Dailies | ‘Enemy’ Trailer Finds Jake Gyllenhaal's Doppelgänger on the Loose (Video)

'Enemy' Trailer Finds Jake Gyllenhaal's Doppelgänger on the Loose (Video)

A24 is releasing Denis Villeneuve's psychological thriller, which also stars Melanie Laurent, Sarah Gadon and Isabella Rossellini

Enemy poster_largeA24 has released the first trailer and poster for Denis Villeneuve's psychological thriller “Enemy,” which stars Jake Gyllenhaal in dual roles.

Gyllenhaal plays a man who sees his doppelgänger in a movie and begins to obsess over finding him.

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Melanie Laurent (“Inglourious Basterds”) co-stars alongside Sarah Gadon and Isabella Rossellini.

“Enemy” premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September just as Villeneuve's other Gyllenhaal thriller, “Prisoners,” stormed theaters.

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The abstract thriller will premiere on DirecTV on Feb. 6 before it hits theaters on March 14.

Watch the trailer below: