‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson: Marry 15 or 16 Year Old Girls (Video)

'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson: Marry 15 or 16 Year Old Girls (Video)

“Duck Dynasty” patriarch says high school age women will “pick your ducks”

Phil Robertson is in hot water again after fancying himself a marriage counselor.

Video footage of the reinstated “Duck Dynasty” star urging attendees at a 2009 Christian retreat to tie the knot with high school age girls of 15 or 16 years old went viral this week.

The main advantage of marrying a woman so young is that she is more willing to pick a husband's ducks than an older woman with  a valid driver's license or the ability to legally drink. No, picking ducks is not sexual innuendo — Robertson built his fortune in the duck hunting game and those birds need plucking.

“These boys are waiting until they get to be about 20 years old before they marry ‘em,” Robertson notes in the video. “Look, you wait until they get to be 20 years old, the only picking that's going to take place is your pocket.”

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Robertson, who has a 16-year old granddaughter, does say that they should have parental permission to get hitched.  He knows firsthand the virtues of getting the wedding out of the way before prom. He married his wife Marsha “Kay” Carroway when she was 16.

In the video, Robertson also offered a “river rat” counseling, saying, “Make sure that she can cook a meal. You need to eat some meals that she cooks, check that out…Make sure she carries her Bible. That'll save you a lot of trouble down the road. And if she picks your ducks, now, that's a woman. They got to where they're getting hard to find.”

The latest controversy comes after Robertson was briefly suspended from his hit A&E reality show for a GQ interview in which he likened homosexuality to bestiality and said that black cotton pickers he knew in the pre-Civil Rights era South were happy.

“Duck Dynasty” stars Willie and Korie Robertson will discuss the blowback from Robertson's comments during an appearance on Fox News Channel's All-American New Year special.

Watch the video:

  • Jesus Christ

    15 and 16 is really young.

    My Name is Jesus and I don't approve of Robertson's message. Let the girls live their lives and get a solid education first. Please don't be nasty.


    • deversal

      Hey ignoramus, the mother of the real JESUS was 15 possibly 13, through history,which you are obviously ignorant of, women have wed at these young ages. Women can become pregnant at about 13 years old, mabie this is a plan bigger than your small mind!

      • Art Steele

        You have a daughter?

      • Jimmy

        Name calling — always the classy way to deal with someone who has a differing idea from you. As for Jesus’ mother, what happened more than 2,000 years ago is meaningless. This is the 21st century, most of us now think teenage girls should be, well, teenage girls not property to be given away. It is beyond disgusting to say men should marry girls this young. Defending that only makes you sound silly.

      • FlaveFlava

        More 13 year old's should get knocked up to increase the chance of another Jesus.

        • lost in texas

          Thats all we need is another pervart

          • Jerry “The Old Schoolteacher”

            “Pevart”… In Texas>> (Pervert) No, say it ain't so!

        • Jerry “The Old Schoolteacher”

          Ok then! Look buddy, we're all trying to end prohibition and you're feeding the flames…Some might think you drunk or worse.. Don't push it OK? (I wonder how many ‘get’ this?)

    • Larry Major

      Mary was 15 when she carried Jesus in her womb!

      • Jerry “The Old Schoolteacher”

        Did she have an ID to Vote?? Oh that's right, we still don't need and ID to Vote! Conjecture is at best a guess.



    • Warren

      So you think you're Jesus Christ. You'll be humbled and broken when you meet the real one and have to explain your impersonation. It's blasphemy. A false Christ was and is called “antichrist” by the real Jesus.

      I watched the video and wager you have not. Phil's comments (of many years ago) were not about subjugating young girls. The CONTEXT is having a wife that will pick the feathers from the ducks you bring home, instead of picking your pocket. He also said cook a good meal. He also said carry a Bible. That means she will have the best guide there is on living life and will not be full of herself like so many are today.

      • DEBRA

        I MARRIED AT 16, PHIL married KAY at 16. He did not want this out of context.All people should carry a bible and surrender to God you can't lose. God has changed my life never going back HEAVEN BOUND I'am thank you LORD for saving a sinner like me! =DEBRA

        • Jerry “The Old Schoolteacher”

          Hooray! I salute you.. I don't even have to agree with you. You have a moral compass and seem to value ‘something’ other than yourself! Be well, my friend.

      • BobKa

        No need to pass judgement on others. Christians leave that up to God. Forgive others and you will be forgiven.

      • mymymzC

        Get real she was a teenager,probably living some when in the same area there of.she fell for a older guy 2-3 yrs,or more,so he molded her the way he wanted her 2 be,then married w/permission married her started having a family,,wasn't nice she said at the wedding they never had,he did't comment when she said that,but she loved him after all he put her & the boys thru,we all have our demons 2 deal wit they were poor didn't he talk abt chopping cotton w/blacks they seem ok 2 him. mind U it get hot,hot,hot in(LA) Louisiana iin SUMMER VERY HUMID & hoeing is not a cake walk .sound like he was molding her the way he wanted her.. why would she be full of herself she's a teenager in love.

        • Jerry “The Old Schoolteacher”

          Very interesting exposition of a reality, many could have experienced. Though difficult to imagine, it's very romantic and worthy just the same.. A hard life is just that: Hard.

    • Reina

      Seriously that is so disrespectful to sit there and try act like you are Jesus, you should be ashamed. I am pretty sure Jesus wouldn't be trolling the internet reading articles on Phil Robertson.

    • Jerry “The Old Schoolteacher”

      15 or 16 IS VERY YOUNG! Here's your sign.. (He was speaking metaphorically).. I guess the fellow's mode of dress, has stereotyped him. Phil is not an ignorant buffoon as you would imagine…… He's saying women are despoiled in America at a younger and younger age. Thanks Media, money and intellectuals for ruining the innocence that used to be.

      • crystal8521

        Jerry if I had daughters, I would make sure they were told to stay away from you. A little creepy for most.

    • twister55

      get real ur not jesus

    • nysticks

      You are not Jesus – You are just another moron voicing his opinion

  • Ames Hill

    and you think that Phil Robertson used “coarse language”? F-word you! aptly named “Mundane Matt” your narrative is gratuitously coarse. not cool

  • Quedavid

    The whole family are backwoods rednecks that have a certain racist and sexist perspective of the world. Why are we even surprised with the foolish they say. They have a freedom of speech and can say what they please but I also have a freedom of speech to be critical of their ignorant comments. I also have the freedom not to watch the show or patronize the stores that sell their products.

    • Jerret

      Agree! At last a comments that makes sense

    • steve

      Girls are getting pregnant at 13 and 14 , but they are only “Backwoods”, If they get married at that age , what sort of logic is that. If you don't watch the show , how do you claim to know anything about them : From the media? Since you have classified them as “Backwoods Rednecks” , I would think it is only fair that you let us know what you are classified as. If such a category exists.

      • crystal8521

        Don't even try to defend a man holding the bible in the air telling other MEN to seek out pre teen little girls to rape and train. FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!

        • Mike

          WHO is “telling other MEN to seek out pre teen little girls to rape and train”? WHO? WHO?
          F.U. retard!

    • Renee

      Then if you don't care DON'T COMMENT!!!!!!! Backwood people are better than you any day!!!!!!! We have better love and morals than you so called unbackwood people!!

      • Quedavid

        As a citizen of the United States I have the Freedom of Speech, therefore I am I free to comment and be critical of ignorant comments by Backwoods rednecks. Just as you, as a backwoods person have a right to comment. Morals and Love have no level of rating. You have Love and Morals or you don't. Not sure how being a racist and sexist make you have better love or morals, sort of an oxymoron.

        • Jerry “The Old Schoolteacher”

          You've had your “say,” Sir…we find it ‘wanting.’ Go “on:” with your bad self!

      • Jerry “The Old Schoolteacher”

        “Backwoods,” means so much more than ‘ignorant,’ ‘simple,’ taste or locale. “Backwoods” specifically means: a simplicity of understanding of things, without phony embellishments, trappings of grandeur or bourgeois attitudes. There's an honesty that pervades a Backwood person's way of life. You all (Y'all) wouldn't understand that… There are “Backwoods” people called the Amish. Or Appalachian people with a language (literally) all their own. People who reside in the Bayous of the South…. perhaps New Englanders who live far up-State in Maine….How's about the Michigan Peninsula or Minnesota Backwoods? Don't forget Alaska! See? Just because you are ensconced in an urban life, doesn't give you any right to feel superior. If you tried to survive in the “Backwoods” of any place, you'd die, period. Ignorance for YOU, is NOT Bliss.

      • crystal8521

        Then go marry a 15 year old boy, you “morally superior” idiot.
        Don't comment if it's against homophobic racist Phil? what happened to that free speech you guys demand?

      • Jesus Christ

        actually, if you look at statistics, you will see that the highest rate of teen pregnancy and all sorts of STDs is in the bible belt where abstinence only is taught. Plus, during the colonial period, in the south, it was common to have teenage girls pregnant long before marriage. The north has a sense of family. You guys just claim morality, thump your bible, but live a mess.

    • Jerry “The Old Schoolteacher”

      Yup..You are another Hater, who wouldn't understand REAL American life, if it bit you in your ass.

      • jeremy

        what's “real American way of life”?America is based off of immigration and full of many cultures and lifestyles. the only real American way of life is Native American living. so if your not living in a teepee then your not living the “American” way of life. your comment is completely IGNORANT! you all need to stop judging and worry about others and just go live your life and be happy.

  • anonymous

    In most states that would make you a pedophile.

  • Darrell Hahn

    Did any of you morons hear the laughing in the background?

    • Jerry “The Old Schoolteacher”


  • Larry Major

    Obama could go out on stage and kill kittens while singing the Communist
    Manifesto and dancing and his supporters would still back him!

    • Frances

      Sadly, you are so right …

      • crystal8521

        Sadly you are dumber in the dumb & dumber show.

    • crystal8521

      I just read yet again another published study showing that people with Conservative ideologies, chauvinistic tendencies, and prejudices tend to have low IQ's. Thanks for validating that study.
      Google it and read the 50 or more studies on this finding. You just might learn something one of these days.

    • Jeremy

      he could also be the greatest president ever and you still wouldn't like him either because he's black or democrat. I bet a million dollars your a racist and/or a republican. and satan himself could run as the republican candidate and get your vote just because of the (r) next to his name.

      • Cleo

        Alas, he is NOT the greatest president ever.
        Here's a saying I heard today. I'm proud to be black says the black man, I'm proud to be asian says the asian man, etc., etc., I'm proud to be white says the racist.

        • Betty Johnson

          Now your post is just sad, I see where you were trying to go but it missed it mark. It's not about being proud to be white, it's about if you are a racist or not. I'm proud to be who I am but I am not a racist and appreciate other races and their own pride. If you're proud to be white and are tolerant that not all people are white and respect that other races have that same pride than cool but if you're proud to be white and look at yourself as superior and are racist than there is a problem.

      • Betty Johnson

        So true, so true. Backwards thinking and logic on that person part. It's sad.

    • Betty Johnson

      I'm confused, how did Obama get into this conversation? Are you so angry at him that everything in the world revolves around him? Apparently you are not completely in the world communication loop because any and everything Obama does or says is criticized. Mr. Phil deserves to be the subject in a lively debate on his comments and antics. This is America, lighten up and breath, just breath. Oh, and I'm an Obama supporter and I don't think I would support him if he's killing kittens but is he sings the Communist Manifesto I'm okay with that, it's America and we have freedom of speech.

  • Victor

    THIS JUST IN… Phil Robertson said something five years ago!!!!

  • Noah Truax

    I wonder if he has anybody in mind for his grandaughter Saddie?

    • Jerry “The Old Schoolteacher”

      Alright, Noah…. Don't go there…. LOL

  • Steven

    Girls are getting pregnant at 14 and 15, but getting married at that age is wrong? You don't think that sounds a little messed up? Welcome to the US. Phil is right , if you follow the teachings of the bible {and they are sound}, you won't go wrong. Follow the teachings of Glaad , or any of the other splinter groups trying to convince the population that their way of living {example: center your life on sexual preference}, will end badly. Spin it any way you want , Lie , Cheat , Steal , Decieve , or lust , is not going to end up good in any way , shape or form.

    • ProSlavery

      Yup base your life on the bible and bring slavery back!!!

  • Quest

    Duck Dynasty ratings may not have anything to do with Phil. I once saw a star of a series saying that you really don't get into the money until about the 6th or 7th year of production. That is just the nature of the business. If the Duckers last a couple more years I wonder how much their salaries will go up. If they don't I'm pretty sure it wont break Phil or anyone else in his family. As far as teen Marriages go, Nearly all the guys and girls I went to high school with that married their high school sweethearts are still married today. As far as pedophile goes our troops were warn that in Afganistan (sp) to look the other way because marriage to 9 year old girls is not unusual it is excepted. I don't necessarily agree but when the average age or the death rate is in the 40's and a lot of women die in child birth I can see were it would be that way. If a girl were to wait until she had an education in those countries to marry there would be know one to marry and she would be to old to bear children, as if they would let them get an education.

    • Married41Years

      The morals behind what he said is so individualized, who knows him well enough to put his words into a common context? There is so much more that would have to be known about the actions behind his words before he can be judged. The spectrum of how marrige defines the roles and functioning between men and women in any culture varies WIDELY around the world. One example is cultures where women are legally, or by religious doctrine, requires women to be totally subservient to the husband and men generaly, to the extent of denial of basic rights that not only allows extreme measures for disobediance, but requires it. It is common knowledge that the early age for marrige began in the earliest times of humans. It was for good reason in the past, such as the age where conception was possible, shorter life expectancy and the high mortality rates for both mothers and children. The age where a woman (girl) becomes able to conceive was seen as a sign from God as when they should marry.
      The real concern behind this aspect of what we consider “Womens’ Rights” is those countries and cultures that do not want a progressive culture as men are afraid of the loss of power. They will have to start justifying their actions. It goes beyond the cover of morality and goes to not accepting operating as a partnership, but having absolute control. I have seen these controlling men and the abuse that results from it.



  • Eliza Holmes

    He is mostly right. I tell my son to make sure he picks a good woman. Reliable one. That can cook, clean and raise his children to be a productive part of society. Laziness is a thumbs down. Being pretty and manicured is a thumbs down. They don't like to do no work and cost more money even when they earn enough to support themselves. A being a Christian is a plus, plus , plus! I have three brothers who had to learn this the hard way. It's okay to be pretty and care for yourself, but life goes beyond how you look in the mirror. A lot of these women become more and more selfish the older they get. And don't let me start with the cellphone's. I'll just say if the cellphone was a baby, it would be well cared for.

  • angie

    He just needs to stop talking. Open mouth, insert foot. I like him, but he must be a complete idiot.

    • Artie Farty

      at least he's not putting what you put in your mouth in his.
      open mouth insert ?????

    • Jerry “The Old Schoolteacher”

      A “Complete” Idiot…sort of ‘goes against the grain'… Idiots are so moronic, completing a task seems unreal to me. Thus to be a complete idiot might be impossible. Perhaps MM ‘made the grade'….

  • Artie Farty

    liberals support muslims who do worse.
    i guess if it weren't for liberals we'd have no use for the word hypocrite.

  • Artie Farty

    do a piece on how liberals voted against slavery every single time in the congress and how liberals started the KKK and how liberals call everyone bigots and racists when they're the racists and bigots and how if it weren't for thr republicans liberals would still own slaves
    then you can ask why any black person would support liberals.
    they're like chickens supporting colonel sanders.

    • Just Me

      Wow! Excellent point…. Well, other than it's generally bizarre and absurdly laughable, as well as poorly written, filled with grammatical errors, contains a nonsensical simile, and is based on ridiculous, unsupported and inaccurate assertions.

  • Artie Farty

    liberals preaching morals.
    what planet is this?

  • Artie Farty

    watch out….gay people and muslims won't watch the show anymore.
    why were they watching it in the first place????
    they weren't.

    • Jerry “The Old Schoolteacher”


  • Artie Farty

    why would liberals watch a show about a bunch of people who worked their obama's off to become successful? doing hard work to better themselves is the furthest thing from their minds
    next you'll be telling me liberals are reading the bible.

  • Artie Farty

    do a piece on why liberals are dirtbags who want to live off the gov't.

  • Reina

    So people are getting mad at what he says about girls getting married at 16 well do you get this angry over all the girls having unprotected sex and getting pregnant at 15 and 26? What about that? That's okay though right? I don't understand people.
    I wouldn't want my niece to get married now. I told her to wait until after she goes to college and can get a good job (if she is lucky). Once she is self sufficient then she should start looking for a guy (one with a job as well). Because then she won't need any financial support from him just love.

  • Reina

    Also come on now obviously this was a joke……

    • Jerry “The Old Schoolteacher”

      It's becoming such…

  • Morning star

    All you people are messed up in your head especially the ones follow the bible everyone of you must have done something horrific in your life to believe your a sinner so you people use the bible as an excuse rather than a teaching to feel like your being saved that's why you try to teach your Jesus bullshit to others that you don't think respect him!
    # dumbasses

  • balashi

    Love how suddenly the media has a moral compass because it fits their agenda. Suddenly the idea of sexualizing 15-year olds bothers them after decades of MTV and Brittany Spears etc… good ole media hypocrisy!

  • astroguy54

    Sick perverted mind.

  • Jerry “The Old Schoolteacher”

    I get what he's saying… “Picking” a duck, refers to the fact that so many woman won't get their hands or (God forbid) their nails dirty.. He's speaking to REAL young women, not the phony, painted, artificial kind the media produces. His wife Kay, would've been the way she was then, at 30 and now, simply because she IS real. Y'all that ‘pick’ with your noses in the air, can't begin to contemplate what Phil says, as you lose Him in the interpretation. He's saying, “get a woman NOT affected by her age”.. Does He think marrying a 16 year-old is a good idea?? NO. He's saying don't marry any woman ‘spoiled’ by experience, not conducive to marriage longevity. It seems, he saying that by the time women are 20, they are ruined by the media and it's cohort, the educational system.

  • crystal8521

    I think the ratings didn't drop from “its getting boring, over scripted, it played itself out, I cant afford cable any more, the producers didn't market it right, they brought in to many cast members, because it's on to late or to early or this or that”

    The reason why the ratings dropped and the show will come to a screeching end is because they used hate and prejudices to gain ratings. I know and so does any intelligent person that these DD fans are in denial. For them to admit the truth would mean they would have to admit that just maybe their thinking is a skewed. Just maybe a majority of Americans will not tolerate such ignorance. If that's the case the DD fan must come to terms with their own issues. I would imagine also learning last week that these guys were never really hillbillies, but college grads with degrees and spent their time clean shaven, manicured and out golfing and living the good high society life would be a real kick in the butt.

    Once the DD fans saw that they were now double burned to learn they fell for these rich guys playing them like fiddles for money and ratings and they were dumb enough to fall for it. They knew they couldn't admit they were idiots. So play the denial game to themselves and the world. The DD fans should just stop making bigger douche nozzles out of themselves.

