‘Hunger Games’ Star Josh Hutcherson Exits ICM Partners (Exclusive)

'Hunger Games' Star Josh Hutcherson Exits ICM Partners (Exclusive)

The actor felt it was time for a change, according to sources

“The Hunger Games” star Josh Hutcherson has parted ways with ICM Partners and his longtime agent Carter Cohn, TheWrap has learned.

Hutcherson exited the agency amicably this week and plans to take meetings next month with CAA, WME and UTA, an individual familiar with the situation told TheWrap. Hutcherson and Cohn had a “great working relationship” according to sources, who added that the actor simply felt “it was time for a change.”

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Hutcherson is set to reprise his role as Peeta Mellark in Lionsgate's two-part franchise finale “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay,” though his lucrative deals for those sequels were made by ICM Partners.

The agency also negotiated a starring role for the young actor in the indie “Paradise Lost,” which co-stars Benicio del Toro as drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.

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“The Hunger Games” isn't Hutchson's only franchise, as he also stars alongside Dwayne Johnson in New Line's “Journey” movies.

Hutcherson was a child actor whose breakout turn as Laser in “The Kids Are All Right” helped propel him to stardom.

  • J Law said it

    So selfish. Multiple franchises are not enough?

    • shelly

      There's nothing selfish about an up and coming actor changing representation; on the contrary, it's quite common in Hollywood. It's like regular people changing jobs or deciding to work with different colleagues or whatever. Sometimes they just want to go in a different direction in their careers and that requires changing management. It's not a big deal.

      • J Law

        so because someone made you a millionaire and negotiated deals you couldn't dream of you decide to go in a different direction? Sounds selfish to me. This kid wont be heard of in 5 years.

        • c

          You are a joult shipper arent you?

          • Cheska


          • J Law

            You would be 100% correct.

          • c

            So is bad to want to progress in you career? It is selfish? I think not, your conclusion is the stupid one. EVERYBODY wants a better future and that boy is young. Maybe he wants different things because he have the talent to get them. That guy have been in that movie bussiness for half of his life and he got enough time to disccover it an learn from it so excuse him for wanting to do better things for his career, he have no right he can't do wathever the hell he wants because yo think he is being selfish, right? We, his fans are happy for this decision because his actual manager didn't value him well. The franchises are his work, he earned them, he was the best in those auditions and he deserves better so if you are just going to use your brain for think ideas just worth for destroy people's intentions and good work please, shut it down.

          • GuestoU

            Well thats is very mature. I'm a Joult shipper so i have to hate Josh. Stupid conclusion ever. I think you are mistaken people here with the teenagers minds on tumblr who feel the need to put down Jen's boyfriend because she isn't living up the fantasy on their heads. I love Josh and he isn't perfect but this is a typical hollywood behaviour.

          • cc

            You should learn the meaning of the word JOKE

        • catchtherye

          Why is that selfish? Maybe he wants to take his career in a different direction. Nothing wrong with that.

        • Albert

          He was with ICM for years when he started his career as a child actor at age 9. He's an adult now so he's taking charge of his career and needs representation for more adult roles. I applaud him for that. Shows that he is serious about his career longevity and not sitting back and just riding on THG franchise popularity.

        • Fczc

          Hey JLaw-hate to break it to you but Josh has been successful in Hollywood since the age of 9. So actually we have heard about him for 12 years. And yeah-don't think that means we won't hear about him five years down the road–he is making the change to move away from younger roles so he can move ahead into serious adult roles. And he has a lot of fans who have been waiting for h to do this.

          • Dna

            I totally support his move to try to make something more of his career but please don't say he has been successful in hollywood since forever. The Hunger games franchise made him famous because nobody care for the journeys and kids movies. How much we will be hearing about him in the next few year is up to his choice. Lately hasn't been good. Hopefully this move will help.

        • Guest

          Neither will ICM…. Good for Josh to jump from a sinking ship

    • catchtherye

      journey does not count.

  • Assistant at CAA

    2 major movie franchises for a midget. Lets see if the other places can do better…Rumor has it he was looking for an agency with lifts..you know for his ego

    • A

      oh stfu

    • b

      Are you an idiot?

      • Assistant at CAA

        You must work at UTA.

        • b

          And you must lost your job for being such an disrespectful person.

      • A

        No are you?

        • bss

          I wasnt talking to you.

    • catchtherye

      i'm guessing you are a justin bieber fan?

    • shelly

      Wow, rude much? Is it really necessary to call him a midget just because he's short? I'm a not a midget but it's hugely offense both to him and to the midget community to use that as an insult.

    • catchtherye

      he's not short. he's fun sized.

    • Lainey

      This has been forwarded to CAA. I'm sure it'll be easy to figure out your IP address.

      • Fczc

        Way to go Lainey!

    • Kimmie

      Is this how CAA treats their potential clients? Good to know.

      • Fczc

        Maybe someone needs to let CAA know this-I'm sure they would like a crack at representing Josh-and am sure they would be pretty angry knowing that an asst at CAA was bad mouthing a potential new client.

  • lalq

    Bless this. Good for him its about time, And so you know he got his roll for his talent.

    • abazaba

      yea riveting performances

  • Annie

    He's a talented actor. Will be interested to see who he signs up with from that roster. They'll be lucky to have him.

  • Fczc

    So happy about this change-and long past due!! Don't know why anyone would even question his changing at this time-he was w this agency for such a long time and now that he's 21 and w a production co he is deciding he wants to take his career to a different route-he's not a child anymore! Know that he has a lot of fans who are cheering him as it has been felt for some time that this change in his representation was needed!

    • Kitt

      It's such a smart move and I am so happy that he's taking charge of his career now. He's got the talent and the right attitude, plus he's such a great human being.

    • guest

      Great to see all the joint he smokes hasn't affect his brain yet.

  • Ruth

    Good decision! Josh is a versatile actor. He's so talented he can do drama, comedy, action, voice acting, dancing, and even produced at least 2 indie films. Hope to see him in more quality films aside from The Hunger Games franchise.

    I really wanted to see him do a movie opposite Saoirse Ronan and Isabelle Fuhrman in the future.

  • Burlesonspride

    This is a brilliant move for him. I’m so happy that he’s made the decision to move on. He’s reached that time when it’s time to rebrand. An actor/actress/artist should rebrand every few years. Especially after a milestone. (i.e. adulthood, franchise deals, etc.) And if the manager and/or agency is not conducive to the growth and rebranding then a parting of ways is necessary.
    Trust me when I tell you, the agent he’s leaving is not being left empty handed. I can only imagine what the details of his sunset clause are. He’ll be living very well off Josh’s name for years to come depending on what his terms were.

  • Snow white

    Unless they make a live action version of smurfs, this little dwarf is out of luck. Icm built josh from a child actor into a leading man at the helm of two mega studio franchises and a budding respectable indie career. Now he wants to go to an agency where they actually have leading men ABOVE 5'3”? Enjoy drowning in the deep end, little man!

    • Anjelica

      Very mature comment. As many who have commented above, just as with any job or career, sometimes change is good. Not everyone stays at one company, no matter what career they are in, for the duration of their lives. He was with ICM for many years and his agent handled his child acting career pretty well. He's an adult now, he's going to seek representation that will further his career. Isn't that what everyone wants in their lives, to better themselves? As for the height jokes and insults, they're tiresome and when people resort to that, it just shows how narrow minded they are.

    • Patty

      All you are doing with these posts is showing how petty and pitiful you and your ilk are. Any sane person can see that.

  • hungerchange

    it's unfortunate that those who have the least impact on his career are evoking this change.

    • Jpaw

      Josh is my cleb. crush don't be hating on josh huterson. He's a nice guy. Thanks josh for being there for me when I needed somebody to look up to!!

  • bev

    I'd change agents too, if the best my rep could do was get me into the biggest franchise of all time.

    • Abbey

      Josh got the role by giving the best audition. His agent did great with his child acting career since he was 9 years old. Change can be good though. He's now an adult, so he's gonna seek more mature roles and someone who can help him do that. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    • outside

      There's a good chance he isn't doing it for money though……

  • Deana

    Just like he's 80% gay, I'm 80% sure this was not a good move.

    • Polly

      Slinging gay insults too? Yawn.

    • Anderson

      I'm 100% sure Josh Hutcherson doesn't give a sh*t what you think. While he's planning out his future and working on the next two installments of THG, you'll still be sitting at your computer being a homophobic idiot.

  • Ruth

    Haters gonna hate! Josh is now famous so deal with it! He's 21 so he can decide what's best for himself. He's Peeta Mellark whether you like it or not! I see him for his many talents, not for his height.

    Why do some people keep hurling gay insults on male actors who made it big in Hollywood? Tom Cruise hit it big in Top Gun and now a legend = gay. Daniel Radcliffe hit it big in Harry Potter = gay. Robert Pattinson hit it big in Twilight = gay. By the way I love gay people and also I don't believe on labels.

    I'm talking to you Deana!

    • Amy

      He is famous now but outside this franchise he has nothing. Nobdy will remeber the journeys movies. The only movie he did since he got the HG is that indie Paradise lost which will be lucky if anyone see it. If he want to have a decent hollywood career he will have to do more. Maybe that was the agency fault. I guess we will see what he will do now.

      • Emkayily .

        The Kids Are Alright was good. He was also in a movie called The Forger and he gave a good performance. I think he's become pretty well known. I'm a fan and my daughter is a fan. So he's got fans from different ages. We saw both Journey movies in theaters and now my daughter owns them both. Great, fun movies. Also, he plays Peeta so well. That guy is talented and a delight to watch.

      • hml

        Bridge to terabithia, loved him in it!

  • Hutchyboy

    Lets see if he finally get a career. He has talent but his career has been mediocre outside the hunger games franchise which is pretty much Lawrence show. His kid movies were fine but he is getting older so if he doesn't start doing good stuff his momentum will pass and he will be left behind just like the twilight kid.

    • Mayeth

      Trolling much? Josh is only 21. He doesn't need to be a leading man in movies all the time. Even Jennifer Lawrence had supporting roles in American Hustle and X-Men.

      Who are you to judge Josh's career after The Hunger Games franchise is over late next year? He's very talented, produced indie films and planning to produce more indies and direct in the future. He even co-founded SBNN.

      Josh is an amazing actor so stop comparing him to that Twilight kid whose only claim to fame was taking off his shirt on-screen.

      • Hutchyboy

        Hurt much? i never said he isn't talent just his career is underwhelming but can be related to his team which he is changing. Seriously nobody knew him before this franchise and i bet 90% of his fans today didn't either so why are u so mad? he is getting great spotlight NOW but doesn't seems to be taking advantage and hollywood can be cruel machine. He could become an amazing actor or be forgetten even being talent. Do you have a cristal ball to see what will happen?

  • bakersboy

    The HG fangils army coming in here to defend the bakers boy. Not surprisingly since he always need recue from the girls.

    • Michael

      Ahh, and you are just as obsessed with Mr. Hutcherson to read through every single comment and the the time to write a comment about it. Awesome!

      • bakersboy

        No. I'm making fun of his fangirls around tumblr and twitter who were trying to gather together to come here to defend him from some not so pleased comments like its such a big deal and will change his life. lol I like Josh a lot but ridiculous comments like the one i saw from his fans who think he can do no wrong and can't be criticized. Poeple have different opinions.

        • Alan

          Yet here you are, back again to talk about Hutcherson. It's all cool. It raises the comment count on the article which is so great. It means there's interest in him.

  • Guest23

    Nice to see doing more than just chasing his girlfriend all the way to Spain. It was about time I was getting worried. You can get chicks on the states too josh.

  • Jamison

    Sadly , I don't see Josh Hutcherson moving beyond those crappy Hunger Games films. To be fair , he still hasn't shown his range of talent .

    • outside

      Which is exactly why he would want to switch to a new agency. If you look at ICM, when he started, they had some great talent. But over the years, they've really lost their edge and aren't even in the same category as CAA, WME or UTA. I'm sure he understands that this change can go either way, but he's willing to give it a shot. And I believe that's showing maturity and that he enjoys what he does.
      An agent should be able to produce scripts for you to work your hardest to land… Not just shit films (Journey) because he knows you're guarenteed the role. Part of being an agent is showing support in your clients career. Just handing him a script and saying “hey, they want only you to do this… no audition needed” isn't going to show your client that you have faith in him/her. Which in the acting industry is not good… Too many actors are very hard on themselves.

  • Ryan

    You all do realize that with all the comments that this article is generating, both positive and negative, proves that Josh has a lot of buzz around him. It takes a lot of effort to sit down, read an article, read all the comments, and then care enough to write a comment on this article. So, thank you all for contributing to the uptick in interest in Josh's career! It's pretty awesome.

  • PJG

    Don't know josh but in the press
    he's always seems like a sweet guy. This makes me think he's also a
    pretty naive guy. He doesn't look like a Hemsworth or have the raw
    sexuality of Ryan Gosling or the charactery-ness
    of Jonah Hill. He hasn't demonstrated that he has the depth of a
    Christian Bale or the versatility of someone like Matt Damon. Yet his
    agent figured out how to make him the star of a global franchise. Odds
    are those other companies won't know what to do
    with him. It's not just the name of the agency pitching an actor. It's
    about the actual agent knowing HOW the actor should be pitched. I suspect
    this is lesson young Mr Hutcherson is going to learn the hard way.

    • Mayeth

      Don't you think it's too early to judge Josh's career in the long run at the moment? He's still an upcoming actor with the conclusion of The Hunger Games series next year aside from his pending film projects.

      You compared him to actors already in their 30's and 40's who also started young and slowly transitioned to adult roles. He may not be a Hemsworth but if you're referring to Liam then let me say that the 2 leading man roles he had last year backfired: one was a flop, the other went straight to video. No offense. I guess being tall and having good looks alone weren't enough to lure the moviegoers to see his movies.

      Just because the leading man is Adonis-looking, it's not a prerequisite to big ticket sales. Most of the time it takes a combination of the right script, actor's talent and a good director to make a movie hit. The young-adult movies like The Host, Beautiful Creatures and The Mortal Instruments had the typical leading man actors but they all flopped last year.

      I don't know Josh personally. I'm just a fan who enjoyed watching his movies and his pretty smart interviews. It's kind of frustrating that other people keep on ridiculing him for his height and quick judging him of what will happen to his career post-Hunger Games. It's his decision if he wants to take things slowly. Remember, overexposure in the spotlight can be a death sentence to any actor's career.

    • outside

      His agent didnt make him a star.. he handed him a script, Josh read it and went into an audition. His chemistry with Jen is what got him the job. The author of THG trilogy fell in love with how they were with each other.

  • Guest

    Good for Josh!

  • Wow

    He will disappear after Hunger Games.

  • Classless

    Absolutely classless. They got him where he is and he should be grateful he is where he is, which still is as the short guy from hunger games.

  • Where is the loyalty?

    Say what you want but this is truly sad…he's had the same agent since he was 12, he's gotten him everything and to where he is now and obviously they had a good thing going. I can't imagine any other agent caring as much for his career….ever! What. an. idiot.

  • D

    CAA better get some apple boxes for the meeting.

  • Arli$$

    I'm sure the next agency will be as franchise driven as the last one. Call General Mills and let's bring ‘Lucky’ to the big screen. “It's magically delicious”!

  • outside

    Not sure what height has to do with anything. Also, unsure what relevance ICM has to what he wants his career to be… Maybe he isn't looking for another major franchise like THG? Maybe he's wanting more independent films?

  • MikePark21

    I am so happy Josh Hutcherson parted ways with his agency amicably because sometimes your former agency does not want to let you go. Good for him!!!!