Fox's ‘Gotham': Meet Bruce Wayne, Age 12

Fox's 'Gotham': Meet Bruce Wayne, Age 12

Kevin Reilly describes new Batman story in development

The TV show “Gotham,” a new Batman origin story in development at Fox, will introduce viewers to Bruce Wayne at age 12, says Fox chief Kevin Reilly.

Of course, Batman fans have already seen young Bruce fall into a cavern filled with bats — the inspiration for his crimefighting alter-ego — in comics and the film “Batman Begins.” (The images above are from Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli's brilliant “Batman: Year One.”)

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Reilly didn't go into specifics about Wayne's age throughout the series, but noted that it will lead up to his decision to don a cape and fight crime.

The series will feature existing Batman characters, not new ones created for the show, he said.

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Fox plans a pilot for the series, and aims to make it a full series, he said at the Television Critics Association winter press tour Monday.

  • Actually read a comic

    Bruce Wayne in the comics was not inspired to become Batman after he fell into a cavern filled with bats. That is just nonsense that Nolan and Goyer made up for Batman Begins.

    • grey

      Actually, it was inspired by Batman: Year one by Frank Miller.

  • Jim


    By Season 7, “Robin?”

  • stephenmonteith

    Either Bryan Cranston for Jim Gordon in this universe or in the new Batman movies starring/directed by Ben Affleck. Josh Brolin works, too. Heck, get one of them for each.