    Guess what guys? RACISM, HATE, PREJUDICES, AND BIGTORY IS UNACCEPTABLE AND MORALLY WRONG! America has spoke, get your acts together

  • Carson Corey Jones

    The controversy over all this, gets to border a type of insanity, it is a waste of time to explain God” to any of these who are without Christ, as it gets more and more away from any real truth. The record of God in the Bible is a living experence for all who truly belong to Christ. those around true believers neither know Christ, belive His Word or understand it. ” This is clearly both seen and understood. yet God Himself does not judge them in the end……….after having been stripped naked of human flesh to stand before God, before His all searching eyes. We then having been seen for what we really are and have become, This is what will judge us. We will be judged by the word Himself, whom many will have rejected, and will be in torment in Gods preasence, looking at there own choice!! they condemed themselves. as the Scriptures are clear “no adulterers, Idoliters Homosexules, druckers, gluttens and the list goes on, will enter the kingdom of God, they won't know Christ in this life or be made clean, their Souls healed, and to live in the Love of God. sadly God loves all and wants all to come to repentence……….the choice is with each of us, let us pray for those who are without Christ, and truly love them…..let God be their judge at the end of the age! not us!!……..atend to our own salvation, how do any of us know that we will make it. Let us be all restored to sanity and to a right understanding, and all the good that God has for us. It is Gods love that changes the heart! …Amen.

    • Lucifer

      Lol wow you truly have no life! No need to explain why you spoke for yourself! You and your kind are a disease to this world an STD that you can't get rid of lol!

  • rockblogger

    Yes he is right becoz when these girls grow up like above 18 they become arrogant and dont want to be a part of a moral good upbringing family. So we find these same girls who became part of the femisint group in 1960 and destroyed americas family traditional base So they slept around for lust and liberal parties or sometimes even as hores for money or got easy jobs to dance in nude clubs to dance and make money These same liberal democratic leaning female become natural democrat voters for the sake contraceptives. Then they give birth to illigetimate boys and girls in this societies to depend on us becoz they dont want to live with husbands but rather be bitches….and reproduce bast…….and go to the government for child support for her ass is lazy or weak woman is the justification. See girls who have no conservative way of family values all this liberal woman then become cry babies and look for hand outs or become hores and it is ok in liberal culture for a woman to be a hore or be pregnant without any consequences and then our government has to give childsupport or they become dependent . This is what woman freedom bought to USA and look at the other countries where they still have traditional woman roles and also work but they take care of husbands and childrens and be responsible but not like howling liberal femnist bitches we have in our country It is time to bring back all old religious law that the woman be punished for being pregnant without marriage and she cannot just sleep around for her lust but be with the family You know womans are actually snakes who are sneaky and freedom makes them whine everwhree

  • amys

    Yuck. How creepy. Our society is better than this.



  • Edith

    Sad to see people of this country take anything out of reference. Where are the adults in this country when you can't tell anyone their doing wrong and they holler ” I'm offended!” Where are the men to stand on what's right? May GOD still have mercy on this, what once was a righteous country, to a pathetic place to try to live, place. We do not watch A&E anymore for where they stand. Their wrong. Just like anyone claiming to be Jesus Christ.

  • twister55

    reporters jump on tlc they have a show called teen moms

  • Jessi

    Im 15 and i find this sexist and just wrong its basicly saying the younger the easier were manipulated to do what men want so just to have an obedient wife who cooks for you and plucks your game because when we get older we will just take money. seriously this aint in the time were woman basically had no say in anything except obeying their husband and not all women are selfish what about getting an education a job and living our lifes before marrying barely tennagers off cuz our life will be being an obedient housewife. I would have to get brainwashed before i marry at this age!

  • Fabolous

    That goes to show most straight religious men are pedophiles bastards with no remorse. If is up to them, they married their own daughters, cousins, aunts. Oopss that did happen hundreds years ago…

  • travis

    I don't know why everyone is getting upset about this, because this is what white people from Louisiana do. I wouldn't be surprised if his wife is his cousin or sister too.

  • 80sMetallion .

    Phil is a much smarter man then the show and the media play him off to be.

  • Judy Brooks


  • yvon

    To start with that was 50 years ago when things were a lot different, girls preferred to get married to the one they love instead of just having sex without making a comment (which I realize in todays society this is accepted) but in the eyes of God it is not.

  • togetthetruth

    Once a POS always a POS!