Frankie Muniz Slams Obamacare as ‘Embarrassment’ on Twitter

Frankie Muniz Slams Obamacare as 'Embarrassment' on Twitter

“Malcolm in the Middle” star is no fan of the president

Add Frankie Muniz to the chorus of critics of Obamacare.

The rollout of the Affordable Healthcare Act, intended to extend coverage to millions of Americans, has been marred by technical problems and a spotty website that makes registration difficult. On Friday, a White House official said that the glitches would be smoothed out by the end of November.

But that timetable isn't good enough for the “Malcolm in the Middle” star.

“This Obamacare launch is an embarrassment to the American people,” Muniz tweeted. “How many more promises have to be broken?”

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Muniz, who briefly tried a racing career and later became a drummer for the band Kingsfoil, has been largely absent from the big or small screens since “Malcolm in the Middle” wrapped up its seven season run in 2006. He did have a starring role in 2011's “Pizza Man” and logged guest appearances on “Last Man Standing and “Don't Trust the B—- in Apartment 23.”

For the most part, his Twitter feed has been devoted to tales from the road with his band and details of his fast food excursions, but he has made a few brief forays into politics. In June, for instance, he criticized a key foreign policy adviser appointment.

“Really? Susan Rice? National Security Adviser? Really? Another #ObamaFail. Wake up people,” Muniz tweeted.

Rice has been loudly criticized in conservative circles for her handling of questions related to the 2012 Benghazi attack that left four people dead, including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.

No word yet on how Muniz views the president's handling of the crisis in Syria or the debt ceiling debate, but we'll remain glued to Twitter.


  • The Ships’ Goin’ Under Cap'n

    Former WH Chief of Staff under Obama, Bill Daley, had this to say recently: firing Kathleen Sebelius “like firing Captain Smith on the Titanic [ObamaCare] after it hit the iceberg”

    • ACA Insured and Proud

      well, no, the Titanic actually sank. the ACA isn't going anywhere. and here the “iceberg” is the GOP party and all the red state governors who refused to set up their own exchanges, forcing the feds to take on their burden in establishing the federal exchange for all those lucky ex-Confederacy residents without insurance. but other than that, it's a perfect analogy

      • Truth

        you got to get out from under the democratic party propoganda and actually look at it. The fed was going to do the exchanges for all states, but offered, that if states wanted to do it themselves, they could (to placate those who didn't want to give up state's rights to the feds. There was no “forcing” the feds to take on this burden. That's just another democratic myth… like when this trainwreck collapses in upon itself, that it will be the GOP's fault. Bullshit. Maybe you and Nancy Pelosi should have read it first before passing it.

  • Cameron Kanto

    Well he should know!

  • telast

    Muniz was always a putz.

    • Stanhope

      Not at all. I've met him before. He was super nice and talked to me like I was one of his buds. He's definitely the exception to the rule that Hollywood fame corrupts.

      • telast

        Talking to you makes him not a putz? It's already made me less intelligent.

        • Stanhope

          How is it possible that you could be any less intelligent?

          • telast

            Your posts define total lack of intelligence. “I met him. He was super nice.” You're a cretin.

          • Stanhope

            You're just jealous you've never met Malcolm.

          • telast

            Sober up.

  • Simone

    Failure???? Well you ought to know Frankie. You're a FAILED actor. Musician and person. Now a racist? Way to go buddy. Did you dog Steve Jobs when iPhone or google had problems? Be smart. ACA will work but your career is OVER!!!!

    • Logan

      So not being happy with a program and voicing one's simple disdain with it makes you a “racist?” People like you (and Saul Alinsky) are the reason there is such a deep divide in this nation right now.

    • Stanhope

      Do the world a favor and die.

    • Pay Attention

      Was there a government requirement for everyone in the country to have an iPhone? That's right, there wasn't.

      Any problems were strictly between voluntary customers and Apple. Taxpayers did not have to pay for any part of it.

      Simone = Fail

  • Simone

    P.S. I'm in calif and signed up without a problem. Have not had insurance in 15 years because premiums were too high. I'm thrilled with OBAMA and OBAMACARE. so will most people years from now. Just like Medicare.

    • Stanhope

      You don't know what you're talking about.

      • Chaz

        Stanhope thinks only his point of view is valid and everyone else is a liar. Must be a T.

        • Stanhope

          You tell people to call you “Chaz”. Must be a T.

    • Truth

      you are welcome. that's my money obama is stealing from me to pay for your coverage. congrats!

      • ian killminster

        HA HA, your name is ironic….right.

      • guest

        I guess it's my money, too. Money from my 24000 a year. Get over yourself.

      • Damien Valentine

        Your money.. so the rest of us who've been paying various taxes for years and contributing means nothing. There are millions of Americans who work hard pay their taxes and still cannot afford health care.

        • augie

          And a Billion People around the world, of which, this negro is going to allow 10,000,000 to break our laws and become citizens and join the healthcare pool so we can pay for their healthcare!

          • maritzka

            troll paid for by the Koch Brothers

      • jerimiah69

        simone, if ocrapa told you his ass was a gold mine, you would be right there digging..

        • augie


      • augie

        nice one!

      • James McBeth

        we were already paying for the health care of the uninsured anyway. At least now the cost of that “free” health care may be reduced.

    • obama negative

      Glad its working for you,,,Medicare isn't accepted by most doctors here in Florida…I can imagine how well the crap the president put out will work here. Also if you aren't a free loader t
      he costs of premiums are 30% higher than our original plan.

      • noelle

        What the frig are you talking about. The majority of docs, pcps, general practitioners, and specialists, in Florida ABSOLUTELY Do accept Medicare, and so does every accredited hospital! Idiot

      • maritzka

        another Koch Robot

      • Caley McGuire

        There are repercussion from spreading misinformation. Served you so very well during the last two elections, didn't it?

    • jerimiah69

      Simone call in to any of the Fox cable programs. They are looking for people who like Obamacare..Of course you know someone other than you is paying your premium…

    • augie

      you a dumb dik! Do you know what it does to labor and the economy jerc

      • maritzka

        about to parrot those Koch Brothers talking points.

  • Jeff Hertel


  • BL61

    I know they tried to explain it, but who is he again?

  • Linda

    wow, Congrats for having the ability to think and talk on your own without the prejudice of Hollywood corrupting you. I have more respect to those who can speak what's on their mind than allow liberal media talk for you. You go Frankie!!!

  • Mathis

    Oh, good… Now I know what Frankie Muniz thinks about the president… I can sleep easy tonight…

  • d chaney

    Stick to being a shitty actor Frankie.

    • Dr E

      My sentiments EXACTLY!

  • Simone

    You're a fool Logan if you don't realize that everything in this country is based and motivated by RACE. American Indians, Blacks, Asians, Latinos, etc. look at the history of their treatment by whites. Not all whites but sadly many generations of whites. I don't recall half the hate you GOP idiots fling at Obama vs Bush, the absolute worst president in my lifetime. Need I point out that the GOP is still white folks who are angry and filled with hate and fear that a black president might actually do a great job.
    Yes Logan, racists. PERIOD.

    • Stanhope

      You seem full of racial generalizations yourself, Simone.

    • Truth

      define a “great job”. Dude is a serial liar. He's the bait and switch president. Why am i a racist because i disagree with a liar?

      • Guest

        Which President, in the last 50 years, hasn't been a serial liar? Reagan, Nixon, Truman, Obama, Bush, McCain, Palin, Boxer, Diana Ross, Bugs Bunny-point is, regardless of political affiliation and even race, ppl need to stop putting so much faith in trust in this government as a whole.

    • DC is Evil

      Simone, it's time you pulled your head out of your rear end. The absolute worst president in your lifetime is Barack Obama. He campaigned for the first four years of his presidency, and has been creating nothing but epic fails in this term. He's wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on projects that are meaningless.

      • Guest

        Again, I ask which President in the last 50 years has not don't all, if not most, of those things you just said about Obama??

      • telast

        Obama is my hero. No Watergate. No Iraq/Afghan wars. No impeachment. No Gulf War 1. No Iran/Contra. Just a workable health care system.

        • Stanhope

          Ladies and Gentleman, the tired drivel of another uninformed, lazy welfare recipient. @telast

          • telast

            I've met Obama. As Stanhope would say: “He's super nice.”

          • Stanhope

            I do say that, don't I? Tell me, oh “knowledgeable” one, what has your hero done to build our nation's economy and reduce our national debt? What's gonna happen to your precious government-funded entitlements when China wants to cash in their US treasury bonds?

          • telast

            What, and cripple themselves? Grow up. They won't — because it's a symbiotic relationship. (Look it up unless you're watching Malcolm reruns, fanboy.)

