‘Girls’ Star Adam Driver Nearing Deal for Villain Role in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

'Girls' Star Adam Driver Nearing Deal for Villain Role in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

The actor's long-rumored candidacy forced him to turn down roles in several high-profile projects in the works

“Girls” star Adam Driver is nearing a deal to play the villain in “Star Wars: Episode VII,” TheWrap has learned.

Disney, LucasFilm and Driver's reps did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Driver has been in the “Star Wars” mix for sometime, but scheduling issues provided an obstacle. It looks as though that hurdle has been overcome.

Warner Bros. had been seeking Driver to star in the Green Hat Films production “Arms and the Dudes,” but the actor was reluctant to commit knowing that he stood a strong chance for a lead role in “Star Wars.” Driver was forced to turn down a supporting role in “Batman vs. Superman” for the same reason.

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It remains unclear what Driver's role will be, though it is understood that the character will be villainous in nature.

Abrams is directing from a script he co-wrote with Lawrence Kasdan. Abrams is also producing with his Bad Robot partner Bryan Burk and LucasFilm's Kathleen Kennedy.

The big-budget Disney tentpole will begin shooting this spring at London's Pinewood Studios. Disney will release the movie on Dec. 18, 2015.

Driver is repped by the Gersh Agency.

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  • Cyclops

    I hope that it is a minor villian role. Otherwise the casting of this movie is startin g to concern me. While it is maintaining the original cast as much as possible, the new roles seem to be going to people more associated with television rather than movies, and it is losing the international flavor that the original series had.

    • DavidisALLright

      Hmm..you seem out of touch.

      You do realize that television is going through a lovely renaissance right now? Why discredit one of the most powerful actors of our generation: Bryan Cranston? Aaron Paul? Or the cast of Game of Thrones?

      TV is so good that film actors are running for it. (IE True Detective)

      And you do realize that Idris Elba is from TV with The Wire and Luther?

      • Cyclops

        Idris Elba is also British.

    • DavidisALLright

      And how did you come up with the conclusion that the new films will lose the ‘international flavor’ by this ONE casting? The heroes of the original Star Wars were American, and James Earl Jones is too. (No offense to Mr. Browse.)

      • Cyclops

        And most of the supporting cast was British with much better credentials.

        • rebel scum

          All that shows is that British actors are willing to accept second banana roles that are beneath them. Happens all the time. Star Wars’ only international flavor is that if you have a British accent, you are evil. (It would be hilarious if Abrams makes Driver imitate an accent for the sake of tradition).

    • rebelscum

      The original cast didn't even have TV credentials. Who were Mark Hammil, Carrie Fischer and Harrison Ford before Star Wars? Nobody. Harrison Ford was doing carpentry work for movies. That just goes to show that casting nobodies can pay off wonderfully. However the real genius casting was James Earl Jones and his incredible voice, which made Darth Vader an iconic character. And of course he was very well known.

  • Ward P

    Will Lena Dunhum be naked in it?

  • rebel scum

    No way Driver is playing Darth Caedus, he is far too ugly to be Han and Leia's kid. I say he plays a new Sith character, and Zac Efron is going to get the Jacen Solo part (under that name or otherwise). But the real news is the new Jedi character who will be the main character (the Solo kids will most likely get their own movie later) – The Wrap broke the news about Jesse Plemons in January, did they get the scoop?

  • Cyclops

    This is a money grab by DIsney, pure and simple. They have to justify the $4B+ they paid for LucasFilm, whose only credible assets were this franchise and Indy.