Hollywood's Notable Deaths of 2014 (Photos)

Hollywood says farewell to stars of movies, television and music

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Joan Rivers, Legendary Comedian, Dead at 81
Joan Rivers, the sharp-tongued comedian whose unvarnished sense of humor drew criticism as well as laughs for decades, died Sept. 4 at age 81. She had previously been placed in a medically induced coma.

  • flygirl

    Umm… don't you mean Notable Deaths of 2013??? It's only 5 days into 2014.

    • Chance Nugent

      Look at the date of their death… Ummm nope they mean 2014…Plus the list would be much larger don't you think…

      • Big Jim

        Wonder how they missed Dave Madden aka., “Reuben Kincaid” on the Partridge Family – he passed away today too !

        • Theo

          the date of the article is the 4th; Madden didn't die until a couple of days ago so this was put out before he died

  • Daniela

    what about Russell Johnson….the professor from Gilligan's Island?!! died Jan 16th,, I believe. Sad to lose all of these “old time” actors!

  • OneCoolDude

    I'm happy to see most of them lived full lives.

  • SpaceCadet Williams

    Sad to see a lot of people who I grew up watching. So many fine talents. What is worse is having to be stuck with the likes of Justin Bieber, the Kardashians, and other worthless.