‘Frozen’ Passes ‘The Lion King’ With $810 Million at Global Box Office


The blockbuster has grossed $462M overseas and trails only “Finding Nemo” as Disney’s highest-grossing original animated movie ever

Disney’s animated “Frozen” continues to be a box-office avalanche, and crossed the $800 million mark at the global box office this weekend.

The 3D tale of two princess sisters added $20.2 million from abroad and another $9 million domestically, to raise its worldwide total to $810 million since opening at Thanksgiving.

That pushes “Frozen” past “The Lion King’ and makes it Disney’s second-highest non-sequel animated release ever, behind only “Finding Nemo,” and the seventh-highest of all time. It has taken in $462 million internationally and $347 million domestically after 10 weeks in release.

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“Frozen” has yet to open in China (Feb. 5) and Japan (March 15), so it has a good shot to pass two other blockbusters, “The Hunger Games” ($856 million) and “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” ($837 million), in worldwide grosses.

“Frozen” had no openings this weekend, but followed up on its record debut in Korea by gaining 20 percent this weekend, to raise its total there to $22.6 million in 10 days.

So far, its strongest markets have been the U.K. ($57 million), Germany ($45 million) and France ($41 million).



  • hupto

    Is that LION KING figure adjusted for inflation? And does it include the 3-D reissue?

    • awyangkangming


    • Sam

      No that does not include the reissue which technically has the Lion King at 987.5 million worldwide. Frozen could still potentially pass that mark too (Although not if you adjusted for inflation)..

  • Awerf e

    Frozen is fricking amazing.

  • Jones

    Comparisons like that are so useless – the only measure of a movie´s success is the number of tickets sold, everything else is just nonsense. “Rush Hour 2 beats Gone with the Wind at the Box Office” – who needs headlines like that?

  • Robert r

    Frozen actually has a good chance to gross higher than the Lion King, including reissues (unadjusted). That’ll make it the second highest grossing animated movie of all time, only behind Toy Story 3. Frozen’s soundtrack topped the Billboard 200 chart for a couple weeks, and it broke records for highest grossing animated films in 5 countries. This movie’s mashed the box office. Disney’s got a classic on it’s hands.

  • Ashley

    The Lion King is still the best Disney movie ever though…… Nothing can compare to it!

    • Jal21

      True it’s so Epic! and some film about snow or whatever or fish can never come close!!

    • pal21

      Frozen’s at the same level, at least.

    • Cg141414

      So true

    • Mauricio Guaura

      Eh, if you say so. I never really liked it, I always thought the movie was a little rushed.

      They’re both amazing films, but Frozen is still my favorite.

    • Rubberlips

      ikr. If it passes im gonna suicide from sadness. i love the lion king 1 and 2 so much i watch them everyday

  • Dave

    Someone needs to factor in inflation into this…

  • Miguel Terel Kabigting

    Frozen should be the best Disney animated film than The Lion King. Because this movies about to reach 1 billion worldwide by last week of February.

    • Jal21

      That Doesn’t make it the better movie though…….. wow it grossed more money it’s still sucky compared to the Masterpiece that is Lion King

    • JM Lubag

      you got to consider inflation too. The Lion King is still the best animated movie of all time by far..

  • Chistopher Wagle

    Wait, this is realeasing in Japan by March?! That means Frozen is without a doubt is going to beat Lion King, mabye even Toy Story 3… Its already close to beat Lion King, and it has 2-3 months more?! Yep, Disney’s biggest movie… Still think Lion King is better, but haven’t watched Frozen yet…

    • Beth

      I absolutely adore the lion king, and I love frozen, but the lion king will always have a special nostalgic part in my heart. xx 90’s baby!

  • LionKingBaby

    Frozen is dumb. You can’t compare it to the Lion King. That’s a goddamn classic. This is just modern hype, it’s not going to be remembered years later like the lion king is. its the hype around it that’s making it so successful and nothing more

    • Rubberlips

      i know. i totally agree with you. lion king is a Masterpiece. probably in like a couple of years this wont be a classic

  • Rubberlips

    Im so sad that this is actually happening. Everyone is making 3d animated movies like frozen and stuff when all you need for great entertainment is stuff like the lion king. Honestly i think disney should get back into doing 2d animated movies and make a new type of lion king trillogy named something different. Damn i really wanna see more past number 2 (My fav is number 2 but i still LOVE number 1). Just please stop this disney. lion king was the Shit when i was little.I just dont really like frozen.