Dailies | Jon Stewart Calls House Republicans ‘Self-Righteous, Orwellian Zebra Queefs’

Jon Stewart Calls House Republicans 'Self-Righteous, Orwellian Zebra Queefs'

John Oliver compares congress to Time Warner Cable. Ouch

Jon Stewart is having trouble stomaching Republican claims that Democrats and President Obama are really to blame for shutting down the federal government this week.

“When did the big government Democrats become the no-government Democrats?” Stewart asked. “You self-righteous, Orwellian zebra queefs. Do you know what kind of score that would get me in Scrabble?”

“I can't tell if these guys are dumb or think we are,” he said.

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To answer that question, Stewart tapped senior political analyst John Oliver to make sense of the democracy debacle.

Oliver pointed out that thanks to the magic of gerrymandering and creative redistricting, members of Congress enjoy  a 90 percent incumbency rate despite a 10 percent approval rating.

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“The only previous instance of that level of disapproval combined with that level of market retention is Time Warner Cable,” Oliver explained.

What that means, he explained, is that our leaders have impunity to poison baskets of kittens or furlough federal employees — whatever floats their boats.

Watch the video:

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