John Mulaney Roasts Pete Holmes (Video)

John Mulaney Roasts Pete Holmes (Video)

Easy targets: His clothes, his ex-wife, the time he organized his own roast

One of the easiest topics when it comes to roasting Pete Holmes: the time he organized a roast of himself.

On “The Pete Holmes Show” Monday, John Mulaney — the former “Saturday Night Live” writer and star of an upcoming Fox series — recalled the time Holmes assembled his comic friends to roast him on his 30th birthday — “way before he deserved it at all.”

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The recollections began when Mulaney noted that he's known Holmes for years, and made fun of his old clothes.

“You wore billowing khakis over grey New Balance. You wore a Boston Red Sox cap and the same fleece every day,” Mulaney said.

“I kind of dresssed like I was divorced before I was divorced,” Holmes agreed.

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“Your ex-wife just looked at you and went, I might as well complete the picture,” said Mulaney.

He quickly apologized.

“I didn't mean to go that early, to that,” he said. “But I of course did plan on going there,” Mulaney said.

From there he told the story of the self-administered roast.

“I don't know if you know this,” Mulaney said, “but Pete Holmes is a big fan of Pete Holmes.”

Watch the video: