wilson

    GLAAD!!!! A&E clearly has placed profits over you. They talked the talk,but cashed the check!!!! Youve been duped. You thought they would back you. NOPE.

  • john

    I don't think this writer even read the article, if he did he is intentionally intolerant to people with a different view.

  • disqus_nYafO2iQ6a

    GLAAD and Jessie Jackson are now akin to home grown terrorists destroying America from the inside. Instead of throwing bombs however, they throw inflammatory language and utilize bully tactics and behavior. GLAAD and Jessie Jackson should be investigated for wrong doing and destructive behavior.

  • Helen

    Like it or not like it my son is gay and I can guarantee you bigots will never have the lavish lifestyle he has. He has 7 years of college under his belt a fabulous job and he pays taxes that enables you to get food stamps so you can sell them to buy your cigarettes.

  • disqus_NpViDkngrn

    Although greatly disappointed with A&E’s decision to support bigotry, there is a silver lining in this dark cloud. The unacceptable level of deeply ingrained intolerance and hate that still exists in America was confirmed. With an African-American president; gay-rights issues being affirmatively resolved on what seems to be a daily basis; friends, family, and colleagues showing respect for all minorities in both speech and conduct, it was becoming all too easy to think that the struggles for equality and against bigotry were nearly over. People who aspire to a better America now know, however, that we have a lot more work to do and cannot rest. It appears this will be so for much longer than we had all hoped.

    Phil’s comments also put back on display the dishonesty and two faced thinking of the pro-bigotry movement. By claiming to have no personal bias against homosexuals and other minorities all the while blaming the Good Book for their disrespectful and hateful deeds, Phil and his supporters are being dishonest; they would not accept homosexuals and other minorities even if God Himself appeared and commanded such. Like all bullies, they take too much pleasure injuring those they consider weak and will say anything to defend their right to do so. Make no mistake; they are hiding behind the Bible.

    By contrast, they appear to consider as normal behavior sex as a sport, indulging in alcohol and drugs, abandoning family, violently attacking people, etc. or that their sinning is somehow the fault of the people they choose as friends and therefore in no way do they have any personal control over their sinning. Hence, they have nothing to atone for. But we are not that naïve. We know everyone of sound mind knows when they harm someone and also know when the wrongdoer is trying to twist morals and deceive as we often see disrespectful, self-centered, and unrepentant children do. We also know that personal demons are never overcome by hating on others; thinking otherwise is being irrational and dishonest.

    And we grow weary of the nuanced proclamation of loving the sinner and hating the sin now being applied to homosexuals. Although it is probably better than outright condemnation, the majority of us consider this mostly spin, which we have seen way too much of and abhor because it is so dishonest. We know the fundamental message being advocated is that gay men and women are evil and that this catchy phrase does little to eliminate injurious acts perpetrated against homosexuals. We see it for what it really is – a way to excuse and forgive homophobic hysteria.

    Most of us who support gay rights are Christian, and Phil’s comments prove that we must do more to stop the irrational and immoral use of our religion. While hating the sins of womanizing, adultery, and divorce is rational as they cause so much hurt to so many, the gay lifestyle does not. We fully understand that those who have been lied to, used, and abused do hate their abusers and would be wise to show prejudice against them. Attempting to link gay people to cheaters is
    therefore cleverly deceitful and wrong. We find using of the Good Book to equate homosexuality with bestiality, sex as sport, adultery, and the like offensive.

    Thus, we have no choice but to reject and speak out against Phil’s homophobia. The majority of us accept the truth that love between two men or two women harms no one and is good for society. We are offended by the notion that any of our children, members of our family, of our friends and colleagues are evil just because they happen to be gay. Those who lump homosexuals into the same group as adulterers and those who have sex with animals are being dishonest to the facts. We support our gay brothers and sisters’ aspirations to love, family, and equality in all spheres of American life.

    Phil and his ilk want an apartheid America where bigots and bullies’ are in charge and their right to harm any minority of their choosing, at any time in any place, is protected. And they are using some of our most cherished beliefs – freedom of speech and freedom of religion – to argue such. We take offense to this tactic because we would do just about anything to protect these freedoms as they help us assure justice. It’s distasteful that Phil’s supporters are using these same principles to defend injustice.

    It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. We now know that this seemingly harmless older guy actually holds highly intolerant, hateful views and is not afraid to speak out and articulate them in vulgar ways. We also know that he now has a much bigger stage to promote such views.

    We additionally know that this supposed family oriented, fun filled show that prides itself on honesty has actually profited from dishonesty – we understand that Phil Robertson and his family agreed to censor his political views. It is therefore also
    safe to deduce that the executives at A&E, Disney, and CBS were well aware of Phil’s outspoken bigotry and also his sex as sport, alcohol and drug filled, and violent past. And yet, these self-proclaimed family oriented organizations aired the show and are now sending the message that they will support anyone, including an outspoken bigot, to make money. They are even profiting from the free publicity they are receiving.

    What is as troubling about all this is that there are no consequences. Not one of these deceivers is being held accountable for their immoral actions. Let us pray that such behavior does not go unpunished, as they are greatly contributing to the moral decline of America. Let’s act accordingly; at the very least, spread the word and do everything in your power to keep this story alive for years to come. Let us not forget.

  • Gdjohn52

    No one is born gay, Lets make that perfectly clear. Its a shame but gay people are a product of their families or neighbors, who abused them when they were young and It screwed up the wiring. Im not saying its gay peoples fault, It just is too bad there are so many depraved mother fuckers out there that abuse kids, But it is scientific fact that no body is born gay

  • RogerWilli

    How, exactly, does 3% of the population hold 97% hostage?

    The answer is … with the help of a complicit media! It crystallized itself with the law review “Selling Homosexuality to America” and followed the logical course of its degeneracy to … the suspension of Phil Robertson!

    It proves a rule … when a psycho-sexual disorder is given the space to consider itself
    “normal” it always will, without exception, seek to impose its madness on society.

    Every race, every religion, every viewpoint benefits when freedom of expression is protected!

    And when political correctness is rejected!

  • feit walter

    GLAAD is a militant group that attacks anyone they disagree with, with antagonistic extortion tactics. They would rather destroy something than letting it operate with morals other than its own.

    • RogerWilli

      It is symptomatic of the psycho-sexual distress. Dr, Jeffrey Satinover, at page 27 of his book “Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth” says that in discussion with persone so afflicted,, the denial was “so intense that self-examination was entirely precluded”.

  • bakermbx

    You know glaad is so obtuse that the abhorrent behavior they practice is not acceptable to 80% of the population of America especially the christian society. We are being forced to accept this behavior because the media the government administrations railleries around a voting block i don't see them practicing the same deviance that glaad aspires to. A&E is, thinking of people, just not the ones glaad wants them to.


    Larry: don't know where you get the idea that he'd be alone in a room full of gay men! LOL That would truly be ‘ Art and Entertainment'.
    Gay men and women have been ridiculed, murdered, beaten, raped, and now this. Jesus Christ, I pray to you: God in heaven, save me from your followers. ‘ Family values'? When did HATE and hate mongering become a ‘ family value'? Oh, in Alabama? Well doesn't that explain lot. RNC? Sure, I got it. American? Hmmmm…..disappoints but not surprising at all. Once again, laughingstock of the world. Just where is the ACLU and GLAAD in all this…. they want a ‘ sit down conversation’ with this fool? You cannot reason with an illiterate fanatic. To GLAAD I say, grow a pair and hit back! Yell, kick, punch make a scene or it will be more of the same…. have we all forgotten about Wyoming ? Having a DOR just doesn't cut it anymore. I'm ready to put on my leather jacket again and strike back. It has happened before and will again: roaming bands of queer men attacking drunken straights… wanna a little taste of your own medicine there Phil? You look like a Greatful Dead REJECT! BOYCOTT A&E

    • RogerWilli

      You REALLY should readf Kathlee Melonakos’ article “Why Isn't Homosexuality Considered a Disorder on the Basis of Its Medical Consequences?”

  • Frespech

    What he actually said was that the blacks that worked the fields along side of him seemed to be happy which is a far cry from making it seem as though he was saying they were better of as slaves. Does the representative from GLAAD think Robertson should apologize to drunkards-fornicators-adulterers as well.

  • kathye62

    GLAAD doesn't know what tolerance is. They certainly don't practice it themselves. They take things out of context and twist them to suit their own agenda. Phil spoke of only the blacks he knew, he didn't compare gay people to anything – he included them in a list, and anyone familiar with the show knows that he has multiracial grandchildren. True tolerance means not attacking others simply because their beliefs don't match ours. That's what groups like GLAAD can't comprehend. GLAAD is not asking for equality, they are demanding privilege, including the privilege to decide who can peacefully speak their mind, and who can't.

  • Switzer

    These groups against Phil only have 1 thing on their mind and that is trying to knock someone down that has the guts and true beliefs and letting people know how he and his family feels and lives their lives every day ! (PHIL) !!! May God give you strength and the courage to face these IDIOTS that are trying to twist everything you represent and stand for as a True Godley Man and Father ! You could represent my family as well. We are 100% behind you my friend. ALSO, as for the Ignorant people that have posted some comments on this post that have said there is NO scientific proof there is a GOD. You obviously have not read the Bible !! The proof is in the pudding ! Just read it and ask questions ! The answers are there my friends, you just do not want to see them !!

  • Girl

    How can Phil apologize for something he believes in? I don't understand that. GLAAD doesn't apologize for their beliefs so why should Phil? That's being a hypocrite. First off, he wasn't trying to be offensive he was stating the bible, in which the bible classified the homosexuals with the drunks and murderers. As for the blacks, he really never said anything offensive only what he was around. I can't say I was around blacks that hated white people nor put them down. So am I a racist as well? The only thing he said that could be taken out of context is that he was white trash and was classified the same as the blacks. No blacks had it way worse, but he as white trash was treated poorly as well, not like the blacks. But overall he was not being a racist. PERIOD!!!!

  • karlacct

    Of course A&E will choose profits over a group that doesn't watch the show. Why would they cater to GLAAD, who pays no bills for this show? It was always about money, and not about sexual orientation, picking cotton, or any damn thing but money. A&E folded pretty quickly when challenged by the bill-payers.


    1st Amendment folks.Liberals want to ban it unless it meets their criteria of politically correct speech.Using their logic,I dislike liberals so we should ban them for hate speech against people on the right,like the recent MSNBC show belittling Romney because he has an adopted black grandchild.Hypocrisy's real definition name is LIBERAL voter

  • Rebecca Grider

    GLAAD is upset about A&E putting profits above people. Welcome to what conservatives have been dealing with for 20 years. They don't hear that we want less foul language, less violence, less sex/nudity garbage, less horror, etc. Until…suddenly the most watched show in America that finally has some decency about it is on trial. What about all the years we've asked for some respect and haven't been heard?

    Phil isn't shy about admitting his wayward past and lumps that in the same category with all other sin.What's your upset? He too, like the rest of us, needed change and found it. He's simply stating the facts, we each have sinned in some way and need the same Savior. That doesn't mean that he should lie and say that dishonesty, murder, cheating, stealing, unmarried sex, homosexuality, witchcraft, gossip, etc is okay with our creator…it's not, never has been, never will be. That's not his opinion, that is as true as gravity and I don't see you debating gravity even though some have found ways to defy it. Defying truth does not make it untruth.

  • alexandera

    enough woth glaad saad……. we are americans
    unlce si (Mr. Phil's brother) faught for our country to have freedom of speech
    including for “Glaad”
    Who is now going to fight for our country's freedom:
    a guy with high pink heels

  • Glad I'm not Glaad

    Glaad was completely right, they make up a very small % of viewers so A&E did exactly right. They listened to the 97 or 98% of the comments and brought back Phil.

  • Wowza

    Really??? I don't understand the fuss… Mr.. Robertson voiced what he believes in and his opinion… Okie Wonder Wolf….In my opinion you’re a little off your rocker… The Constitution does give him the right to say what he wants “freedom of speech” Lie
    and attack peaceful people??? Really where was the lie? HE VOICED AN
    OPINION and his beliefs … you either agree or not… People need to
    understand that not everyone is going to like or agree with them… People
    need to suck it up and move on… Sue him? For what he hurt someone’s
    feelings… a bigger person who is confident in themselves would laugh
    it off or better yet not allow it to bother them… Your posts seem very angry you should speak to someone professionally about how angry you are… The individuals whom have called this man a red-neck ,backwards, illiterate among other brutal names …What makes you so different then Mr. Robertson… your just voicing an opinion and you belief…right? Webster's Dictionary has a word and definition that explains your behavior.

    hypocrite- a person who claims or pretends to have certain beliefs about what is right but who behaves in a way that disagrees with those beliefs.
    Cant label Mr. Robertson as a hypocrite …

  • Jan Dore’

    I highly doubt that gays and blacks watch duck dynasty anyway. I truly believe that his comments were purposely taken out of context by those just looking for a reason to call helpless attention to themselves. For real, you are going to ask a 67 year old white male from Monroe Louisiana leading questions and not get cultural answers? Time for the black and gay community to learn tolerance too.

  • rollon

    gays are not a race of people…and should not get the same consideration as African Americans

  • rollon

    I never thought I would see the day when a dick sucker would try to rationalize his stinky breath

  • linda sis

    enough is enough
    bottom line is, glad aka saad is not going to force their bullying on people to infringe their right of freedom of speech
    Mr. Roberstons oleder brothe Uncle Si fought of our country during the vitnam war so we can all have our freedom aka speech
    answer this glad;who will you send if we need soldiers:
    let me guess, a “man” with pink high heels
    you are not choosing your battles wisely
    sit down and shut up
    you are bringing gay people further down stop spoon feeding us

  • linda sis

    I soooooooo agree homosexuals are not a race
    they were never slaves
    they were never put in a concentration camp
    they were never murdered because of what their religion is
    they always play the victim cards
    how have the helped our country to be safe and strong
    glitter, crying, mimicking a girls voice….
    we are americans! don't force your life on us

  • radioguy1316

    Can practicing homosexuals be saved?

    by Matt Slick

    If “practicing homosexual” means a person who is openly approving of homosexuality and is engaged in it, can this person be saved? Yes and no. Yes, because any sinner has the potential of becoming saved. On the other hand, if the person is professing to be a Christian yet is unrepentantly practicing homosexuality, then it would appear that he would not be saved. 1 John 2:4 says, “The one who says, ‘I have come to know Him,’ and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.” So, a homosexual can be saved, but once saved the Spirit of God will move that person to repent of the sin of homosexuality. If a person continues to practice homosexuality unrepentantly, promoting it, etc., then that person would not be demonstrating evidence of regeneration.

    But then again, a person could become saved, still fall into homosexuality, be convicted by the Spirit of sinning, and all the while seek to break free from it. So technically, in this last sense, he could be saved and be a homosexual — not as a lifestyle, but as in struggling against his sin which sometimes can get the best of him. It would be like a drug addict becoming a Christian and still being hooked on drugs. He would struggle against it but still have the desire to participate in it

  • TidalWave

    I think it is quite apparent that no one here changed anyone's mind. Same way with Phil Robertson or say, Al Sharpton. Neither of these men actually change anyone's mind. People continue to believe what they believe. All of us have the opportunity to study and read and form our own educated opinions. With that being said, freedom of speech is a right that none of us should ever take for granted. Sometime the “speech” is not what we want to hear, sometimes it is pure ignorance and sometimes it is enlightening…but we should protect that right to say it.

  • believe

    I can't understand why the Homosexuals are upset that every body don't agree with their life style, If your so proud of it what you believe then it shouldn't bother you what people have to say,. I have a R IGHT to disagree about any thing or any body, so GROW UP BOYS AND GIRLS ort what ever sex you choose to be.
    So you were born with a fact that your body didn't match your brain as to what sex you wanted to be.
    Is all your proving by your action your not comfortable with who you are. You shouldn't give a hoot in hell what people think , go live the life you choose and shut the hell up.
    I don't like Red Heads, pimples, Dirty feet, poor people, Now for the things I can change I will for those I can I learn to live with, but I DON'T MAKE IT EVERY BODIES ELSES PROBLEM. Get the point if your smart you will if your begging for attention and get mad because every body don't want to be a homosexual , PLEASE MAKE THAT YOUR PERSONAL PROBLEM If you consider it one.

  • mike360000

    That's right, don't put profits over people. Let ALL people state their beliefs equally. This way no one side profits from the other being shut out for any reason.

    So according to GLAAD they are the ones putting profit over people because they wish to shut out ALL forms of debate or anyone opposed to their form of thinking. In which case I ask; Who profits from that?


    Michael– Deo Vindicabamur

  • Liberals have no morals

    More lies and distortions from the deranged gay crowd. But you have to wonder about any organazation that thinks gay is normal. Gay is not normal never was and never will be.

  • saintzband .

    How bigoted and one-sided. GLAAD wants to pressure A&E preaching “People over profits” and yet that is exactly what they are guilty of in trying to pressure DD by suspending Phil! They wanted them to change their Godly morals in exchange for financial pressure; when they wouldn't, now the shoe is on the other foot. I agree with Mr. Cousins’ comment below: they want to put Phil in the hot seat so they might twist and distort his comments for their own ends. GLAAD cares not about right or wrong; they care only about furthering their agenda.

  • Tiassopinkmommy

    This entitlement of approval that gays and lesbians have is getting really old. I in no way shape or form agree with their lifestyle however thats their businesses i only wish they would stop trying to force their views on everyone because everybody doesnt agree with them and as long as no ones hurting anyone why should a difference of opinion matter. Have more tolerance LGBT community.

  • Dawn Conti

    It is amazing that knowone cares that this guy is a pedephile…Going after young girls.
    The gay issue seems to have overshadowed this part…
    If he came after my daughter he would be running down the street with his severed dick in his hands.. and an ass full of birdshot, to boot….Filthy pig masquerading as a minister of god… What an insult to god…if there is one..

    • Tiassopinkmommy

      You have some harsh words for the wrong person. How is he a pedophile? You're just being hateful. But thats serious to say and you shouldn't say things like that unless you have100% proof which you dont.

      • Dawn Conti

        He is a pediphile because HE was the one talking about if a man wants to be happy, he should marry a girl 15 yrs old…
        Hello,,,!5 is a CHILD… the definition of pedopheilia…
        And HE calls HIMSELF a christian,,
        The average pedephile is a middle aged married white male…
        Often their own children are their victims…
        THIS IS NOT MY OPINION…This is a documented fact..
        Look up pedephile on the wikapidea dictionary. or any dictionary. and you will find the answer is correct..
        I am a social worker in training.. In college now AND a 57 yr old mother of 3,,,

  • None ya

    SHUT UP GLADE! if you have a problem with freedom of speech, fix the problem. and the problem IS homosexuality! and jessie jackson is a moron that needs to be more worried about the crimes his own family is doing. cant tell you how tired i am hearing about how the “gay people” are so misunderstood. No, we understand you clearly. “gay people” want to pratice something clearly unacceptable by the Christian world and all the ranting and raving is not going to change that. “Gay people” wants everyone else to accept them, they have to accept that everyone else is NOT going to accept it no matter how many clubs, groups, parades and festivals they have.



  • TRicia

    First Amendment trumps all. GLAAD needs to respect our Constitution, but of coure they don't. They are all about what they want.

  • Mike Conner

    I stopped watching , When I go into walmart and see all the dynasty crap for sale it kinda makes me ill. Of course thinking of my 14 year old niece getting married to some dumb red neck at 15 or 16 like robertson believes makes me ill also .

  • Rosemary White

    I really wish, Duck Dynasty would get an offer from another network. Let A& E SWEAT. I love this family show. wherever they r I will watch.

  • charles

    I keep hearing that science has proven homosexuality is not a choice………There is no proof of any such thing……..Nobody ever offers a legitimate study that says people are born homosexual……..It is a choice anyone can make if they chose, normal people simply chose not to indulge in anything so silly and in some cases smelly

    • guerillasurgeon

      If you truly believe that homosexuality is a choice why don't you prove it by changing your sexuality. You don't even have to do anything “smelly”, just decide to be attracted by people of the same gender.Just do it for a couple of months if it's so easy, and then get back to us :-).

  • Dee Sund

    Dawn Conti— I feel sorry for you. At 57, you are going to college to be a social worker, but you haven't even found out who you are? You also said that you are a believer, but you deny God by saying it is only a ‘belief'. You also said that it is tattooed on your forearms. I hope that was rhetorical since Leviticus 19:28 says, “And you must not make cuts in your flesh for a deceased soul, and you must not put tattoo markings upon yourselves. I am God”