          • steve

            Obama hasn't lowered the nations debt…. Obama has spent more money then any other president increasing debt more than 6 trillion dollars since he took office.

            Im not going to get into this, its a losing battle whenever you talk about obama, but our country is sinking itself, we have too many entitlements programs, our government is taking over everything, they want to open to boarders to everyone, and spend and spend and spend… Where this country will be in 20 to 30 years is a scary thought..

          • WeAreNotAmused

            You cannot even form a coherent sentence, steve. You tea baggers need to realize you hammer another nail into all our coffins when you keep propping the 1%-backed tea bagger movement, which is just a front for greedy billionaires who don't want to pay their fair share of taxes. Had they not raided SS and Medicare funds to pay for their illegal wars and illegal president/vp's crimes, then there wouldn't be such a deficit. They keep getting richer, while padding their war-profiteering pockets.

          • WeAreNotAmused

            I have some reservations about Obama's choice of playmates, especially in economic matters, where's he too much in bed with the banksters and Wall Street criminals. Obamacare still needs some work, but it's a step toward healthcare reform. FYI, we all pay into SS and Medicare, so neither is an “entitlement,” you self-deluded, Faux-blind POS.

          • Jack

            “Tired drivel” would seem to be a good description of your snide, class based personal attacks. I mean what proof do you have that telast is an “uninformed, lazy welfare recipient?” And even if telast was a welfare recipient, what proof do you have that he/she is uninformed and lazy? Because he/she doesn't back your opinion? Seriously, get over yourself…being connected to business or being a professional doesn't necessarily make one an ethical, informed individual. There are people on social security today who will be on social security for the rest of their lives…but should never have had to be on it in the first place because of the actions of businesses to place caps on lawsuit damages! Those people on social security weren't the ones who were uniformed…it was the egg plants to let the politicians and business interests get away with capping the civil justice system in the first place who were the unformed, lazy people!

      • maritzka

        I will not engage with them anymore. They are all paid to have a negative opinion and derail the thread.

        • Simone

          I totally agree with you M. That's why I stopped replying. Paid to be a hater is about as low a creep a person can get. They don't realize that all the lies and hate they push will rest on their own souls until the day they die. SAD.

    • Tim

      Okay… What about all the hate libs sent Bushs way? Obama is a worse president many times over. He plays the blame game everytime he does something stupid.. And idiots like you eat it up. Whenever someone doesn't like him, they're either a racist or a terrorist. When he's the real racist and terrorist to this country. He's destroying it. Piece by piece.

    • maritzka

      They are all trolls, paid to infiltrate and create havoc on these boards. Teaparty ploy paid for by Koch Industry. More of that sneaky slight of hand they are so good at.

    • Jack

      Look, I agree with a lot of what you've said, but the problem with what you're saying in reference to race…is that it could appear both ways. For starters, I'm willing to bet that a good portion, possibly the majority, of sitting Democrats in Congress are whites. Hilary Clinton, John Kerry, Joe Biden…all whites, and all Obama backers. And as for racism, why is it that Obama talked about the Trayvon Martin case at least twice in public, but said nothing but the multiple reprisal attacks that were carried out against white people by black people “for Trayvon.” I seem to recall a Time story about how, when it comes to inter-race violence between white and black Americans, 85% of the time, black Americans are the perpetrators of the violence vs 15% of the time that white Americans are the perpetrators. So maybe put away the race card…at least until Obama holds black Americans to the same standards as white males! And for the record, I happen to support Obamacare, though I think an actual socialized medical program would've been a better option!

  • Missy

    LOL hes racist because he doesnt support Obama or Obamacare? lololololololololololol “I dont want to live on this planet anymore”

  • Truth

    give me a break with that headline. He's no fan of obamacare. Why is it automatically assumed that one is “no fan of obama” if he or she disagrees with one of his positions. I hope to god democrats aren't so blindly loyal as to not think critically about what this president has done or not done. And if you disagree… watch out, because the rest of the libtards are going to accuse you of being against the president!

  • mrbrockpeters

    I agree, Obamacare is almost as embarrassing as Agent Cody Banks the movie.

  • Malcom in my Butt

    Rich white boy says scew the poor people without affordable care.

    • Stanhope

      Racist idiot

      • maritzka

        And you are a shill for those Koch talking points. How much do they pay you?

      • maritzka

        And you are a shill for those Koch talking points. How much do they pay you?

  • Malcom in my Butt

    Racism disguising itself as patriotism. Same thng happened in the 1964 Civi Rights Act.

  • DC is Evil

    Of course Obamacare is a disaster — Barack himself is the bastard child of a statutory rape of a 17 year-old girl by a 23 year-old married man. Stay classy Obama family tree!!

  • RustbeltRick

    My father-in-law also hates it. And he's about as irrelevant as Frankie Muniz, so who cares.

  • Lisa

    Frankie Muniz is such a non factor lol.

  • Chaz

    On the whole, I don't think this roll out is any worse than some Apple launches, and that's their speciality

  • Fred

    His TV dad has gone on the bigger and better things while he's a drummer with a no-name band. I guess that's an Obama “fail” too.

  • Jeffrey Marks

    What ever happened to Reese? We know that Hal was selling meth until very recently :)

  • quark

    can't act or keep a beat. Who gives a shit what franko thinks

  • Pappy

    Keep doing what you know, which is nothing, or at least being a has-been kiddie star.

  • Pappy

    Just wait, this effffffffing loser will be doing “reverse mortgage” ads before long just like Fred Thompson.

  • obot

    obviously a racist

    • Stanhope

      Who? You?

  • onewhoknowsbetter

    Frankie Who?

  • David

    Well thank goodness that Frankie Muniz chimed in, I had been wondering about his take on things.

  • Happy change is on the horizon

    Last year you had a ministroke. Must be nice to have been able to afford to have one financially. Obamacare's goal is allow everyone the opportunity to afford to get sick, instead of adding the more financial stress of not having the ability to pay, or to have to think about if the suggested test is truly needed…or something I can put off. There are a lot of people who work and yet can't afford to have health ins. If you can afford to have health ins great! If you don't make enough money and the gov pays for your health ins…I'm happy you have some. There are a lot of people who work full time jobs and have to debate if they should go to the doctor or pay their electricity because there isn't enough money for both because they don't have insurance. Yes there is flaws, but at least the president is acting towards change.

    • Big Business..

      The only problem I have had with the website since NY has their own exchange is with the fact I need to have Microsoft excel, which I haven't paid for and didn't come on the laptop I purchased last year. Microsoft used to be included in the price of a Walmart laptop. I have been using icloud, but now I need to go to the library or call into the call center to get all of the information I need. The NY website has allowed me to obtain all other information.

  • a concerned senior citizen

    Just another super rich fool, who does not want the average American to be able to afford health care. Who is this person, anyway? I never heard of him.

  • GetAJobMuniz

    Muniz, what's embarrassing is your lack of talent and ambition. Bryan Cranston was carrying you the entire time.

  • Jessica

    Where were all you “stick to acting” people when Kerry Washington decided we should give a shit about her er opinion?
    Or any of the other actors that try to tell us what to think or believe?

    How about this…. Actors can stick to acting and shut the f up about what they think. I don't care if they love or hate the president.

  • Brandon

    If he was calling the roll out an embarrassment, then how is he wrong? He is a citizen before he is an actor. Nonetheless, I think he is a bit wrong for deeming it a “broken promise”.

  • Rich Velez


  • Teal7041

    He's just an UGLY LITTLE HAS BEEN, looking for his next 15 minutes of fame….SCREW YOU, ugly piece of shitz.

  • MeluvyaLungtym

    When I need political advice from a third rate child actor living off residuals because nobody wants to hire him now..I'll let you know. =)

  • slingshot1950

    Hey Frankie: No one cares about your opinion: In fact, no one cares about you. You can't act your way out of a paper bag: in other words, you're a no count nothing who has the ability to say something (even senseless comments) that the news media deems worth publishing. Crawl back under your rock and stay there. no one will miss you much less notice you're gone. Do us a favor and take Miley Cyrus with you.

  • davidfGuest

    The Greatest Fuck Never Given is awarded to this little anal-wart.

  • exboyracer

    I now have to recalibrate my entire world view.

  • Adam Moos

    Why does anyone care what he thinks? More importantly why does The Wrap think this is news?

  • brandonn

    didn t Frankie try and kill himself a couple of years ago over his girlfriend who broke up with his sorry ass for being a pip squeak

  • Chris

    When you had your fucking stroke, you had money for docs. You're better than everyone else that needs healthcare?

  • mejillian_wdroo

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